Pandemics and the Military

“A military-pharmaceutical apparatus”

The Senator asked: “Did the MCM Consortium run Covid?”

“Who knew we had a military pharmaceutical apparatus linking the United States, Australia, Canada and the UK…?”

In mid 2023 Australian Senator, Malcolm Roberts, asked this rhetorical question about the four-nation consortium for Medical Countermeasures (or “MCMs” – namely ‘vaccines’) under the American-led “CBR Defense Cooperative Program”.

Malcolm Roberts also demanded to know: “Did anyone in this country [Australia] accept orders from the United States military to do or not do a thing that may have interfered with this military pharmaceutical plan?”

This speech remains the single most important overview to date by any parliamentarian in the world regarding the Covid Response, with more questions than answers.

The address by Senator Roberts delivered on 9 August 2023 was linked to in our initial post – “The Great Preset and the Biodefense Boondoggle” – which covered details of the U.S-led four-nation defense-and-health partnership and its “MCM Consortium”.

Note: We are interested to know what American (former) Senator Joe Lieberman – Co-chair of the U.S. “Bipartisan Commission on Biodefense”- thinks about the speech by Senator Malcolm Roberts!

The video and transcript of the Senator’s speech are below, followed by a recap/ review of relevant information for new readers including information on:

  • The Great Preset & the Biodefense Boondoggle – & U.S “Medical Rapid Response”
  • The Pentagon Presser of 5 March 2020 – and the Pentagon’s Pandemic X plan
  • The Security State Set-up – and ‘MCMs for National Security’
  • The Undeclared War – ie. ‘Health Security’ and the Road to Totalitarianism
  • October Surprise -‘Bioterrorism’? – and the U.S. “Bipartisan Commission on Biodefense”

Did the Medical Countermeasures Consortium run COVID?

Transcript and video – Senator Roberts – 9 August 2023

“Quote – ‘The consortium seeks to develop medical countermeasures to assist with… chemical and biological threats affecting civilian and military populations and on emerging infectious diseases and pandemics’ – end of quote”

As a servant to the many different people who make up our one Queensland community, tonight I speak to an aspect of COVID-19 I’ve not raised before. Information now in the public domain indicates the COVID response was not initiated through commercial interests but, rather, through an organisation called the Medical Countermeasures Consortium that Australia joined in 2012. According to Australia’s website, the Medical Countermeasures Consortium is a four-nation partnership involving the defence and health departments of Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. ‘The consortium seeks to develop medical countermeasures to assist with… chemical and biological threats affecting civilian and military populations and on emerging infectious diseases and pandemics. Medical countermeasures include drugs, vaccines and diagnostics.’ Who knew we had a military pharmaceutical apparatus linking the United States, Australia, Canada and the UK, in place since the Gillard Labor government—an AUKUS for pandemics?

“The medical countermeasures unit within the United States Department of Defense has been in the vaccine business for many years and has been injuring people for many years—and getting away with it.”

The consortium maintains a compensation scheme for people injured as a result of taking a countermeasure. Compensation claims were accepted for the 2009 H1N1 vaccine, the anthrax vaccine and flu vaccines. The medical countermeasures unit within the United States Department of Defense has been in the vaccine business for many years and has been injuring people for many years—and getting away with it. So it should come as no surprise that the American Department of Defense signed the first contract between the United States government and Pfizer for the purchase of $11 billion worth of vaccines. President Trump gave the order to the Department of Defense to commence vaccine development and even gave it a cool name: Operation Warp Speed.

“There are doors to be kicked down, and this time it will not be the doors of everyday Australians, guilty of no crime…”

President Trump reacted, as we in this place reacted, with the best of intentions and the worst of data. Intelligence was used that our security apparatus knew or should have known was wrong. Videos from China of people dropping dead have proven to be fakes produced with the assistance of Chinese intelligence, and they may not have acted alone. These videos should not have made it to the decision-making process in the West. How that happened—how so much fraudulent information was offered to elected members—is a matter for a royal commission. The United States has already started multiple congressional hearings and court cases that will eventually yield the truth. Australia must play its part in this process—our part, for we are truly all in this together to the very end. There are doors to be kicked down, and this time it will not be the doors of everyday Australians, guilty of no crime, who merely spoke the truth on social media.

