Prejudicial Treatment for the “Unvaccinated”

A Comment by A Midwestern Doctor at the end of his article:

“While what we all saw happen during COVID-19 was a tragedy many of us are still struggling to come to terms with, I instead feel it is miraculous we have come as far we have because we were facing a vast and almost insurmountable apparatus I never thought we could succeed against. Much of that is because of how many of you also stood up to oppose it, and I am hence incredibly grateful to each of you who have given your support and allowed me to have a platform like this and actually be able do something to stop it. Unfortunately, these people are relentless (e.g., consider the conduct of the leaders at Dr. Miller’s hospital), and unless we use the window we have now to hold them accountable, it is almost inevitable what we witnessed over the last few years will happen again.”

Here is a link to the body of the article, and it is long, but even skimming will give you a sense of what has been and probably is going on: