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DHS Braces For ‘Potential EMP Attack’ As Presidential Election Nears 

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released a new report warning about a “potential” electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack against the U.S.

DHS’s warning published Thur. (Sept. 2), or about 60 days until the U.S. presidential election on Nov. 3, indicates there are “evolving threats against the American homeland, most recently highlighting efforts to combat an Electromagnetic Pulse attack which could disrupt the electrical grid and potentially damage electronics.”

The department released an EMP status report via the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) that said the “key actions to address known EMP-related vulnerabilities to critical infrastructure.”

CISA said an EMP attack could “disrupt, degrade, and damage technology” embedded in critical infrastructure systems. Widespread blackouts could be seen if an EMP was to damage the nation’s electrical grid, resulting in additional flare-ups of socio-economic turmoil.

“EMP attacks are part of the emerging threats against our nation and demand a response,” said Senior Official Performing the Duties of the Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli.

“That is why DHS is taking these contingencies very seriously, working diligently to mitigate our risks and equipping our state and local partners with the resources they need to do the same. We’ve made significant progress and look forward to work ahead,” Cuccinelli said.

CISA Director Chris Krebs said top priorities of the agency is to mitigate threats associated with EMPs:

“Over the past year, we have worked with interagency and industry partners to identify the footprint and effects of EMP threats across our National Critical Functions, and are developing sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective approaches to improving the Nation’s resilience to EMPs,” Krebs said.

To combat these emerging threats, President Trump signed an executive order in March 2019, delegating power to the White House for EMP preparedness.

We recently quoted Peter Vincent Pry, ex-chief of staff of the Congressional EMP Commission, who wrote an op-ed that said the virus pandemic from China has “exposed dangerous weaknesses in U.S. planning and preparation for civil defense protection and recovery, and those weaknesses surely have been noticed by our potential enemies: China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, and international terrorists.”

Pry warned that “China has been planning to defeat the U.S. with an EMP and cyber “Pearl Harbor” attack for a quarter-century.”

DHS nor CISA gave any more information on ‘evolving EMP threats’ on the American homeland. There was not mention of whether the threat could be from a solar storm or EMP weapons. However, the EMP status report did mention DHS is currently running EMP pilot tests to assess EMP vulnerability on infrastructure:

“Finally, DHS is partnering with other federal departments and agencies, state, local, tribal, and territorial entities and the private sector to field test a more resilient critical infrastructure. There are a number of field demonstration (or pilot) projects planned and underway by both DHS and DOE to assess EMP vulnerability and then deploy, evaluate, and validate EMP mitigation and protection technologies.

“One such pilot is the San Antonio Electromagnetic Defense Initiative, designed to show how an entire region can become resilient against an EMP. These pilots are multisector, multifunction efforts, seeking to ensure key capabilities continue to function in a post EMP environment and that by maintaining those key functions we can expedite a full recovery. Working with federal interagency partners, DHS will play a major role in ensuring communications systems remain operational and, by ensuring key systems which are protected against EMP, are also protected against other threats such as cyber-attacks.” – EMP status report

One EMP-expert and friend-of-the-site summed up the report perfectly:

“We recognize the threat and we’re working on it and you don’t need to know any more than that, thank you for asking…”

The warning comes just two months before the U.S. presidential election…

from:    https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/dhs-braces-potential-emp-attack-presidential-election-nears?utm_campaign=&utm_content=ZeroHedge%3A+The+Durden+Dispatch&utm_medium=email&utm_source=zh_newsletter

Weapons of Mass Destruction – Then and Now



June 3, 2020 By Joseph P. Farrell

Regular readers of this site and of many of my books know that archaeology is a subject that intrigues me, and in particular, the whole mystery of the Baghdad Museum Looting, so when M.W. and J.N. sent along this story, readers will understand (perhaps) my reasons for vaulting it over other stories that, numerically at least, filled my inbox and which should have become one of this week’s finalists. But beyond the intrinsic personal interest, there was a comment in this article that really set my high octane speculation gears into a spin of frenzied hypothesizing, and perhaps even “artificact hypothecation.” We’ll get back to that in a moment after a bit of review of what my suspicions have always been regarding the Baghdad Museum Looting.