“The United States response to COVID brought the Medical Countermeasures Consortium into the process at a very, very early stage.”

The United States response to COVID brought the Medical Countermeasures Consortium into the process at a very, very early stage. Australia’s military were involved early, providing assistance including crowd control, border quarantine, contact tracing and medical personnel—things one would expect the military to help with.

Former Prime Minister and profligate officeholder Scott Morrison shuttered the COAG system because it was open and transparent—COAG being the Council of Australian Governments. COAG was not just a single meeting; COAG was a secretariat with committees, including a health committee, liaising across local councils, state and federal government. Although not a constitutional instrument, this COAG structure was very well positioned to administer our COVID response. Why was it abolished and replaced with a military pharmaceutical apparatus? I hope the royal commission asks that question. In place of COAG, Mr Morrison created a secretive so-called National Cabinet, consisting of only the state premiers and territory chief ministers. What was the secret so important that a well-functioning apparatus like COAG had to be demolished and the truth gagged for 30 years?

Mr Morrison then appointed a serving military officer, Lieutenant General Frewen, to run Australia’s vaccine rollout, rebranded as—wait for it—Operation COVID Shield. The United Kingdom responded to COVID in March 2020 with a massive military operation called Operation Rescript. This moved 23,000 military personnel into a new unit called the COVID support operation, under British powers known as military aid to civilian authorities, MACA. Command of this large military force remained with the military. And Canada—what of Canada? Canada called in the Canadian Armed Forces with ‘unprecedented measures’—their words, not mine—under Operations LASER and VECTOR.

“It’s clear the Medical Countermeasures Consortium agreement… was designed to make pandemic response a military operation, not a civilian health operation.[…] Australia saw military in their hardware on the streets… locking people in their homes. All of this created a climate of fear and intimidation that facilitated acceptance of the COVID injection.”

It’s clear the Medical Countermeasures Consortium agreement, which the Gillard Labor government signed in 2012, was designed to make pandemic response a military operation, not a civilian health operation. This should have been clear in July 2021, when General Frewen took to the microphone in full military uniform. Australia saw military checkpoints at borders, military guarding medical facilities, military in their hardware on the streets of Sydney and Melbourne locking people in their homes. All of this created a climate of fear and intimidation that facilitated acceptance of the COVID injection. Was this the plan? Has the pharmaceutical industry now donned fatigues?

Did our civilian health authorities stand up for established medical principles, based on the Hippocratic oath to prescribe only beneficial treatment? No, they did not. We know our Therapeutic Goods Administration, the TGA, did not review the Pfizer stage II and III clinical trial data and instead relied on the American FDA’s paperwork. We know the FDA didn’t review the data and instead took Pfizer’s word for how the trials went. Surely the TGA knew this. If it did, the TGA’s complicit. If it didn’t know, the TGA is hopelessly or wilfully negligent. It’s misfeasance.

“… Pfizer gave the US government the vaccine the government asked for and so claimed Pfizer is not liable for the adverse events.”

Pfizer committed systemic fraud during their clinical trials, with whistleblowers revealing only healthy adult participants were recruited for a stage II/III clinical trial of a vaccine that was intended for the sick and elderly; trial duration was grossly insufficient to capture medium-term and long-term side effects like myocarditis; to drown out the number of adverse events being recorded among real participants, fake participants were created who recorded zero side effects; patients who suffered serious side effects were removed from the study and never existed in the paperwork; and the COVID injection was not tested on pregnant women, and women who fell pregnant were removed from the study before childbirth. The COVID injection was then recommended for pregnant women. How could any human do this? This is inhuman, and it’s monsters that did it. Why did Pfizer think they could get away with the most crooked clinical trial in history? Could an answer to this question be found in testimony of a Pfizer executive to US Congress? They made a comment that Pfizer gave the US government the vaccine the government asked for and so claimed Pfizer is not liable for the adverse events.

