Russian Prophecies

Prophecy In The Russian New Age - with Raduga Romanova and Vadim Mikailov

Prophecy In The Russian New Age – with Raduga Romanova and Vadim Mikailov

Story by: Carol Hiltner

Russia’s Spiritual Resurgence

In the decade since Russia emerged from the Soviet Union, her spirituality has more than blossomed — it has erupted. In the Western news, we hear very little about Russia’s remarkable resurgence. This resurgence spans cultural, spiritual, and scientific arenas, but these three aspects are not separated in Russian minds, for in the new way-of-looking, each is simply a slightly different lens for viewing the Cosmos.

All of the spiritually-aware Russians I have met during my extensive travels there believe that Russia, in particular among the world’s nations, has a pivotal role in the prophesized evolutionary shift of the Earth. As the following interview reveals, Russians are aware that “red is the color of initiation,” and the new Reds take this very seriously.

Carol: There seem to be many sources of new prophecies here in Russia that the rest of the world knows nothing about, but many of them are based in the Russian body of knowledge and thus may not be clear to Westerners. Since you two seem to be acquainted with quite a number of these new prophecies, I wonder if you would clarify for our readers, please, the cultural context within which they may be understood.

Raduga: To begin, I would like to say that we keep a little distance from the various Christian prophecies, of which there are many — not because we do not respect them, but because they are widely known and are spread by the Church. The Christian prophecies talk about the specific period of the End of Time: the horrifying Judgment Day and Apocalypse.

We are more interested in what is connected with what we call the Ray of Synthesis. We meet many clairvoyants from all over Russia through our workshops. And, as you know, there are more than 150 nationalities throughout Russia, with new prophecies from many regions, especially Altai, the Ural Mountains, Buryatia, and Yakutia. These prophecies are coming from different people, but they all say that Russia has a specific role at this time; that the territory of Russia has a mystical role that is related to special aspects of its soul.

The Energies of the North

Vadim: On our planet, there are four energetic directions: South, West, East, and North, in that order. These correspond to four types of energy: South corresponds to the element of earth; West to water, or our emotional plane; East is air, our mental plane and the principle of soul in our consciousness; and North, fire, corresponds to our Spirit.

Many Western countries are oriented in the principle of the East, the principle of the soul. The expression of this principle is the spiritual Hierarchy of Light. This is the principle of love and wisdom. All the consciousnesses of the different religions aim to the East. All the altars and temples are toward the East.

But Russia’s inner spiritual altar is toward the North. Russia is the only country that is oriented toward the North, and so it has a unique path that is connected with this orientation.

The North Pole corresponds to the Crown Chakra. It is connected with the energy of the First Aspect: the energy of will and power, energy of the Father. The expression of this energy is Shambhala.

Therefore, Russia will never copy other ways, and will follow only its own way, toward Shambhala. It is connected with the Shambhala in the star Sirius.

Carol: What do you mean, “Russia will follow its own way to Shambhala”?

Vadim: This means that there is no earthly spiritual Master guiding Russia. Russia is going its own way, through its own mistakes and experiences. It is sometimes said about Russia that it connects two ways, to the East and West. So the sign of our country is the two-headed eagle: One head looks to the East and one to the West.

The Cardinal Cross and the Seventh Ray

Also, this northern orientation creates a mystical orientation to what is known as the Cardinal Cross. To understand this, we need to look at the types of crosses in Esoteric Astrology and what they mean.

In Esoteric Astrology, there are three types of crosses. And since there are twelve zodiacal signs, there are then four signs to each cross.

First, there is the Mutable Cross, the sign of physical experience. It is the cross of our personality, our lower self. Here, we gain our inner power. This is the cross of changes. It is a diagonal cross, the familiar swastika. It relates to the astrological signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

The next cross is a Fixed Cross. This is the cross of the soul, of discipleship. It is also the cross of crucifixion. It is upright, and relates to the astrological signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

The last cross, called the Cardinal Cross, is the cross of our Spirit. It has a spoke coming out at a right angle to the fixed cross, making it three-dimensional. The Cardinal Cross corresponds to the Ray of the Monad, or Spirit, and is associated with the energy of the First Aspect: will and power, the force of God, the most powerful force. It relates to the astrological signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. It is this Cardinal Cross that is associated with Russia.

Raduga: Additionally, Russia has a so-called Seventh Ray. And to understand this, we need to know something about the rays. This teaching was given by Madame Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, and others.

