On Crop Circles & Their Makers

Art With Malice: The Human Circlemakers

Discernment: the quality of being able to grasp and comprehend what is obscure.

After watching this film (below) ask yourself why no one has been arrested in over 25 years of producing many thousands of crop circles through acts of blatant crop vandalism in the crop fields of the U.K., yet those involved in these destructive acts have a well known website (www.circlemakers.com), and their names can be easily known to anyone interested enough to look. It is because those who are directing this charade very well know those who are carrying out these nefarious acts. Not only do those authorities allow this vandalism to continue, but they encourage it, as they know that the human-made crop circles represent their most effective means to discredit the Crop circle phenomenon in the eyes of mankind. What a shame that our world is so constructed.

In this film you will learn how and why British and U.S. military and intelligence agencies have essentially destroyed the credibility of the Crop Circle phenomenon through a program deliberately designed to relegate the Crop Circles to your mind’s round file of silly fantasies and acts of human mischief. These base and misguided efforts have been enormously successful at discrediting what were intended to be a beautiful as well as non-threatening greeting to mankind from the universe. Through their malicious “artistic” efforts in the crop fields, John Lundberg, Rob Irving, and their co-conspirators (the human Circlemakers) have done more to retard the awakening of the human race to a new and wonderous reality – that we are not alone in this universe – than they can possibly imagine. How long before they realize the extent of the damage that they have done? How long before they listen to their conscience and tell the world the truth about the genuine Crop Circles and their efforts to discredit this important phenomenon?

Researchers Robert Hulse, David Cayton, and Roy Dutton have been studying the Crop circle phenomenon since the early 1990′s. Upon close inspection of a crop circle, on their hands and knees, they have developed the ability to identify crop circles which are produced by human beings through the mechanical stomping down of crop utilizing a rope and board. They look for marks left by the edge of the board where it contacts the plants and leaves a telltale scar upon the plant’s stem surface. Yet they also acknowledge that some crop circles, the Genuine Crop Circles, do not exhibit these marks, are more graceful and flowing, reveal the presence of blown-out nodes, and are very likely produced by a non-human intelligence. These researchers tell us that they have not encountered what they believe to be a Genuine Crop Circle since 2005! Let us hope that the Genuine Circle Makers have not simply given up on the human race as a species which is completely unapproachable due to our demonstrated inability to deal with an unknown in an honest and forthright manner.

CCRF extends our gratitude to Richard D. Hall, the producer of this film
(www.richplanet.net), Robert Hulse, David Cayton, and Roy Dutton for the many hours they have personally contributed toward trying to help mankind understand the truth.

CCRF extends our deepest sympathy to John Lundberg, Rob Irving, Mark Pilkington and the Circlemakers for their loss of their sense of responsibility toward their fellow man and their apparent inability to conduct themselves like human beings. They label themselves as artists, but are in fact simply vandals who have sold their souls to the highest bidder. We invite them to finally do the right thing and reveal to the world what they know to be true about the genuine Crop Circles. It is not yet too late for redemption.

To the British and U.S. military and intelligence personnel charged with the task of discrediting the Genuine Crop Circle phenomenon, we can only say that these people operate on the dark side, they seem to know only how to destroy, their acts are despicable and will be only temporarily effective. Disclosure of the truth is inevitable and one way or another, despite their efforts, it will eventually happen.

from:    http://cropcirclesresearchfoundation.org/?p=1952

CHECK OUT THE VIDEO HERE:    http://www.richplanet.net/detail.php?dbi