“… vaccines can be deployed, at a price, of course, because after all this is the corporate United States, wracked with parasitic globalist predators.”

The military appears to have been involved in the cover-up of COVID’s origins*. It’s now clear that COVID was developed during gain-of-function research in China’s Wuhan Institute for Virology, connected with the Chinese military. Who funded this research in China? The United States National Institutes of Health, under Anthony Fauci. Canada and Australia were involved in this research. In 2020, the CSIRO put out a press release not only admitting their gain-of-function research but defending it. I’ve spoken on that previously. After a series of lab escapes involving pathogens at the headquarters of America’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention—the CDC—in Georgia, President Obama in 2014 suspended gain-of-function research. Anthony Fauci ignored the president’s order and moved the research offshore to Wuhan, China.

Gain-of-function research is countermeasure research. It’s the same process of finding and manipulating pathogens to produce a new virus—a Frankenstein virus. Once the virus is deadly enough, a vaccine is prepared, and then the whole thing is put on shelf in case an enemy or nature deploys that virus. Once the virus appears in the population, vaccines can be deployed, at a price, of course, because after all this is the corporate United States, wracked with parasitic globalist predators.

“Did anyone in this country accept orders from the United States military to do or not do a thing that may have interfered with this military pharmaceutical plan? […] What we saw was forced injection of people… Fear, intimidation, blackmail and threats —inhuman force.”

In the early stages of COVID development and escape, did our medical countermeasure apparatus act independently of government? This is a question for a royal commission. Did anyone in this country accept orders from the United States military to do or not do a thing that may have interfered with this military pharmaceutical plan? That’s another question for a royal commission. Let me be clear: Australia has a long and enviable history of using our military to assist in civilian disasters to the benefit of all. If the need arises again, we should not hesitate to allow our military to help out again. The military should not be used against law-abiding civilians or against healthy civilians for the purposes of forced injections to transfer wealth to big pharma. What we saw was forced injection of people after succumbing to the threat of deprivation of their family’s livelihood and their ability to feed children. Fear, intimidation, blackmail and threats of loss of income and home are elements of force—inhuman force.

“[Covid] was about control of people and wealth transfer using deceit— deceit that’s inhuman, monstrously inhuman. […] Was this a military pharmaceutical operation or a civilian health operation?”

to read the rest, go to the link:

“Hacking The Human Body” – Bad Idea

The Waiting-For-Pandemic Transhuman Cult of Biodefense

Biodefense Experiencing Tremendous Demand Worldwide in Face of COVID-19 – (PRNewsfoto/Research and Markets)
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The Transhuman quest for genetic modification in order to change the human condition will end in total disaster. “Hacking the human body” is a myth perpetuated by academics like Yuval Noah Harari and Klaus Schwab with his Fourth Industrial Revolution narrative. Globally, however, biodefense spending is in the trillions and shows no signs of restraint. ⁃ TN Editor

Yuval Noah Harari is a leading ideologue of the wannabe one-world government criminal cartel and the WEF’s favorite mouthpiece. His main message seems to be that humans can be technologically captured, controlled, and “hacked” or manipulated and thus enslaved to serve the WEF/WHO controlling uber-class.

I was alerted to this video by a reader. In this TED talk from 2015 Harari postulates that humans, as opposed to animals, are unique in their capacity to believe fictional stories, and thus can be controlled via the narrative, via fiction, as long as everyone believes the same story. According to him, the idea of humans having a soul and free will is “over.” Therefore via this method you can make people cooperate with their own demise (even in lining up to be injected with poison) via mass brainwashing and narrative control.