According to this teaching, we have seven primary types of energy on Earth, and these are called rays. The Seventh Ray is a new ray on Earth right now, and is connected with Aquarian energy.

The Seventh Ray corresponds to the energies of mysteries, White ceremonial magic, and ceremonial creativity, as well as synthesis, order, and manifestation. It is connected with Aquarius — and Russia is the country of Aquarius. The Seventh Ray is manifested through Russia.

The Physical and Spiritual Cycles

Vadim: We know that, right now, we are entering the area of Aquarius. The energies of Uranus guide this Aquarian era. Russia is the only country on the planet that has the ray of the soul that resonates with this type of energy. Therefore, Russia is especially guided, spiritually, by the energy of Aquarius. It is connected not with nationality but with Russia’s specific location on the planet, its territory.

Russia has four guiding planets: Uranus (its orbit of the Sun is 84 years), Jupiter (12-year orbit), and then the Sun and the Moon. But for prophetic purposes we are interested in Jupiter and Uranus.

When Uranus enters the Aquarius constellation, every 84 years, important activities begin in Russia.

For example, the previous entry of Uranus to the Aquarius constellation was 1905, which was the first bourgeois revolution in Russia.

And then, with the frequency of twelve years, the cycle of Jupiter, we have for example 1917 and the Revolution, 1929 and collectivization, 1941 and World War II, 1953, which marked the end of the Stalin era and the changing of the political structure of Russia — and later, on the same continuum, 1989, which marked the end of the Soviet Union.

This period of 84 years, from 1905 to 1989, is called in prophecies the Physical Revolution. This period represented an attempt to seed the collective or communist consciousness.

It is interesting that this cycle of 84 years ended in 1989, during which time the Christ consciousness grid around the planet was completed (as Drunvalo has said). So this was the first, or physical phase of the Russian revolution. In 1989, Uranus entered the Aquarius constellation once more, starting the second phase: the Spiritual Revolution.

Thus, all the twelve-year cycles will be repeated over and over again. So, for example, in the year 2001, José Argüelles came here and planted seeds to the new cycle, and this timing corresponds to the year 1917 in the old cycle, the year of the Russian Revolution.

2002 corresponded to a civil war in Russia in 1918. The conflict then was between Reds and Whites within the country. Correspondingly, right now, within each of us, White energies and Red energies are at war. Red energies are initiating everything new, and White energies are doing their best to absorb those energies and to change everything within ourselves.

That’s the inner struggle in every one of us between the Darkness and the Light. That’s the inner Armageddon, and we know that it last for three years — 2002, 2003, and 2004 — because the civil war ended in 1920. You can calculate correspondences to the physical cycle by adding 84. The year 1920, which marked the end of the physical civil war between the Red and White forces, plus 84 gives the year 2004, which signaled the end of the spiritual inner struggles between Red and White energies.

Carol: Wait, I need to go back. Are the Red and the White somehow associated with Light and Dark?

Vadim: No. They are two types of energies. One energy, the Red energy, is initiatory. The other, White energy, is at first struggling against initiation, but then absorbs that energy through resurrection. Thus, our consciousness is resurrected and purified.

According to José Argüelles, Red energy corresponds to the East, and White energy corresponds to the North. And Russia is now producing this transition from Red to White energies — from East to North, from the orientation toward mental energy to an orientation toward spiritual energy.

Therefore, we have to go from homo sapiens to spiritu sapiens. This is the transition, the 90-degree turn from the East to the North.

Carol: Is the mission of Russia to facilitate this for the Earth, or only within themselves or individuals?

Vadim: It’s for the Earth. Russia always works on the great scale of the planet.

Carol: So what kind of progress is being made? What’s happening?

Vadim: The internal civil war. That’s the progress.

Raduga: It’s not actually a war, it’s a battle — an inner battle with yourself.

Vadim: And the next point is 2013. This corresponds to 1929, or collectivization in the previous cycle, when there was the attempt to make people come together, to unite them. So 2013 represents a unique opportunity for us to experience the united consciousness throughout the planet: the Merkaba consciousness.

We deeply believe that the difficult experience that our country had in 1929 took all the negative and digested it and experienced it. So it is a really good opportunity for all of us and for the whole planet during 2012 to begin making this step toward the brotherhood of humanity.

