A look at January 2019

January 2019 Energy Report

clarityJennifer Hoffman – So if you thought the new year is beginning with a big forward energy push and huge downloads for this very important new year, you’re right, it is. In fact, we have several things happening in January that contribute to the overall energy theme of the year, as well as a momentum that begins this month and builds all year long, leading us to January 2020.

January’s energy will help us get clear, awake, and enlightened with a pure focus on 2019’s theme of creativity. We’ll sail through the month best when we use its energy to concentrate on our intention, intuition, and vision for our life path. And we’ll do that by continuing to work on boundaries, connection, and congruence to create harmony, peace, and joy.

January’s first week features a new moon lunar eclipse that sets the stage for the year. In Capricorn, the sign whose traits include discipline, organization, structure, and success in the world. Do any of those themes relate to what we see happening in the world today? What structures are being dismantled? Who is in the news? ‘As above, so below, as within, so without.’

The inner worlds of spirit and the outer worlds of matter are merging into a continuous flow of energetic synergy, manifestation, and duality which is multi-dimensionality, the full 3D/5D ascension integration.

What was separate is becoming whole.

What was hidden is now visible.

What was cloudy is now clear.

Once we have wholeness, awareness, and clarity we are ready to examine new potentials and invite new energies to support them so we can create congruence, harmony, and connection to the self, Self, and Source unanimity.

But don’t worry, we have a second eclipse on January 21 that is even more powerful. All of the energies of January are clarity focused, meaning they help illuminate, enlighten, clarify, and open our awareness to what is going on in our lives, with our energy, and open us to new potentials and possibilities.

Clarity is January’s theme and it is not the warm fuzzy buzzword that so many use (like soul, life purpose, and heart-centered). The purpose of clarity is to make things clear, to open a portal of understanding and awareness and bring light to situations that have been dark, dense, and obscured. We need to see a problem and identify its source before we can begin to create strategies to work around it – that is what clarity does.

One caution for January – if you ask for clarity you will get it and it may not be what you think. As I said, clarity makes things clear, it identifies problems and bestows awareness and understanding but it doesn’t solve problems. In fact, it can make situations appear worse before they get better because with clarity we can receive confirmation that what we thought was happening or suspected was correct.

Sometimes we learn things we don’t want to know or clarity’s light shines on something we don’t want to see.

Now that we are faced with clarity’s facts, we can take appropriate action.

Clarity is supported by intention and strong boundaries because they begin moving energy flows away from what is distracting us and focusing our energy into more well-defined and intentional pathways. Clarity can remove distractions but only because we now see their true nature and purpose and can choose with awareness rather than through unconsciousness or habit.

The best way to use January’s rather intense energy is to be firm in our intention for the peace, joy, love, abundance, prosperity, and fulfillment we want in our lives.

What are we ‘filled full’ of at the moment?

What do we want to have a fullness of in our lives?

Clarity reveals what has been concealed. It points out the blocks and limitations and their source(s), then intention and energy boundaries take over so we can move from chaos to congruence, from divergence to harmony, from darkness and density to light and  freedom, and from dimming our lights to shining with radiance. It’s a strong month which begins a very important and powerful year.

So make the most of its energy to get clear, congruent, connected, and confident to make 2019 a truly fabulous year. You are the CEO – Creative Expansion Officer – of your life – keep your focus on the energy you want to expand. You have the power; you are the authority in your life. And you have creative power – use it with awareness, intention, and consideration of the life you want to live and the world in which you want to live it. Have a great month.

from;    https://www.shiftfrequency.com/january-2019-energy-report/

Spiritual Lessons for WHoleness

Ten Spiritual Lessons for a New World


Amidst intensely turbulent times, so many of us today are feeling the urgent call to make changes that will create a brighter future for us all. Yet, however much we may want to save the world or fix what’s wrong, the truth remains that we can only change the world by changing ourselves. Inner transformation is the key to outer change.