Humans do fall for nonsense, and in fact, we seem to crave it. We love good stories, imaginative, aspirational ones, hero journeys, romances, whodunit (the genre of this Substack), or the sci-fi stories of technological advances. The sci-fi fantasies are highly popular. They are indeed so popular that for the most part, the general public and most of the professionals cannot distinguish legitimate science from the imaginary sci-fi narratives anymore, and this became plainly obvious during the current fake “global pandemic” years.

We also love scary stories! Looming prospects of fake invisible catastrophes seem to be perennially in vogue. Here is a great book I recommend on this topic by Patrick Moore, one of the founders of Greenpeace. To quote:

“A while back it dawned on me that the great majority of scare stories about the present and future state of the planet, and humanity as a whole, are based on subjects that are either invisible, extremely remote, or both. Thus, the vast majority of people have no way of observing and verifying for themselves the truth of these claims predicting these alleged catastrophes and devastating threats. Instead, they must rely on the activists, the media, the politicians, and the scientists – all of whom have a very large financial and/or political stake in the subject – to tell them the truth. This welcomes the opportunity to simply invent narratives such as the claim that “CO2 emissions from burning fossil fuels are causing a climate emergency.”

No one can actually see, or in any way sense, what CO2 might actually be doing because it is invisible, odorless, tasteless, silent and cannot be felt by the sense of touch. Therefore, it is difficult to refute such claims because there is nothing to point to and tangibly expose the falsity of these claims.”

There is a bit of a problem with overused narratives. Climate change narrative is becoming harder to maintain as Greta Thunberg is now past the expiration date for a child actor, polar bears refuse to cooperate and keep multiplying, and the glaciers are not melting away like Al Gore promised. UFOs and aliens can only get us so far.

New fear narratives must be established: the narrative of “emerging” novel viruses has been in the works for years. Scary invisible viruses that can pounce out of a jungle any minute and are just a plane ride away from infecting half the planet with a lethal new pathogen! Even more exciting is the prospect of evil scientists making new deadly and super-spreading viruses in labs that can “leak.”

The Government mafia (HHS, NIH, DOD, DARPA, BARDA, DTRA, etc, etc,) and their vassals in academia, the biopharma industry, and media have all been feeding at the “biodefense” money trough for decades. What can be better than an invisible threat to justify printing and spending truckloads of money for mega-defense/research contracts, while flying to the global champagne-caviar events and giving each other diverse-inclusive-sustainable science awards?

Debbie Lerman, a journalist, in her recent article for Brownstone, points out the time and money spent by the military-industrial cartel’s scam of “biodefense and pandemic preparedness.” There are some eye-watering dollar amounts described in a Lancet paper she referenced “Biodefense Research Two Decades Later: Worth the Investment?”

“Prior to 2001, annual US biodefense funding totaled an estimated $700,000,000. Following the incidents of 2001, the worldwide surge in biodefense-related funding was largely spurred by the realization that many countries were not prepared for bioterrorism attacks. The 2001 US Amerithrax attack revealed shortcomings in medical countermeasure availability through the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS), the laboratory response network system, public health infrastructure, and communication.”

Many of the funding programs were associated with the US federal government. A $1,000,000,000 program was implemented in the US in 2002 in the form of bioterrorism preparedness grants, biodefense research funding, and medical countermeasure stockpiling within the Department of Health and Human Services. Additional notable post-2001 US biodefense funding efforts include the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Biowatch Program (2001), The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) preparedness program, the DHS’s Project Bioshield (2004), the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA; 2006), and the National Bio and Agro Defense Facility (2014).

These programs typically address matters outside of biodefense, such as public health, national and international security, and healthcare issues, adding to their broader impact. Total US biodefense funding dramatically increased from ~$700,000,000 in 2001 to ~$4,000,000,000 spent in 2002; the peak of funding in 2005 was worth nearly $8,000,000,000 and continued with steady average spending around $5,000,000,000.