Raduga: We think this is the reason all of the spiritual teachers who are coming here from different countries are having very large audiences. In other countries, teachers might have fifty people coming to their workshops, but in Russia, there are hundreds, even thousands, of people. And this is a sign that the people are ready, people are open, people are looking.

And there are many new newspapers and magazines, programs, spiritual centers, and that is a sign right now that people in Russia are ready and people are waking up. So now, let’s go back to the prophecies.

Carol: Thank you for the background — I appreciate it.

Mystical Crystals from the Ancients

Raduga: Both the ancient prophecies and the new prophecies are saying the same things. You know the ancient Hyperboreans — the civilization that was in the North? They are from the time of Atlantis, but they were in the North. There was a very large continent with a warm climate.

Carol: And the climate changed, yes?

Raduga: Yes, and the people were going from the North to the South, moving via the Urals and Siberia. And they went to India and brought with them the language that we now know as Sanskrit.

The legends and the modern prophecies are saying that the Aryan people — those people from the Hyperborean civilization — when they went from North to South, left magical quartz crystals underground in specific holy places. Those crystals are there right now. Today, many spiritual groups are finding them metaphysically, and then scientists, using special instruments, confirm that, yes, the crystals are there.

The prophecies say that it is time to collect these stones; that Russia has to collect the stones.

Carol: And where are they being found? Are they in Russia?

Raduga: Yes. Such crystals are situated very deep in the mountains. They are to be found in the Urals, along the Volga River, and in the Sayan Mountains of Siberia.

There are many of these crystals. And on their edges, according to legend, there is specific information that is meant for humanity right now.

Modern prophecy says that during the thirteen years starting with the year 2000, the crystals will be opening, awakening the consciousness of the Russian people, and, through the Russian people, the consciousness of the whole Earth.

Vadim: So the voice of crystals will be heard by the people.

There is a very ancient place of power in Volgagrad, formerly Stalingrad, on the bank of the Volga River, that is called Mamayev Kurgan. Do you know the word “kurgan”? It means a “big artificial hill.”

Raduga: Mamai is an historical person from when Mongolians were conquering ancient Russia.

Vadim: The Mamai himself was a very spiritually advanced being, and he knew that the time would come when the knowledge of these crystals would be accessible to people. And he knew that the time had not yet come.

So, according to legend, Mamai ordered his warriors to create a bigger hill at that place, moving soil with their hands, to keep the crystals underground. And the crystals were hidden.

Vadim: During World War II, Hitler was trying to get to Stalingrad.

Raduga: So this is knowledge that Hitler also knew. He wanted to possess those crystals, in order to rule the world.

Vadim: For four months, Hitler took over Mamayev Kurgan, and Russian soldiers tried to protect this place. Many people were killed. There is now a very large monument and grave there, called “The Motherland is calling,” in memory of those who died protecting this place.

Raduga: Modern prophecies tell us that these crystals will be found, and many scientists are working at Mamayev Kurgan right now, using dowsing rods and pendulums.

Carol: Trying to find these crystals?

Raduga: They are trying to find only the locations of the crystals. They are not trying to get them, not right now. At these places, ceremonial work is taking place to activate these crystals.

Carol: Ceremonial work by whom?

Raduga: Different spiritual groups. They received it as a prophecy — as “knowledge” — to do this work. And these prophecies about the crystals say that they will help Mother Earth to pass through this transitional period — these thirteen years.

Carol: Are these crystals related to the Christ Consciousness Grid?

Raduga: Definitely. The prophecy says that they are connected — that the Christ Consciousness Grid is above the Earth, and these crystals are underground.

Singing Stones and the Lake of the Bells

Now, in addition to the crystals, legends in Russia tell us about so-called “singing stones.” You can find such stones on the shores of Lake Baikal, in the Ural Mountains, and near the shore of Plesheyeva Lake near the town of Pereslavl Zalyeski, near Moscow.

If you touch such stones in a mood of love and harmony, the stones begin to make different sounds — to “sing.” The prophecies say that when 144,000 singing stones have been found, at a specific moment, people will touch them, and they will pour out the sounds of love. These sounds will surround and comfort the Earth, and will heal the Earth. That’s why people are looking for such stones right now.

Carol: How many of these stones have been found.

Raduga: I don’t know — many, many of them. These singing stones are on the ground. You can look at them. These are big stones you can find on the shores of different lakes and in different special places — in forests and in fields.

