It’s Halloween in DC?

Odd Article, But, as always, do your research:

Former CIA Chief reveals in great detail how they use full face masks to ‘walk around as someone else’…

As you likely know, the internet is overflowing with theories about Joe Biden and rubber masks. What does that mean, exactly? Well, many believe that Joe Biden has one or two body doubles who parade around in masks, impersonating him.

Truth be told, they’ve certainly come a long way with masks, haven’t they?


While Biden doubles running around in a mask may sound like the plot of a Hollywood movie, can we truly dismiss anything in these strange times under this bizarre regime? Probably not. And it’s even more difficult to write it off as just another kooky conspiracy, especially when former CIA chiefs have disclosed how they use elaborate masks to allow people to “walk around as someone else.”

It’s not surprising that the CIA has a department called “Disguise” with an official chief who runs it. The former chief details below how the CIA operates, much like in a James Bond movie. Is it any wonder if they use these tactics with presidents and other key officials? It almost seems like a no-brainer, right?

Wall Street Apes:

Here’s The Uncut Version Of The CIA Chief Of Disguise Confirming They Use “Full Face Masks” To “Walk around as someone else”

This is why Joe Biden needs both a drug test and a DNA test before the CNN Debate with Donald Trump

“I was Chief of Disguise. The office I worked in was like the Q in James Bond. We were the Q for the CIA and the intelligence community. So there were different parts of it, whatever you needed.

If you needed a bug, if you needed secret writing or a microdot or a concealment device or whatever you needed, you had to come to us and we’ll put something together for you.

Okay. What’s the most memorable moment from being in disguise for you? Um, there were a number of them, but the one I mean, one that has to stand out, I went to the White House and I briefed George H. W. Bush, the president, at the time while I was wearing a full face mask.

So we’re sitting, like, this close together, and I’m telling him that I’m gonna show him the best disguise that we have. And he’s looking for a bag, like, where where is it? I said, well, I’m wearing it, and I’m going to take it off. And I reached to start taking it off, and he said, stop. And he got up and he walked and he looked and he looked at it.

He couldn’t he didn’t know it was a mask. He wasn’t sure what I was wearing. He sat back down. He said, okay. So I took it off.

And I was holding it up in the air so he could see it, my whole head. It had hair and a face and a neck.

So you could walk around as someone else?


And that would be the disguise.



A clip like this will only fuel more conspiracy theories about Joe’s “doubles” and their rubber masks. The question we have would be this: If Joe Biden does have all of these body doubles, why on earth wouldn’t they come off brighter and more cognizant?

For example, why would this wandering, confused man be a body double? It makes no logical sense.

Granted, there are times when Joe seems like he’s sharper than usual. This leads many to think there are two types of “Joe.” One who is semi-energetic and can actually stand, walk, and talk. While the other “Joe” can’t string a sentence together and wanders off like a lost nursing home patient. Could that be drugs, body doubles, or just good and bad days? Whatever the case may be, you can’t deny that many of the videos online paint a very bizarre picture.

Wall Street Apes:

Recently Images Of Joe Biden Have Been Going Viral, Many Questioning If He’s Being Impersonated Using The CIA Mask Technology

This Is Documentation Showing The Changes Seen In Joe Biden

Not only does he look completely different, have changing earlobes, changing chins, changing skin textures, changing teeth, changing wrinkle lines, etc

But after 30 years it looks as though he’s changed his signature

“Who changes their signature after 30 years?”

President Trump is even questioning what’s going on with Joe and his “fake nose.” And what about that bizarre chin? It looks like it was molded with Play-Doh.


Let’s talk about this…

Trump is 2 I don’t give a fooks away from literally saying that Joe Biden is wearing a mask.

The world just saw the other day that Joes chin somehow transformed into a PlayStation controller and now this? 🤣😂

Oh we are definitely building up to something shocking…

Do you think the world is ready to learn “Joe’s Shot” and central casting?



This clip claims to catch a “body double” red-handed. Honestly, for security reasons, using decoys makes sense, especially for a world leader. But the stuff online about Joe seems just as crazy and off-the-wall as his entire regime.

Is the CIA using body doubles and face mask technology to pass off different “Joe Bidens” to the American people? Maybe, who knows? But if they are, they’re failing miserably. They should probably go back to the drawing board and figure out a better way to present this buffoon, because right now, it’s more like Joe or his double is impersonating a full-blown dementia patient. We’d like to think that even our intel people could do better than this.