In 2019, the global biodefense market was valued at $12,200,000,000 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 5.8% from 2020–2027, resulting in a projected market value of $19,800,000,000 in 2027. Factors such as sustained government and private funding resources driven by the looming threat of bioterrorism and the recent occurrence of natural outbreaks of bioterror-related pathogens including Coxiella burnetii, Ebola virus (EBOV), SARS-CoV-1, SARS-CoV-2, influenza, and Lassa virus are likely major contributors to the ever-expanding global biodefense market.

And what were those billions devoted to? In a 2003 abstract entitled “Expanded Biodefense Role for the National Institutes of Health” Dr. Anthony Fauci articulates his biodefense  vision: “the goal within the next 20 years is to have ‘bug to drug’ within 24 hours. This would meet the challenge of genetically engineered bioagents.”

Many events have been capitalized on by the growing behemoth of the government-industry cartel over time. Policymaking in the past 20 years increasingly aimed to set up regulations to maximize the ruling powers of authorities by simultaneously eradicating existing laws and constitutional checks to set them free of any responsibilities and install de-facto martial law. Each policy was installed after so-called “events” which were used to introduce new “Acts.”

It is legitimate to have the possibility in mind that it may have been also the other way around – they installed the events to justify new “Acts” – after each “attack” a new more authoritarian legislation was shaped and put in place to fit the totalitarian agenda.

The narrative of biodefense/biosecurity articulated by Fauci is totally bogus of course. Viral pandemics do not happen in reality, despite decades of very busy and crowded international traffic (have you experienced Ryan Air?).

Ok, maybe scary viruses won’t jump naturally from the jungle, but surely they will one day “emerge” from a Dr. Evil’s laboratory? Here is Ralph Baric “predicting” in 2016 that Wuhan Virus 1 SARS-Co-V was prepped and ready to “emerge” from his lab at UNC Chapel Hill. Our Congress is still searching for a “leak” in Wuhan. Hello! Congress!

Giant amounts of money, investors, resources, projects, studies, research grants, conferences, round tables, TED talks, policy committees, Congressional acts, lots of lawyering and lobbying, tabletop simulations – an entire $19 billion/year industry is awaiting THE BIG ONE someday. Thousands of adults participating in this make-believe play eventually must start to fully believe it in order to cope with a massive soul-destroying cognitive dissonance.

The ones that can’t stomach this due to a functioning moral compass, quit and go to work elsewhere. What starts as a B-movie script (Dustin Hoffman chasing an escaped monkey with tanks and helicopters), through the alignment of individual economic incentives and narratives, grows into an ideology and subsequently into a full-fledged religion. Thus, a dangerous cult is born – The Cult of Waiting for Pandemic of the Church of Biodefense.

The numerous state, military and private investors who backed the biodefense narrative, including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation among hundreds of private, sovereign, and non-profit funds that plowed all that cash into the “biodefense” are waiting for the returns!

From the same Lancet paper:

“Fifteen years later, with no such fantastical platform in sight, DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) published an updated medical countermeasure plan in 2017 entitled “Removing the Viral Threat: Two Months to Stop Pandemic X from Taking Hold.” Instead of Fauci’s 24 hours from bug to drug, this plan tells us “DARPA aims to develop an integrated end-to-end platform that uses nucleic acid sequences to halt the spread of viral infections in sixty days or less.”

If the Big One doesn’t show up, the cult is going to try to “assist” it.

Many attempts were made at starting pandemics from local “outbreaks:” SARS1, MERS, zika, ebola – but nothing spread. Characters like Michael Callahan, a swashbuckling Indiana Jones-type epidemiologist and reported CIA agent, always “first on the scene” of exotic “outbreaks,” chasing Ebola patients through the jungle with “vaccines” seems to be not enough to produce a pandemic. Even fear porn propaganda in the media fizzles out. They play with soups of “chimeric viruses” in petri dishes funded by billions in NIH grants, fund many contract biolabs in China, Ukraine, and the Middle East, but nothing simultaneously dangerous and highly transmissible results. Why?