Essentially, the ten lessons are about taking responsibility for our own evolutionary growth because only an awakened being can bring light to the world and be an effective agent of change. As we stand on the brink of a monumentally pregnant moment in the history of humanity, my invitation is that you join the inner revolution that can give birth to a radically new you and a radically new world.

A brief outline of the ten spiritual lessons:

Lesson 1 – Responsibility

To recognize that we are solely responsible for both our happiness and our unhappiness transforms our internal paradigm from victim-consciousness to becoming a master of our inner world. The power to make a conscious choice in how we respond to life is the foundation for the flowering of a new consciousness.

Lesson 2 – Clarity

To recognize that the world we experience is a reflection of our inner world gives birth to awareness. Awareness has the power to dissolve all story-lines of blame, shame and pain and allows us to rest in the truth of what is really here. This clarity erases inner and outer conflict and sows the seeds for true peace in the world.

Lesson 3 – Relaxation

The more deeply we relax and allow life to unfold in its depth and breadth, the more we are nourished. Taking action from a place of deep relaxation is far more powerful than acting from inner resistance. The former leads to aliveness, the joy of being and a world of creative possibilities, the latter leads to stress, disharmony and disease.

Lesson 4 – Presence

The capacity to penetrate this moment with the depth of our presence cuts through ghosts of past-fear and fantasies of future-hope. In the discovery of what remains, we are granted the power of knowing ourselves as the eternal, infinite space within which everything else comes and goes. This knowing-ness is the key to our true power.

Lesson 5 – Totality

By opening wide to welcome every experience, however painful or challenging, we say YES and become a lover of life. To meet everything with totality offers the potential for deep intimacy that lifts us out of survival-based fear into the arms of unbounded love. This is the birth of compassion, both for ourselves and for the world.

Lesson 6 – Gratitude

Digging deep to find gratitude for even those things we would rather cast out from our lives sends an arrow of love right into the heart of darkness. It’s far more powerful than denial or hate. Gratitude shines a light on the true riches of our inner nature. What we’ve been looking for outside of ourselves has been right here in our hearts all along.

Lesson 7 – Forgiveness

Forgiveness isn’t about turning the other cheek and allowing abuse to continue. It’s about choosing to see through unconscious actions to the purity of essence at the core of every human being. Inherently, there is no evil: the darkness we perceive is only a reflection of where we have failed to illuminate the world with our love. Our capacity to forgive heals the wound of separation and returns us and the world to wholeness and holiness.

Lesson 8 – Nakedness

The courage to be seen, warts and all, allows authentic relationship to happen. In the willingness to be hurt, to face the fear and to experience honestly what lies beneath, we see that love is always here, whatever form it takes. A world built on authenticity is a convergence of hearts in which we herald in a radically new way of life.

Lesson 9 – Service

The new evolutionary impulse coming through humanity today demands that we make the transition from taking to giving. It’s not about doing good but it is about serving God. It’s the call to step beyond our comfort zone into our greatness so that we play our rightful role within Divine Plan. It’s about awakening to our essential love-nature and then serving the world with the fragrance of this love.

Lesson 10 – Resoluteness

The unwavering resolve to take one step at a time, whether we walk over mountain peaks or through valley lows, guarantees that our inner radiance is never extinguished. Action fuelled by the motivation to be a beacon of light unto ourselves and unto the world is the mark of a true agent of change.

Source: “10 Spiritual Lessons for a New World,” by Amoda Maa Jeevan, from watkinsbooks.com

from:    http://theunboundedspirit.com/ten-spiritual-lessons-for-a-new-world/

TIps on Meditating

Life Is Best Lived Proactively

Posted: 11/06/2012

The demands of daily life often require too much of us, and I’ve noticed how many of us try to meet those demands as though our reserves are endless. But they aren’t.

Our energy, our mental focus and our sense of balance need time and space to replenish themselves. Most importantly, we need a daily quiet space to process. Many people don’t take any quiet time for themselves until they fall ill, or until their life is a mess; by then the window for a proactive approach has passed.

