fr/Doreen Virtue Archangel Michael on 2012

Doreen Virtue: Archangel Michael Message for 2012

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From meditations and prayers, the messages for 2012 are: continuous clearing and shielding of lower energies is essential right now. Do this daily. Shield yourself vigilantly. The dichotomy of darkness and light is at a peak right now, like high noon when the shadows appear the darkest. The darkness has an effect similar to ticks upon a dog, and must be addressed and not ignored . . . or it will grow bigger. Don’t fear the darkness, as this just gives fuel and power to it (which in spiritual truth is nothingness). The darkness is afraid because it knows that its time to rule is drawing to a close. We must also devote daily time to praying for everyone’s abundance, health, and happiness. Your contribution to the light is essential right now. Everyone’s participation in acknowledging the non-material world is essential. Daily prayer for world peace is extremely helpful. You can make a huge positive difference by praying for everyone.

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