You may or may not recall the story, but in case you don’t, here it is: shortly after the “allied” invasion of Iraq, version 2.o, a story was first broken by Der Spiegel in Germany that the Baghdad Musuem had been looted, and hundreds of art and other items had been stolen from its vaults. As the story continued to grow, it was soon asserted that people wearing American uniforms were seen entering and leaving the Museum, carrying out boxes of… well, who knows what? Part of the narrative quickly became that the thieves “knew what they were looking for” and “exactly where in the museum to look.” In short, it was an inside job of some sort. The question is, whose inside job was it? Was it Iraqi museum employees, or Iraqi members of the French and German archaeological teams that Saddam Hussein had in the country digging it up? If so, were they trying to make a quick dinar by selling antiquities on the lucrative antiquities black market? Or conversely, were they really Americans, looking for something else? Or were they French or German intelligence agents – Germany’s BND had something of a presence in Iraq at the time – looking to recover the fruits of their archaeological teams’ labors? The part about it being an inside job and the thieves’ knowing exactly what they wanted and where to look for it, suggests that whoever did it had access to the field inventories and catalogues of whatever it was those archaeological teams dug up for Saddam, and that would seem to imply a potential French and/or German connection and operation. After all, anyone – and especially intelligence agencies – can wear American uniforms.

Then the story became – to my mind at least – stranger still, for the USA appointed US Marine Colonel Bogdonovich to oversea the recovery of the stolen items. This he did, and with no little success. The problem was, and remains for me, that what was recovered were the art works… the thousands of cuneiform tablets that were taken more or less dropped off the radar of the story and indeed were never, from the outset, a major part of it, almost as if whoever had planned the theft had stolen the art works as a diversion, so that they could be “recovered” and “returned,” while the cuneiform tablets quietly disappeared, and were, perhaps, quietly photographed and covertly translated. With the recovery of the art works and their return to Iraq, the story was over, and the cuneiform tablets were conveniently ignored.

With that context in mind, there is this story:


Now, it is to be stressed that at least as far as this article is concerned, the “Gilgamesh Dream Tablet” was not part of the stolen tablets from the Baghdad Museum Looting, nor a part of any cuneiform tablets as may have been stolen from it. Indeed, we have never seen any inventory of what was on those tablets, because, again, they were likely part of the field catalogues of the archaeological teams, and the Museum itself seems not to have entered many them into its own inventories. We simply don’t know. One thing the article does make clear, however, is that the provenance documents for this tablet were forged, and hence Hobby Lobby, thinking it was buying something legally, bought what turns out was indeed stolen. But stolen when? We don’t know, because the documents were forged, thus making it entirely possible that this precious artifact from Iraq’s ancient history may indeed have been a part of the looted Baghdad Museum treasure. Indeed, that’s the problem with this whole story; there are more questions than answers, and precious few people anywhere – even in the alternative research field – appear to be willing to raise those questions.  And if this tablet was part of the swag from the Baghdad Museum Looting, then that implies that at least some of those tablets were about more than just checks, bills, inventory reports and so on. It means that at least some of those tablets were texts, and very important ones at that.

So what, if anything, were the thieves looking for, really? Well, again, to recall my previous high octane speculations on the subject, when the G.W. Bush administration announced it was heading into Iraq to prevent Saddam Hussein from acquiring weapons of mass destruction and look for evidence he was trying to do so, my thought then, and my thought still, is that they were telling a partial truth, but one which concealed their real agenda, for they were not, in my estimation, looking for modern weapons of mass destruction – atomic, biological, and chemical (and we knew Hussein had the last capability because we, the USA, gave it to him) – they were looking for the ancient weapons of mass destruction, the Tablets of Destinies, or at least, for information about them, which information would, of course, be on cuneiform tablets. In putting out this narrative, the Schrubb misadministration could count on the American and Western propatainment media to not entertain any other interpretation of that ‘weapons of mass destruction’ narrative than the modern one.

All of which brings me to this statement in the article, and to some high octane musings on its implications:

Meanwhile, a spokeswoman for (Hobby Lobby’s Bible) museum claimed it supported the Department of Homeland Security’s efforts at returning the tablet to Iraq.

Wait a minute! Say that again… Homeland Security?