You may believe in billions of years of evolution, but my preferred explanation is that God’s cannot be improved upon. All life forms, from humans to microorganisms, are in the state of perfect dynamic equilibrium for this moment in time, as dictated by physical laws. Biological pathogens are already fully optimized for this state, too, by billions of years of work or by God’s genius design, whatever you want to believe.

They are either contagious (a fuzzy term as there are vague and conflicting explanations of contagion mechanisms in science), or they are deadly, in which case they don’t spread much. Artificially making a biological pathogen more deadly and more transmissible is impossible, because, if it were possible, it would have happened already in nature, and then we would not be around to discuss this on the internet.

If it were possible with lab techniques, it would have already been successfully deployed by a state or non-state actor since 1969 when biological pathogen research really took off.

There are 1,000+ “biodefense” labs in the world today, many in third-world countries with lax or nonexistent safety standards, or even war-torn places like Ukraine – yet nothing of note “leaks” anywhere. Certainly nothing leaked and went global until the WHO decided that covid should.

Lab-“emerging pathogens” seem to need a lot of help to emerge, i.e. get synthesized, manufactured at scale and deployed, and even then they are not particularly dangerous (except with very large exposure), and are treatable. Biological toxins are known to be unstable, denature quickly, are somewhat more persistent indoors but they do not pose mass lethal danger.

Just like any chemical toxin, they pose individual/localized danger. These substances are not “alive and replicating particles” any more than the poison oak is – yes you can get it from your dog and give it to your family members, and the bugger will stay on your clothes and is hard to get rid of! But poison of poison oak is not an infectious virus that “jumps” from dogs to humans; it’s a biological toxin in plant oils.

In my opinion, the Ohio train explosion is much more dangerous to a lot more people over a larger area and longer period of time than any “bioweapon lab leak.”

All natural biological pathogens are already perfectly optimized and balanced and cannot be “modified,” despite the sci-fi narratives of hackable “software of life” and gene splicing. No complex life form can be “genetically modified” and continue as a viable life form, because that modification will interfere with its living balance, and deviate it from the perfect current state of equilibrium. In multicellular organisms, you have to modify all cells (not possible with single injection), and keep modifying all of them in perpetuity.

Once injected with “gene-modifying” juice, the body frantically tries to figure out WTF just happened (FDA calls it “immunogenicity”), tries to undo the assault by eliminating the damaged cells (FDA calls it “reactogenicity”), and if the assault was large enough or with multiple injections – the body will destroy itself (CDC calls it “misinformation”).

These “gene modification” narratives are simply stupid talk. All that can result from any such attempts is either the organism defeats and clears the assault from foreign material inside the cells, or local/systemic damage results, leading to injury or death. That’s why all mRNA/DNA technologies failed despite 20+ years of attempts and gazillions plowed in by the biodefense cult of doomsday.

People promoting the gene modification narratives reduce the human body to a “bucket of sequenced genes” but cannot even begin to explain how it functions normally as a living being. They exclude the possibility of human soul, spirit and free will, but cannot explain nor define the normal state of life.

Yet, they claim they can control and modify it! They do not understand what humans are, and that’s a massive point of failure when they attempt to “capture, control and subjugate” humans, whether by brute force as in previous centuries of warfare, or by the Harari’s “fictional narrative control” of the 5th generation one.

Don’t fall for doom cults and their false narratives. When we are not afraid to seek the truth, we cannot be captured, controlled or enslaved. Once you understand this, you see Harari as not a powerful technocrat, but what he really is – a clown with a whiny voice, spinning idiotic narratives for his masters. They already failed anyway because the truth is coming out day by day. They had a good run of it but their plans utterly flopped and left devastation in their wake.