24 Hours in the Life of Earth


Preview Trailer For ‘One Day On Earth,’ 24 Hours Of Life Across The World (VIDEO)

One Day On Earth

First Posted: 7/20/11 04:13 AM ET Updated: 7/20/11 11:16 AM ET

For their new film, ‘One Day on Earth,’ filmmakers recorded 24 hours of footage in every country in the world. The film acts as catalogue for human culture in the current moment–our problems and our triumphs, our inventions and our traditions.

From their website:

One Day on Earth started in September of 2008 with the goal of creating a unique worldwide media event where thousands of participants would simultaneously film over a 24-hour period. The idea for the project was conceived while watching musicians from very different regions of the world collaborate on stage at the opening night of the 2008 World festival of Sacred Music. Their initial attempts to create music together were awkward, and it was clear that they had never collaborated prior to this moment. Eventually though, over the period of a couple minutes, what was disharmony became harmony, and a beautiful fusion of music came together for the first time. The moment inspired a similar vision for another universal form of communication—cinema.


On 10/10/10, people all over the world recorded the events in their lives and uploaded them to Vimeo, and the film will premier shortly before 11/11/11 the, next global filming date. The filmmakers hope to produce a film each year to capture our global experience. Check out the preview for the film below.

to see the video, go to:    http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/07/18/preview-trailer-for-one-d_n_901938.html