Vadim: Very often, these stones are described in legends as making miracles. One story is about a stone near Pereslavl Zalyeski. It was lying at the shore of the big lake for a long time. Many people gathered to this stone, and prayed and were healed by its energies.

During the time of ancient Christianity, the Christians were planning to build a church near the lake. The Christians thought that worshiping this stone was Pagan, but they could feel that it was very powerful. So they wanted to use it as a foundation stone for their future temple.

They waited until winter, when the lake was frozen, and they took this big stone onto a sled, and somewhere in the middle of the lake, the ice cracked. No one was killed — even horses were safe — but the stone drowned. A few years passed — and then they found the stone again, lying at the same place on the shore!

Raduga: That was a miracle. A lot of people witnessed that.

Vadim: Clairvoyant people said that the stone had been taken from the lake and put on the shore by a civilization similar to dolphins or mer-people.

Raduga: So there are also many prophecies in Russia connected with lakes. There is the story of the holy town Kitezh, which is under a lake near the city of Nizhny-Novgorod — it’s the most famous in Russia.

There are many variations of the story, dating from Pagan times. But the Christians also used such legends for their own purposes. Many pilgrims go to that holy lake.

And special celebrations take place at this lake to resurrect the ancient holiday of Ivan Kupala, a Pagan god who is the protector of lovers. This celebration includes jumping across fires, and swimming, and making special flower garlands that they put into the river.

Carol: I have heard of this bringing back of Pagan practices.

Raduga: The celebration is about the 6th of July — a very profound, very beautiful ceremony.

But the legend of this lake is as follows: Many years ago, when enemies attacked Russian territory, the people of this town, Kitezh, fought against the enemy. They didn’t want to be burned or taken. They wanted to keep the city for their future generations.

When the enemy got very close to the town, Mother Earth opened, and the town went underground, and water flowed over the place where the town had been.

Today, people keep hearing the sounds of bells from this lake. The prophecy says that during the most difficult times of Russia, from the very bottom of this lake the bells will start ringing, and they will call thousands of Warriors of Light, and those warriors will protect the Earth — fulfilling the prophecy of the victory of the forces of Light over the forces of Darkness.

Some people say that once, during hard times, a tradesman decided to get those big bells from the bottom of the lake because he heard them ringing all the time. So he hired many workers to take the water from the lake and get the bells. But he couldn’t drain the lake, and he never found anything. However, scientists say that the lake does have a double bottom, with a cavern underneath. The tradesman couldn’t get through the bottom of the lake to get to the bells.

We ourselves have been there. It is a beautiful lake. It has special water. And at sunrise, we heard the “silent” sound of the bells coming from the bottom of the lake, and miraculously saw a big temple made of clouds in the rays of the early sun. It was an amazing sight.

Some people say that, year after year, the bells sound louder and louder. And that is the sign of the prophecy here on Earth.

Dead and Living Water

A few kilometers from this lake, there is a holy spring where people wash themselves. They call it “the spring with dead water.”

Have you heard the Russian stories about living water and dead water? If you wash a sick or dead person with the “dead” water, his injuries would be cured by the water. If, for example, his arm or leg had been severed, it would go back to his body. The body would be whole. After that, they would wash the person with the “live” water, and the person would become alive and stand up. There are many Russian legends about this.

The reason we mention this is that this spring near the lake has “dead” water, and the lake is full of “live” water. We ourselves have washed our bodies in the different places, and we really felt the difference in the water.

If you first wash yourself with “dead” water, and then go and swim in the lake, it feels like the water starts boiling — bubbling — on your body. It’s the most famous lake in Russia — this town that went underneath the waters, and is connected with the “dead” and “live” waters. There are many such places in Russia, but that’s the most famous one.

The Coming of a Savior

Vadim: There is another prophecy we would like to mention that is important to many people, not only in Russia but also in Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Serbia, and Ukraine. This prophecy is that in Russia, a savior will come. People understand that he will be a reincarnation of Christ.

Maybe you have heard about the Master Vissarion. He lives in Siberia. A very large community has formed around him. There are many towns there, and people are going there as though to the Country of Dreams.

Carol: You talked about Shambhala. Isn’t Shambhala also called the Country of Dreams?

Vadim: Yes. But Shambhala is in a specific place on Earth. It’s not just a mystical place. There is a specific village in the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet called Shigadza, and near this village there is a passage or mystical gate that leads to the world of Shambhala. It is not the only gateway, however. There are many different gateways to that place in different areas — in Altai and in the Gobi Desert, for example.

