On the Human Aura


Understanding the Human Aura

Okay, so there’s a few ways we could go about doing this. I could tell you exactly how it works to the best of my ability, I could describe in depth the geometry and mathematics of the Aura, and for many, that would be an excellent breeding grounds some growth and new ideas in the left brain. You know, the kind of fun mental realizations that comes along when you think about stuff like this in a logical, typical “modern ordinary plain” way…

But Aura’s are completely out of the ordinary from what we think we know. They go beyond the limits of our physical linear 3D thinking mind….Why?

Because they radiate OUTWARD AND INWARD!!!

dn16950-1_300There is nothing linear about them. They are a WIGGLE. I’m sure a more scientific explanation could be bridged here… in fact, there is – STRING THEORY….  Energy is always in motion, consciousness is always creating. And thus, non-static, non-linear. It is permeating. 

Like an electromagnetic membrane that exists around your body and is the channel in which your emotions, thoughts, and other subconscious material flows. 

Think Wi-Fi. You’ve got this little physical box that emits an electromagnetic wave, which seemingly wiggles in all directions, emanating outward to be received by other little physical boxes which translates that data into something we can interact with on a screen.

It’s incredible technology! Humanity hasn’t experienced this kind of technology in quite some time…


Except for the part where we ARE it. We’ve had that the whole time. It’s just that our receptors are turned off… And now we are turning them back on.

So my point is, and to bring us full circle; We can describe the details the left brain of how it works all day long… but sooner or later, you’re going to have to take that data and relate it to the other half of your body.

The part that listens.The part that feels. 

The part that is intimate, connected, and open to others. For all “others” are really just “anothers” when you really step back and think about it. We share space with each other, we share communion, wealth, health, beauty both real and completely false.

There are not nearly as many axe murderers out there as hollywood would have you believe. People are not inherently dangerous, although there are dangerous people. Warped and jaded from their tremendous love being stifled in the root, the heart, and the crown by the cruelty and disconnection of the dark side of the human heart.

Painting by Adam Scott Miller http://www.deviantart.com/art/Listening-340946369

Listening and Feeling is relative. Listening to what? Feeling what? Who are you feeling? Why are you feeling them? What are they feeling from you? 

Expand that out further to a trinity. You are feeling two different people with (potentially) two different emotional states. How do those states relate to each other, and how do each of them relate to you individually, or as a whole?

This is something you can read about, but if you really want to feel what i’m talking about, make that space of communication with someone you know, or even if you meet someone new.

You can practice it with strangers, but unless you fully engage in conversation and connection, you are only really using one half of your mind and one half of your body. You are watching, but staring from a distance doesn’t help talking to people unless it can be a bridge to get to the talking.

Or rather… the listening.

And now, for those of you brilliant minds who prefer pictures to reading:


Sometimes people like to draw the aura with rings or layers around the body as the aura relates to each chakra…

But I always find that they are rather limited in scope as to what the aura could REALLY look like, and how it manifests in a light outside of our visible spectrum. I mean, the aura’s ARE the Chakras. There is no doubt in my mind that the two energies if there is any difference at all is really just the Yin and Yang of the same thing.

Adam Scott Miller http://www.deviantart.com/art/Rhizomorphic-Resonance-42693524

Aura’s are often related to the external physical body where Chakras are related to the internal physical body. You could say its how energy comes in, and how energy goes out.

But its all energy, and it all means something. And when someone gives genuine love to another and it is truly felt in the core of that person, it uplifts them and makes them feel amazing. When someone else shuts down from the world, and turns off the energy flow – all of the energy stops, and that too is felt on a vibratory level from those in their presence.

An Aura is essentially a fancy way of describing the energetic fields around your body… if we can think of it like that, and expand our minds, hearts, and feelings to include all of each other instead of just ourselves…. well, we can break through some pretty big walls in a very short time, and everyone experiences the benefits.

Let it Flow

Featured Image by PSDTech

from:    http://thespiritscience.net/2015/03/14/understanding-the-human-aura/