David Wilcock on Spiritual Growth

Check out this video from David Wilcock on essentials of spiritual growth, connectedness, love, the Law of One, Service to others, and more.

First, just a comment from me:

In these times, we need to expand our minds and out consciousness.  This means that we need to let go of a lot of old stuff, old patterns, ideas, ideals, relationships,  manners, styles, etc., etc., etc.  This is never easy, but there is so much help available right now.  Help comes in all different forms and formats.  This is not a time for taking small things for granted.  Messages appear on the wind, out of the mouths of babes, in Freudian Slips, synchronicity, to name a few.  The most important thing is, as always, to look within, to go to your heart center, to be at one with your Core Self. You and I and everyone and everything are Universal Consciousness knowing itself in all the myriad forms.  It is play.  We take on roles and personae.  Just as easily, we can try something new.  That is all part of transition.  It is a process, an huge process.  Perspective comes with the knowing process.

This is not a time for fear, but joy.  Fear fears joy for joy sees the wonder, beauty, synergy, and plan in everything.  Joy lives above the mundane.  Fear attempts to meld the mundane into something destructive and dangerous.  To laugh in the face of these illusions is to know your power.  And to approach all with love is to be your fulfilled self.

So, take a look.  Some interesting points: