Speaking of George Floyd and BLM – New Documentary

The Greatest Lie Ever Sold: George Floyd and the Rise of Black Lives Matter (BLM)

Candace Owens’ documentary film, The Greatest Lie Ever Sold: George Floyd and the Rise of BLM, examines the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. The key points in her film include the media’s false narratives, the role that drugs in the death of Mr. Floyd, video footage that shows Officer Chauvin’s knee was on Mr. Floyd’s shoulder blade, and how the $80 million collected by BLM was spent.

Summary by JW WIlliams

Candace Owens’ documentary film, The Greatest Lie Ever Sold: George Floyd and the Rise of BLM, examines the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. The key points in her film include the false narrative by the media that Owens said elevated Floyd to the status of a “saint” when he had a criminal history that included a conviction for a 2007 aggravated armed robbery in which he was accused of pushing a pistol against the abdomen of a woman. Mr. Floyd resisted arrest throughout the ordeal that ended in his death.

Owens showed how the media and former police officer Derek Chauvin’s trial downplayed the amount of drugs in Floyd’s body that was more than triple the lethal dose for fentanyl. Floyd also had an enlarged heart that raised the risk of a cardiac event by 150 times (15,000%), according to a doctor. A medical report stated that there were “No life-threatening injuries identified.”
Video showed Floyd saying that he could not breathe before he was ever placed on the ground. During Chauvin’s trial, the Minneapolis Chief of Police testified that video from another officer’s bodycam, with a different camera angle, appeared to show that officer Chauvin’s knee was against Floyd’s shoulder blade, not his neck.

Black Lives Matter reportedly collected $80 million, and Owens showed that Patrisse Cullors, a “trained Marxist” and co-founder of BLM, spent millions of dollars on several mansions and other real estate and funneled money to her friends and family. Owens used tax forms to show that over $2 million was paid to transgender organizations that failed to report how they spent the money. Millions of dollars were also given to organizations that accepted money on behalf of BLM, yet Owens found that it was a cover in may cases for diverting funds to organizations that train activists/ protesters. Owens said that these organizations poison minds and their purpose is to bail out protesters.
Owens’ documentary can be viewed behind a subscription paywall at the Daily Wire.

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Black Lives Matter Protester Arrested In Washington Was Also At Riots In Portland And Kenosha

Authored by Isabel van Brugen via The Epoch Times,

Black Lives Matter protester arrested during riots in Washington over the weekend had also attended riots in Kenosha and Portland, police said Monday, as the Justice Department announced it would be probing whether organizations are paying individuals to move across the country.

Seattle-based Jeremy Vajko, 27, was arrested on Saturday night amid clashes between law enforcement officers and rioters. According to the Metropolitan Police Department, he drove recklessly near the Hay-Adams Hotel and drove “into a crowd of over 100 individuals.”

Vajko, who reportedly worked for Microsoft until May, was released from jail on Sunday and his charges have since been dropped. He has insisted that his “Snack Van” is used to hand out food and water and to help transport medics.

“The van is just full of free water, food, and medical supplies for the homeless and protesters,” Vajko tweeted Thursday. “I even gave water to the people that destroyed my van.”

Washington Police Chief Peter Newsham said during a press briefing on Monday with Mayor Muriel Bowser that Vajko’s van had been sighted previously in during clashes in both Portland, the nexus of the riots, and Kenosha.

“There was a van that was driving recklessly, potentially could have hit pedestrians and officers in the area,” Newsham said of Saturday’s incident in the nation’s capital, without mentioning Vajko’s name.

“We have intelligence to suggest that van was also at some of the violence we saw in Portland, Oregon, and some of the violent activity we saw in Kenosha,” he said.

The police chief noted that his officers are being assisted by the federal government to investigate whether there is “an organized, funded attempt to create violence in our city.”

“This isn’t just Washington, D.C. We’ve seen violence in other cities and to the extent that that is coordinated, us in law enforcement, we have a responsibility to find out if it is and then answer that question ‘Who?’—and hold them accountable,” Newsham said.

He said that 70 percent of individuals arrested in recent days were from outside Washington, D.C. Bowser noted that weapons were brought into the capital by “outside agitators” to “destroy property in the District.”

Acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary (DHS) Chad Wolf said late Monday that the heads of organizations believed to be behind the recent riots in the United States are being probed by the Department of Justice (DOJ).

DOJ officials are “also targeting and investigating the head of these organizations, the individuals that are paying for these individuals to move across the country,” Wolf added, without specifying which groups.

Wolf said many of those arrested in Kenosha, Wisconsin, were from outside the city.

“So we know they’re moving around, we’ve seen them in D.C., in Sacramento, and elsewhere. We know they’re organized. We have seen similar tactics being used from Portland and other cities across the country as well,” he said.

A White House spokeswoman told The Epoch Times in an emailed statement:

“The president is highlighting questions that need answers such as who may be funding travel and lodging for organized rioters. For example, violent rioters in Kenosha who were arrested hailed from 44 different cities. An investigation is underway to determine who is funding these organized riots happening across the country.”

from:    https://www.zerohedge.com/political/black-lives-matter-protester-arrested-washington-was-also-riots-portland-and-kenosha?utm_campaign=&utm_content=ZeroHedge%3A+The+Durden+Dispatch&utm_medium=email&utm_source=zh_newsletter