Music of the Spheres


Please take from this what resonates with you and discard the rest. Thanks Peter


There are many other schools of thought concerning sound healing and tone healing. The Lunar Visions School is being developed completely from the original teaching of the Mystery Schools of past millenniums. Lunar Visions is being gifted with this extraordinary teaching of how to become immortal and being empowered with the responsibility of teaching those who want to remember, realign and re-cognize their true reality. Most of the teachings that are still on Earth, were completely densified and lost their meaning. The original teachings clearly said the frequencies were to be created in the mind, and then in the voice of each individual.

The music of the spheres was the toning sequence used in Mystery Schools of all ancient times. The music of the spheres directly interfaces with, and activates the DNA template. The original teachings of the mystery schools said it was the voice and the mind that must be used to create the music of the spheres. It was not an instrument, it was the heart song of the individual that would allow one to fly through the universes.

The music of the spheres can never be disconnected from an individual’s temple (the light body that has been transformed into this dimensional density) and the planet, universe, galaxy, solar system and cosmos that this individual originated from and is connected with for eternity. The music of the spheres is an activation process that includes the tonal, harmonic, octave and key structure aligned through and within the crystal structure, the light structure and the energy structure of the spheres and their alignment with each other.

These toning sequences open planetary axiom lines for activating planetary shields. Simultaneously, this toning activates the DNA strands in the body template.

This has been called a spiritual geometry and it has been broken down into many units of understanding over the past eons. Most of the schools of understanding are partially or completely incorrect due to the density of the teachings. The key structure and chordal structure of the music system used in this matrix is not incorrect, but it is only a molecule or an atom of the real system of music. Most of what has been created in the music schools and in the creation of musical instruments has been done through the same control process of the fallen angelic entities who base everything on sucking energy out of other sources of energy instead of going to Source for Energy.

The element that was lost in the music of the spheres was that connection to energy of Source Consciousness. There are three elements needed for the co-creativity with Divine Mind. First we need crystal in the form of crystal light, crystal dust, crystal liquid light. Next we need Light from the Sun, which is created from the rainbow rays of infinite sources of the highest frequency of Source. Then we need the braiding of the sun’s energies from all solar systems that are included with the three matrixes of Gaia, Tara and Earth. This energy is contained in the Urtha Matrix and is streaming down it’s form of light to align with the Earth at this present time.

The third element is energy. The energy comes from Consciousness. The closer one’s consciousness is to Source, the higher the frequency of that individuals vibrations are. Each individual is a key, just like a song might be sung in the key of C or E. We understand how to tune up an instrument to be in a key. What our present musical education does not include is how to raise the frequencies of an instrument or a singer. That is the element that is lost in the musical structure; we have been told this is the lost chord. It is the energy of consciousness that is missing from our planet. This energy of raising the oscillation patterns of consciousness, which is directly reflected in the etheric quality of the voice, is what is required to get on the same wave length with the spiritually attuned matrixes.

The crystal is still here. Many use crystals for healing and activating energy. The light was divided by miasms placed in the Earth’s grids by the fallen angels. The streaming of energy was directed inward to cause a total collapse away from Source. This inward braiding of energy has caused the density of this system to go into disharmony and dysfunction.

The light energy is supposed to come out from the sun that is inside of the Earth’s core and stream up and out like butterfly wings. The suns of each planet are supposed to do this and braid and connect with the energies of each other into a grander bandwidth that carries more developed higher frequencies to create new realties from. This process has finally been set back in motion after millions of years of improper movement blocking us from the sun’s energy – the highest frequency of the universe.

This light energy coming from the Earth’s sun and streaming upward through the individual’s temple of crystal light energy can create frequencies of music, as well as light energy in the form of reading light or generation for technology. This was already shown to the Earth by Tesla. This science of co-creation will be completely restored by individuals on Earth as we begin to interact through telecommunication with those in the Inner Earth, other Subterranean Cities of Light and other Matrixes. We need the energy or light from our own consciousness restored by raising the frequencies of consciousness.

That term of consciousness, and raising consciousness has been used in metaphysical science for centuries. The understanding came to me in the recording studio. I first saw how technology could realign the voice to become more and more beautiful as negative vibrational levels were removed from the voice on the mixing board. I then started listening to recordings of my voice, and kept singing to align my voice with the voice I heard that had the negative vibrations removed. I then worked to get my original voice closer and closer to the etheric perfection that I wished to hear. I believed that this etheric frequency in my voice was also realigning every negative vibration in my body by activating the crystal cells in the temple. I worked on this science of aligning the voice to create healing for fifteen years.

After the year 2000 a greater understanding of this principle of light and sound came into my consciousness. I began to receive directions from a team of Angels and Entities of Cosmic Energy. This understanding has grown by the day and I have been keeping a journal of my understanding by writing articles each week.

Every moment there is a new frequency, a new presence, a new level of understanding. The only moment of reality that is real is the moment that we are standing in. There have been so many sciences that have based their reality on one moment of understanding and then never go beyond it. Those realities are only theories. Everything is a theory, except God. God is the only thing that is not a theory. God is always allowing his children to create new theories and then expand them and change them into a new theory. This is God’s creation. To watch his children of his mind create and grow and create again. When we have created everything that is needed to know everything that God knows then we can say we actually know something. Until then, everything is a theory. If someone tries to hand you a fact of life tell them to keep it.

The way this co-creative process takes place is called the music of the spheres. This music is used to align all frequency bands of the 15 dimensional time matrix through core vibration sound signatures.

This frequency alignment of ones consciousness with all dimensional frequencies and the alignment of these frequencies with the crystal template of the body prepares the body for passage through the star gates – or the matrix density levels.

The first rule for activating the music of the spheres was the specific layering of tones, harmonies and overtones. The second rule of activating the song of each sphere, or the drumbeat of each sphere, or the frequency of each sphere had to be done through the voice, either mentally or externally – meaning it had to originate in consciousness and then be brought forth through the breath as resting on a crystal sphere of energy in order to project the purity of the angelic frequencies.

The formula for creating the music of the spheres was given to us here at Lunar Visions to create the music for the world to hear as performed through the angelic channelling of frequencies from the angels of each sphere.

We channel frequencies, tones, harmonies and overtones from Elohim, Seraphim, and the inaudible tones of the Gardayans (Guardian Angels).

We also channel oraphim angels, which are dolphins and whales in Aquafaria. We channel powerful angels such as Uriel, the keeper of the God Source Flame, Zadkiel, another keeper of the Violet Sphere of Transformational Energy and overseer of devas, angels and other small creative entities working on creating the New Earth. We channel St. Germain as the overall director of the wisdom involved in the project. Actually, we don’t channel – they just talk to us continuously. Channelling is only necessary for bringing in frequencies from very high sources of Cosmic and Solar energies that are needed to burn through the miasms that were planted in our minds through our pineal gland. The broken cords in the streams of light consciousness (or the fallen angels) planted a seal in our pineal gland that has blocked out the light and made us think backwards for several eons. The light is becoming strong enough to remove those seals now. We must consciously let this light in however, and then know what to do with it.

There are many other schools of thought concerning sound healing and tone healing. The lunar Visions School is developed completely from the original teaching of the Mystery Schools of past millenniums. Most of the teachings that are still on Earth, were completely densified and lost their meaning. The original teachings clearly said the frequencies were to be created in the mind, and then in the voice of each individual.

There was no mention of using words – except as the words came directly from Source. Those words would of course come as frequencies. And the meaning of the words came as a feeling of the level of the frequency. The frequency of consciousness was connected to a desire. And the desire was manifested as a result of the frequency. The co-creative process of manifestation combines the desired creation as the united consciousness with the elementals, the Devas, the little snowflake creators, the atoms, the crystal particles. These little etheric creators do all of the work. They are like Santa’s little helpers. They are like little jeenies that only want to fulfil our every desire.

However, all of these elements of the Divine Consciousness must originate from the perfect alignment with that highest frequency. That alignment comes from the music of the spheres. It comes from aligning all frequencies of the voice and the consciousness with that standing wave pattern which is a magical, brilliant feeling of at-one-ment with all bands of consciousness or spheres within spheres within spheres.

The word poems that channel from the 15th dimensional self of the singer collect the spheres of all angels in her family and bring these tones, overtones and inaudible frequencies down to create heaven on Earth.

This is how we will morph into the universal consciousness in order to bring this magical hologram into our own reality system. The 13,14 and 15th dimensions are the spheres of original divine creation. These spheres contain the frequencies that we bring in through consciousness and plant into our music.

There are many schools that use bells, crystals, tingshas, crystal bowls etc. The vibrational frequencies coming from these instruments do nothing in and of themselves. What they really do is activate the frequency of the person who is using the instrument. So the instrument is doing the same thing as a singer’s voice does. However, the original teachings of the mystery schools said it was the voice and the mind that must be used to create the music of the spheres. It was not an instrument, it was the heart song of the individual.

People actually believe that they are being healed by the crystal or the drum or the instrument, when in fact they are just listening to their own frequencies. The instrument might help activate their own frequencies. However, the consciousness is the only instrument that can truly raise ones frequencies and align the voice to match that frequency. There is no instrument that can do this.

Most people do not realize this because their personal frequency level and perception of that frequency isn’t developed enough to tell the difference between a high frequency and a low frequency.

Crystals may be found that resonate more accurately in alignment with ones personal frequencies. However, that crystal is not going to raise someone’s frequencies. The person’s frequencies raise as their crystal cells awaken. The awakening must be done through consciousness, and consciousness must be aligned with the frequencies of the standing wave patterns of a higher dimension. This is how healing is really accomplished. This is how immortality is accomplished. This is how teleportation, telecommunication and staying 33 forever is accomplished.

This is also true with toning or chanting. These formulas may accidentally work only because the person becomes more aware of the innate purity or healing that is already inside of him or her. It also may work because a person believes it will work and because they are lining up with the frequency mentally. The desire of making these formulas work activates angels and elementals into activating the desire.

The reality is the crystals are inside of the body – not outside. The body is made of crystals that maintain a frequency so glorious that they sing with the music of the spheres on all 15 dimensions. These cells contain all healing power and all knowing power. These crystal cells are the Akashic Libraries that contain all of the knowledge of the Universe.

So, the reality of all tonal healing is to wake up these glorious crystal cells. It is only personal consciousness that can do this.

We are the Crystal Magic Orchestra. We pull in the music of the spheres from 15 dimensions, align these angelic frequencies through the crystal temple, put them into a crystal sphere and breath into them the tone of home to activate the EirA, Manu and ManA manifestation entities to create the hologram of heaven that is desired and then bring it into this reality system.

Continuous practice of this formula using the music of the spheres prepares the crystal temple for teleportation and telecommunication with all 15 dimensions.