CC Treadway on Love and Money

A Love Letter From Money

A Love Letter From Money

Story by: CC Treadway

Dear Spiritual Community,

Soooooo, here we are in the new Baktun. It’s a beautiful morning. The sun is shining and I just finished eating breakfast and paying my bills. Yes my friends, I don’t know if you got the memo, but Money didn’t disappear into the ethers on the solstice.  Credit cards, banks, currency and the stock market are still doing their dance.

But don’t be sad, because it’s time to take it to the next level. Everyone found out that Money isn’t based on gold a few years ago, so the jig is up! They are printing Money like newspapers and yet inflation is not rising…because who cares right? It’s not based on anything material, so it’s a free for all! This is what the “money people” have known for years.

Whether we like it or not, all of us are still in relationship with Money. And in the year of the water snake, it’s ON.

That’s right spiritual people with big hearts, it’s time for you to be rich. So say goodbye to every negative story you have about Money, because your time has come.

The spiritual community is well known for its disdain of the material, and doomsday predictions, but from everything I am seeing and hearing, in the year of the snake, we are gonna rock it financially.

But there’s only one way that can happen. We need to make Money the most loving experience of our lives. We need to stop telling every negative story and just go ahead and fall in love with Money.

Eeeeeeeww, I hear you saying, but yes, Money needs our love. Money is tired of doing bad things, it told me.

We have a real opportunity to bring the vibration of Money into love. Think of the possibilities. If the consciousness of Money were based in love, the ENTIRE WORLD would transform. Money would be a force of peace and balance. Behind our backs it would thinking of all the ways it could be loving and adoring of us, it would bend over backwards for our benefit, because that’s what love does. It can’t help itself!

If you want an irrigation system for your perma-perfect backyard or extra cash flow to help empower those in true poverty, then a love drunk Money is just what you need.

I can say that one miracle after another has happened this year with my beloved Money, and that came after a lot of praying, questioning, clearing, working and learning. I went deep to the core of the earth, the heart of the sky and the depth of my being. And then I fell in love, and we (Money and I) started this delicious love affair…but there’s more.

I’ve been in this scene long enough to know that true devotees will not touch anything that is not love. An open hearted awake person will leave money in the dust, will chastise it, throw it away and punish it if it doesn’t feel good. But the spiritual community has too many great visions, ideas and love for the world for them not to flourish. It drives me crazy that all that heart and creativity gets stopped short due to lack of funds.  That just won’t do in the new world.

With money on our sides, there’s nothing we can’t do.

So, it’s time to love money until it becomes a passionate relationship, one you are proud of, and one you hold sacred. You may have to face deep darkness to open to this relationship, or just simply throw in the towel and give into Love.

My friends, there are laws to wealth and love, do you want to play a bigger game? Do you want your heart and money to be as One, in Love, and in community for a better world?

I do. For so many reasons, I really, really do.

Here’s a small exercise. Take this moment to feel deep gratitude for money, feel into the heart of life and how it wants to give to you, and let money go right into that feeling. Shake off any negative feelings or reactions and re-commit to loving. Believe that you are ready and deserve it all.


CC Treadway on Spherical Time


By CC Treadway

In the beginning of time there was you. And in the end of time there will also be you.

This is what my Higher Self says at the beginning of every channeling.

Here we are, in 2012, at the beginning and end of time as we know it.

And what is a human life with no time?

I have often pondered this question to myself over the years. The Mayan Calendar has made it very popular to think of life without time, and yet it is not so easy to wrap our heads around this abstract concept! But, little by little, spherical time starts to take over, and the experience is felt in the body and heart, and trickles up to the mind.


I can’t explain it to you in any sort of technical way, and perhaps physics masters could really break it down. But let me tell you what I have been told, and what I have experienced of spherical time/space. Perhaps I can distill 5 years of channeling into one simple article.

We sit in the center of the universe.


We are the center of the universe.

We are the center of life in a holographic experience.

The universe around us, in space, exists spherically, spirally within a sphere that is Breathing.

The breath of God breathes Love, we are breathing in the Breath of God.

Within this sphere are time conglomerates of desires, experiences and memories. Some ours, some other’s, some in the land of myth, some our own consciousness having another life experience, some aspects of our monadic energy having a life experience. If we keep breathing in and out within the sphere, we become One, again and again. And then, on the exhale, we bring our focal point back to the individuated consciousness of I. Each time we expand our consciousness to be in the One, and then back into the individuated focal point of I, we bring more life into our Now. I would call this navigating spherical space, rather than learning over linear time.

There is then a gap to be bridged in the psyche of the human being, who exists linearly, in order to reconcile this paradigm shift. The bridge exists in the experience of expanding and contracting the consciousness through spherical space. The bridging of this gap can take some….time. Our larger God consciousness must fuse with the smaller human consciousness until it is seamless.

Within spherical space are these desires as I mentioned; we gravitate towards, and attract into our field, the desires that are the strongest. Some of these desires are what we want consciously, some turn out to be what we want unconsciously (which sometimes feels like the opposite of desire!) This is why it is so important to align with the Divine in ourselves, so that the Love of God can fill the unconscious places with light, helping us to attract what we really want, who we really are.

In this practice of breathing with God, a magical thing occurs. Our divine spark, through the law of attraction, magnetizes our soul family, our monadic family first in the energetic realms, then in the physical. Like magnets, the members of the soul family rush towards each other.

In this consistent alignment and surrender with our God self, we are inevitably united with our larger self. The physical unification process begins. And these remarkable aspects of our self can be hugged and kissed, just as we have always dreamed. Sigh.

The Love Affair with Creator continues.

I know this to be true in my life. There is nothing so healing, so uplifting, than to be surrounded by soul family. The individual consciousness then becomes part of the collective consciousness of the soul family and we begin to grow together as One. At first this is disorienting because the limited path of realizing our own dreams is challenged by the larger force of the group energy field. But, over time, this is also reconciled, as we find our place that fits in the community.

Spherical time, I am told, has linear time within it. This is good news. We can still use good old fashioned linear time to create and live when needed, but then there is this whole other force that is working for us while we sleep: The combined energy of the soul family with the Breath of God. There is a common intention, and I am finding it overrules my individual intention much of the time. The group intention is aligned with God, and this is a good thing. The individual self will welcome the larger force of the Divine and surrender to it willingly, especially because so many positive things happen as a result. If a soul family is committed to their higher growth, to the higher growth of humanity, it is safe to sink into it and trust.

At the beginning of time there was you. And at the end of time there will also be you.

Each day I meditate upon this, each day my understanding grows.


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