Italian Earthquakes Aftershocks Update

Earthquake and aftershocks Northern Italy : May 29 (15+ dead and 7 missing) aftershocks as powerful as the May 20 mainshock (7 dead)

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Most important Earthquake Data:
Magnitude : Mw5.8
UTC Time : Tuesday, May 29, 2012 at 07:00:03 UTC
Local time at epicenter : Tuesday, May 29, 2012 at 09:00:03 AM at epicenter
Depth (Hypocenter) : 9.6 km (USGS), 10.8 (INGV)
Geo-location(s) :
4 km N Mirandola (pop 23,078)
33 km N Modena (pop 181,011)
40 km (24 miles) NNW of Bologna, Italy
59 km (36 miles) E of Parma, Italy

Summary 29/05 – 15:15 UTC – aftershocks, how far away from the mainshock location ?
– A lot of people may be surprised today that totally other towns and villages are being mentioned today. Aftershocks mostly happen along the same fault, but can differ 10 to even 30 km into all directions.  Todays strongest aftershock has an epicenter close to Mirandola and Cavezzo, about 20 km from the mainshock area.
Based on this you can imagine that people are very scared even in Bologna, Parma, Modena and Ferrara

Summary 29/05 – 15:15 UTC – probably 21st highest death toll since 1900
– The number of missing has just been increased to 7 (from 5)
– This would be the 21st highest death toll in Italy from an earthquake since 1900, if 20 people are presumed to be killed from the CATDAT Damaging Earthquakes Database.
– A Facebook campaign is asking to cancel the Military June 2 parade.
– Just like on May 20, we have noticed that the damage is certainly not general though widespread.  The video below shows a car drive through Cavezzo, the direct epicenter area of the first very strong aftershock. Some barns and walls have collapsed, others are still standing like last year.

Summary 29/05 – 14:55 UTC – 
– Next Monday has been called a “Day of National Mourning

Summary 29/05 – 14:30 UTC – 15 people have died – 4 or 5 still missing
– Updating the situation.
– 15 dead with 5 people reported missing. At least 20 people have been also injured.
(of these all have been in the province of Modena – 3 dead in San Felice sul Panaro: two workers and a technician who were doing some investigations on the static nature of the Meta Industry building, 1 death in Concordia (an elderly person killed by a falling cornice (a common way of death during earthquake, where fancy cornices and non-structural elements fall on people), 1 death in Finale, 1 death of the pastor of Rovereto nel Novi, Don Ivan Martini, the victim of falling debris, 2 women died in Cavezzo. 1 woman died buried beneath the rubble of Furniture Malavasi, 2 dead in the rubble of the factory Bbg San Giacomo Roncole in Mirandola, 1 male worker died by crushing through the collapse of the Haemotronic factory (they produce medical equipment).
– 6000 people are homeless as a result of this earthquake.
– Much damage has occurred to cathedrals, buildings and other infrastructure.
– The price tag is expected to equal that of the previous quake on 20 May or even exceed it.
– Further aftershocks have caused damage.

Summary 29/05 – 13:35 UTC  – 15 people have died – 4 or 5 still missing
– The head of the Civil Defense, Franco Gabrielli, just announced that the present dead toll has further increased to 15. 4 or 5 people have been reported still missing.

Summary 29/05 – 13:22 UTC  – Aid offered from other Italian provinces
– SAR and Civil Defense forces from other areas like Sardinia have offered their support to the damaged areas. Italian Civil Defense is leading and organizing aid efforts.

Summary 29/05 – 13:15 UTC  – Bologna minor damage
– 10 families have been evacuated in Bologna. Authorities are currently checking the stability of cracked or damaged buildings.

Summary 29/05 – 12:55 UTC  – School evacuations + early season closure
All schools in the area have been evacuated and we do not think students will be allowed in anymore. This is a precautionary measure. Parents from young children have been asked to pickup their children from elementary schools. School management does not allow children to leave schools unattended.
– The President of the Emilia Romagna province has asked the National Authorities to accept an early school closure as the situation becomes too dangerous in the earthquake zone

Summary 29/05 – 12:40 UTC  – Free WIFI
The authorities in the earthquake area have opened their still working wifi stations to the public. They have removed the passwords who normally prohibit getting into it.

Summary 29/05 – 12:22 UTC – Video from the damage in Cavezzo

Summary 29/05 – 11:40 UTC – 12 deaths reported. 3 major aftershocks. 
It can be expected that further large aftershocks will occur in the area, given this sequence of events. We urge Italians to stay off their mobile phones and to use internet resources instead to help emergency crews.

Summary 29/05 – 11:35 UTC – 11 deaths reported. 3 major aftershocks. 
A twitter photo shows the devastation at Cavezzo where it is presumed that 75% of the houses have been damaged.

The devastation of Cavezzo (from Twitter).

Summary 29/05 – 11:31 UTC – 11 deaths reported. 
San Possidonio will be the most affected town in this area due to these 2 new quakes. The town has about 3828 people.
The steeple of San Possidonio is very famous and is likely to have seen some damage as a result of these quakes.

The Steeple of San Possidonio.

Summary 29/05 – 11:30 UTC – 11 deaths reported. 
Here are the details from INGV of the 2 latest quakes. In addition, our felt reports have shown that these quakes have been felt stronger in some locations.
Magnitude: 5.3
Depth: 6.8km
Region: Pianura Padana Emiliana
Closest towns: San Possidonio

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