Raduga: The Roerichs were in Shambhala, and also many researchers have been in Shambhala. If you would like to know more about that, I recommend a very good book called the Shining Shambhala, by Thomas Andrew.

Vadim: But this community in Russia around Master Vissarion is also called the Country of Dreams — Zemlya Obetovannaya. Many Russian people, as well as people from different countries like Bulgaria and Servia, are going there to live and work.

Carol: Where is it?

Raduga: In the western Sayan Mountains, near Krasnoyarsk. We call it a “country in a country.” Our government knows about this, but doesn’t touch them, only watches.

Carol: How many people are there?

Raduga: Not less than 200,000. It’s not actually a “community,” it’s a very large place. But on specific days they celebrate holidays and come together to a specific mountain — to the teacher. And the Master Vissarion says his words to them.

Carol: So he’s a person — a live person?

Raduga: Yes. He is a beautiful person. They recognize a Savior in him.

These people live in harmony with nature. They live in a collective way. Men do the physical jobs, women do many creative things — the sewing, for example.

And they resurrect very ancient Slavonic/Russian traditions. They wear long dresses, and they have long hair, and they sing wonderful songs and conduct amazing ceremonies. And they build temples using wood, using only their hands. They don’t eat meat, not even eggs and milk — all those people.

We suppose that this is the biggest community on the planet right now. But it is unknown to people in other countries, except those who are going there to live.

This is their newest prophecy: “The time has come. Only a person who lives in this ‘dream land’ will be saved.”

We would like to visit this place, maybe next year, because some of our friends live there, and we would like to witness it with our eyes and ears.

The prophecies of this Master are published in many books that are called the New Testament. These prophecies say that the Savior is here on Earth, that He has returned, and that salvation for people is only possible through unified work, creativity, and the common life in love.

And it’s interesting to us that the teaching of this new Master is about synthesis — the knowledge of synthesis. Apparently it is a new Bible. Representatives of every religion and every belief system can live there, including what is called the “teaching of the One,” which is a mystery school formed by Akhnaten during Egyptian times. You can read about that in Drunvalo’s books.

It’s really amazing that people live there in harmony with nature, in a creative way, and don’t use the technocratic path.

Moscow: The “Turning” Point

Carol: So why are you here in Moscow?

Raduga: Because we are fulfilling our role — our tasks that have been given to us by our own spiritual teachers. If our spiritual Master tells us to be there, we will be there.

Vadim: I also would like to comment on the question of why we are here in Moscow. This is the most important part of the prophecy for me, and I would like to make it clear. It is connected with the cycles of Russia.

The longitude of Moscow is 55.5 degrees. Three fives, according to our knowledge, and according to Drunvalo, means the Christ consciousness. From the equator to the North Pole, we have 90 degrees. If we divide 90 into the 55.5, we have the Golden Mean proportion — 1.6.

Look at your finger, from the knuckle to the first joint, and then to the second joint, and to the end. The relationship of the distance from knuckle to knuckle is the phi number, the Golden Mean proportion.

The transition will appear only at a specific section of this Golden Mean proportion. We are sure that the transition of the consciousness of people to the unity consciousness will take place in the center of Moscow.

If you remember from Drunvalo’s writings, we must make our “90-degree turn.” That is going to happen here — at this specific place on the map.

Raduga: So you wanted to know about modern prophecies, and these are modern prophecies, and a lot of people do really believe in these.
Raduga Romanova, whose given name means “Rainbow” in Russian, and Vadim Mikhailov are part of the leadership of the Light Center in Moscow.

Up through the early 1990s, Raduga worked for the Soviet Peace Committee, first as Secretary of the organization, and then as Vice President of the United Nations Association of Russia. This was a time when social connections were being established with Western countries, and she was involved in many special social events and actions, including the World Peace Trip to the U.S. in 1990, the People’s Summit in 1991, and the World Summit in 1992.

Vadim is a Ph.D. physicist and mathematician at the Russian Institute of Applied Geophysics, specializing in short wave propagation, modeling of ionospheric processes, and the influence of magnetic storms on our health. He has been doing this research for more than twenty years. However, he says that the Light Center is his “beloved” job. He jokes, “I rest at my institute, and I work here.”

Raduga and Vadim started the Light Center in 1992, and began to conduct spiritual summits, synthesizing the teachings of Theosophy, Roerich, Drunvalo Melchizedek, and José Argüelles.