We need a daily quiet space to process our experiences and to find meaning, direction and inner peace. Some people process quickly, their minds well-practiced in the art of emotional intelligence, their experiences are met with perspective. Others process slowly or perhaps not at all proactively, absorbing and hoarding their experiences without perspective like the proverbial bathtub that fills with water. Without taking quiet time to process and gain insight, the water overflows and you become a reactive mess of anger, frustration and victimhood.

There isn’t a a natural time in our waking hours when we can be quiet, notice and allow insight to bubble up from within. There are simply too many distractions. You have to deliberately carve a place for quiet in the midst of your busy days. Quiet, oddly enough, requires emotional maturity, a deliberate choice, and discipline. Our minds can be like children that continually crave excitement, distraction and needless input. They need to be told “no,” at least twice daily, and for 30 minutes each time.

If you have a hard time making time to meditate or process, remember that this quiet time is not time to do nothing. It’s time reserved for a very empowering activity.

In order to live life proactively, you have to take time to to tune in and let go. Ironically, you need to pull back and close your eyes in order to see things more clearly. Like the tide that rolls in and then retreats, like nature that blooms and then withdraws, we must also recognize that as we take time to flow forward, we must also take time to retreat. Your retreat helps to ensure that what’s next will be more fruitful and enjoyable.

Motherhood and age have given me the gift of being an early riser. I enjoy waking up in the wee hours of the day, well ahead of everyone else. At four or five in the morning, I tiptoe through my still quiet house, my boys and dogs lost to their dreams — unaware that I’m up and about. The phone doesn’t ring, and nature lies quiet beneath the still, shining moon and stars. No one needs me at this time of day, and I’m grateful to be awake in the stillness.

What to Do With the Quiet.

1. Begin With Gratitude. Though a quiet walk can sometimes be just as beneficial, I find that meditation is a powerful protective practice. Morning is my favorite time to meditate. Sometimes I begin without moving out of bed, thanking God for the many blessings in my life, one at a time.

2. Make Sure You Have the Right Setting. Other mornings, concerns tumble over in my mind like whitewater over river rocks, and I have to get up and move downstairs for a change in energy. Life always looks better once I get into the half-lotus position. Lying in bed somehow keeps the thoughts endlessly circling.

3. What to Do When Your Mind Is Busy. My goals for meditation differ from day to day. Ultimately I’d like to have a quiet mind, a serene sense of inner peace and a clear sense of direction. Some days, those things come more naturally than others. Some days, thoughts and concerns present themselves to me, nudging me for their attention. So some mornings, the goal is clarity. Concerns pulling at your mind are not worries to be watered with emotion, but elements of life that need to be figured out. Use them as the basis for your morning meditation, by transforming them onto a path of spiritual awareness. Rather than feeding your concerns with worry or trying to suppress them, ask God what you need to be aware of, what you need to learn in order to heal and move beyond the situation. Be prepared to take responsibility.

4. What to Do When the Mind Is Still Busy. If the answers won’t come, or if perhaps your frustration is too prevalent to let go and open a space for them, try remembering that these thoughts are just thoughts. As they come up, acknowledge them and then let them go. Release them to God, the angels or some other higher power to help release your attachment. As you release them, say a quick prayer to receive the insight and resolution you need. Sometimes letting go is all you need to do.

One morning last week I spent about 30 minutes meditating before I got out of bed. I then went about navigating the morning chaos of making breakfasts and lunches and getting my kids off to school, an exercise that is akin to nailing Jell-O to a tree. When I walked toward my yoga class a few hours later, a man spoke to me just before I got to the studio door. “You’re absolutely serene,” he said. “You have this peacefulness about you that just radiates.” Though it’s not necessary, it is nice when your internal practice shows up on the outside as well.

Making the time to process is a protection exercise for your mind. Without it, you will become overwhelmed and angry, and ultimately feel depressed. Rather than allowing yourself to be harmed in that way, protect yourself by making time to process, and empower yourself to live life proactively.

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