Send Out Your Love

Global Love Letters Celebrates 1st Birthday

Valentine’s day will mark the 1st anniversary of the Global Love Letters movement. As a personal healing practice of Hannah Brencher, anonymous love letter writing was taken up by Simon Sutton, who began dropping good vibes notes all over Brighton, UK. Finding the act inspiring and transformative, he decided to spread the love, setting up a website and blog calling for people worldwide to send their own anonymous love letters. The idea has caught on and there are video responses posted on the blog from Spain, Canada and the U.S.A.

In the run up to Valentine’s this year, Global Love Letters are asking us to join in by sending anonymous love letters of our own. They suggest creating a local event with your friends, family or colleagues. Getting together to write the letters then posting them around your local area in phone boxes, magazines and any other places they might be found by unsuspecting fellow earthlings. Those who want to can send in videos of themselves creating their letters and dropping them. Global Love Letters have chosen to promote the event not just on Valentine’s day because it “…isn’t about commercialising love, this is an authentic daily, weekly, monthly practice which shifts the frequency of your life experience and sends out ripples of love into the world.”

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