Signs of the TImes – 2 White Bison Calves

Rare White Bison Calves Born In Kansas & Texas In The Same Week: “A Sign Of Better Times Coming”

White bison born in Kansas

What’s more rare than one white bison being born? How about two white bison being welcomed into the world in the same month?

The National Bison Association says that these bison births are truly unique. The odds of an all-white bison being born is about one in ten million. That’s about the same odds that you have of becoming President of the United States… though this might be the year to enter into the election with the choices we have.

But anyways, the birth of one of the white bison took place in Kansas on May 25th, and if you were looking for good news today, the birth of this bison and what it might mean just might be enough:

“The prophecy of the White Buffalo Woman is the most significant prophecy of the Lakota people. Others like Comanche and Navajo also see it as a sign of things changing in the world and better times coming.

A symbol of hope, and honoring that which is sacred, this is a reminder to pray and remember your relationship with the Creator, just as the White Buffalo Woman taught the Lakota people to pray with the 7 sacred ceremonies over 19 generations ago. And if the prophecy is true, many major changes this year will lead us to a better relationship with the Earth, with each other and with the Great Spirit in the sky.”



Good vibes!

And let the good vibes roll, because around the same time that the above birth took place, another white bison was born in Burnet, Texas. If white bison are supposed to bring good luck and prosperity, the American people are seemingly in good shape. This bison, named Unatsi (Cherokee word for “snow”), was the offspring of two blonde bison. Another calf that was born along with the white one matched its parents coat.

“Meet Unatsi. A rare white bison calf born about a week ago in Burnet! You can see here – two blonde moms, same blonde dad, two different calves.”


White bison are believed to represent harmony and peace, and I’m going to choose to be excited that two were born close to the same time in Kansas and Texas. Let’s have a year people… the bison have spoken!