Time Line Convergence 2012

Project Camelot Interview with Bill Wood



Transcript of last 30 minutes:

I do have some personal information, that I was personally involved in, that had to do with stargates and looking glass and more, specifically the 2012 problem and those projects.  I guess, popular opinion of what is there out right now was that project was shut-down because there was a problem when we approach 2012. I heard it described in number of ways but to my knowledge, (the) problem is that the timelines
converge at that point in time. And when you know enough about the Stargate project and Looking Glass project to know how things works and how the possibility works, how making one choice down here does not necessarily mean that the other choice could not exist at the same time.

But, once you wrap your brain around the subject, you find out that at the end of 2012, in an easy way to put it, the choices that we make become less and less consequential to the future. And eventually we are pushed in to this bottleneck of time, no matter which choice we make. And that is important to the people who had access to the Looking Glass because they would use the Looking Glass choices that they would make and the future would pop-up. Big mistake was coming up with possibility of the future.
When we started to use the computer, they said, well if we make this choice that is 79% possible that this scenario happens, 23% possible, whatever, that this scenario would happen.

You go down the road further and free will continues to exercise itself in this game, and that 79% possibility sometimes changes very, very fast. But if you look at the situation in a point of time that seems very realistic that it is the greatest possibility.

What happened was people, very smart people, began to figure out that something big was coming-up. Something that made it so the all the possibilities involved in the future scenarios of any choice, any possibility that was fed in and observed thru the looking glass inherently ended up in the same
future.  And no decision, no possibility changed past the certain point.

That is the big secret.

It well coincides with the December 21, 2012. All possible timelines lead to the same basic set of history in the future.

source of transcript:    http://sacredmatrix.com/2012/01/23/timelines-to-converge/