El Hierro Update

El Hierro Volcano : Green and Yellow alert – New M3.4 earthquake tonight

Last update: July 14, 2012 at 9:20 pm by By

Update 14/07 – 21:13 UTC
– At 19:52 UTC, El Hierro got another (but luckily isolated) strong M 3,4 earthquake. The epicenter was at the usual lighthouse area and the depth was reported at 20 km. People at El Hierro are reporting that they have felt this earthquake.
– This last earthquake brings the total number listed by IGN today on 9.
– Joke did her best to show our readers how El Hierro looked today.  Click on the images to watch the photos in their real size.

Update 14/07 – 15:53 UTC
– 7 earthquakes so far. Depth 18 to 24 km.

Update 14/07 – 14:02 UTC
– 4 earthquakes since midnight. The strongest being a M2,5 earthquake at 13:13 UTC. Depth 18 km.

Update 14/07 – 10:26 UTC
– Only 1 very weak M0.6 earthquake at 01:52 UTC – depth : 20 km
Vertical deformations as showed in Univ. of NagoyaGPS station graphs are generally down, another sign of the decreasing to halted activity
– Based on what we have seen the last couple of days, we can conclude that the current activity is over. We will (of course) continue to follow up what will happen in the coming days and weeks as a new swarm maybe possible.

Update 13/07 – 21:50 UTC
– 15 earthquakes so far today
– The latest earthquake listed by IGN occurred at 09:44 UTC!
– Joke Volta made 3 pictures today + a report that there was nothing to report. How events can change in such a short time!

Update 13/07 – 07:29 UTC
– Yesterday has ended with a total of 12 “deep” earthquakes (17 to 23 km).
– Today was “earthquake-free” until 05:05. This period was followed by a weak new swarm of 8 earthquakes varying from M1,9 until M2,2. The epicenters were all located in the Las Calmas sea to the south of the lighthouse.
– In our Daily volcano activity report from yesterday July 12, we gave more information about volcanoes in Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Nicaragua and the USA. Click here to read it.


Update 12/07 – 23:08 UTC
– The day will probably end with 10 earthquakes, the smallest number since June 24.  Unless something exceptional will happen, we can conclude that the swarm is over without creating a big risk for an eruption.

Update 12/07 – 15:00 UTC
– 9 earthquakes so far today. NO change in depths or epicenter areas.
– New images from Joke Volta from a couple of hours ago. No special news to report.

Update 12/07 – 08:34 UTC
– 3 earthquakes so far today. The swarm looks to have been ended completely
– A rather strong M3,0 earthquake occurred at 05:30 this morning
– Deformations are or stabilized or are decreasing in the vertical component
– yesterday, the day ended with 22 earthquakes
– the depth never changed fundamentally and may have been the main reason why the recent eruption lava tubes were not found by the new magma feeders

for more information and updates, go to:    http://earthquake-report.com/2011/09/25/el-hierro-canary-islands-spain-volcanic-risk-alert-increased-to-yellow/