Homeland Security is in charge of rooting out and finding stolen antiquities – including cuneiform tablets – from Iraq and returning them?!? Why Homeland Security? What could a bunch of clay tablets have to do with the domestic national security of the United States? One would think this this type of theft would be more in the jurisdiction of an agency like the FBI, or even the US Marshal’s Service. But Homeland Security? The new intelligence agency the Schrubb Misadministration gave to the country in the wake of 9/11 on the hacked up excuse that we could never suffer an intelligence failure or the lack of inter-intelligence-agency communication again? That Homeland Security?

By now, you probably know what I’m thinking, namely, that it’s the perfect agency to involve if you want to vet what is, and is not, to be returned to Iraq. Tablets about heroes of Babylonian epics… yea, go ahead and return those. But anything involving national security, say, oh, things like more information on those ancient “weapons of the Gods,” or where, for example, they might be found. Well, that’s an entirely different matter. Best to not even acknowledge their existence, and let our own translators translate them, and keep those translations all highly classified.

See you on the flip side…

from:    https://gizadeathstar.com/2020/06/gilgamesh-cuneiform-tablet-to-be-returned-to-iraq/

15 Years Old & Setting the Rules


The world has been turned upside down with draconian government orders to “flatten the curve” with what is called Social Distancing. Schools have been closed for months, businesses have been involuntarily shut down and travel restrictions have idled 90 percent of the airlines. The net result is over 36 million American’s are unemployed and the number is rising.

Now we learn the whole social distancing lockdown that has paralyzed the nation comes from a very surprising source. A May 2nd article in the Albuquerque Journal reveals social distancing hysteria is NOT based on scientific evidence or clinical medical trials for that matter.  (Emphasis added)

How would you feel if you learned your normal way of life had been completely upended based on a computer model created by a 15 year old Albuquerque New Mexico High School student named Laura Glass?

Glass, along with her Dad Robert (a government scientist then working at Sandia National

Laboratories) cooked up a home brew computer model for a science and engineering fair in May, 2006. Robert Glass had been working on computer models for the National Infrastructure Simulation and Analysis Center at Sandia and often worked from home.

Part of his work entailed computer models showing how people come into contact with each other during everyday life. Laura Glass used that data to project how high school students could possibly transmit infectious diseases. Her “model” suggested high school students could easily infect huge swaths of a population so putting a stop to those contacts would hypothetically “save lives.”

Miss Glass appeared to have no understanding of the benefits of herd immunity. She didn’t seem to know that most healthy people with strong immune systems naturally fight off viruses and build up antibodies against future infections. According to a variety of medical experts herd immunity should be the primary tool to fight off viral infections and only the sick and elderly should be quarantined. But I digress . . .

A call from Homeland Security

Her efforts earned her third place in the Medicine and Health category of the science fair.

That would probably have been the end of it but for Robert Glass’s government connections. While High School sophomore Laura Glass was creating her contagion computer model the George Bush administration was feverishly working on bio-terrorism countermeasures.

Somehow news of Laura Glass’s high school science project wound up in the hands of US Department of Homeland Security. You know those skilled airport security professionals highly trained in the art of patting down wheelchair bound grandmas and creepily fondling their victims’ genitals.

Glass received a call from Homeland Security requesting a brief for Secretary Michael Chertoff. The Bush White House was holding a cabinet level counter bio-terrorism briefing and no idea was too loony to consider. Glass’ briefing suggested that whole segments of society should be shut down based on his daughter’s computer model.

The idea of locking down huge swaths of the nation in the event of a virus outbreak met with considerable push back. But ultimately the Centers for Disease Control made social distancing official policy in February 2007. They call it Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions (NPI) and this is the first time it’s been implemented but will definitely not be the last.

So shutting down the entire nation based on flawed computer models is now official government policy. Robert Glass is now retired and enjoying a generous government pension. He was interviewed for the article by phone while relaxing in his second home in northern Idaho.

Mr. Glass waxed philosophical about the carnage wrought by his and his daughter’s lock down computer model. “Anything new is difficult,” he said. “You have to train people to do this well, without freaking out and calling each other names. . .”

That’s easy to say when you’re pulling down a fat government pension every month. Enjoy a comprehensive health care package, all paid for by the little people freaking out and calling each other names as they struggle to feed their families. Odds are this lockdown is just the beginning of many more power grabs by our increasingly totalitarian overlords – IF we let them.

Contact tracing which is nothing more than constant real time monitoring of citizens every move by government stooges is being implemented right now. Untested, unproven, possibly deadly vaccines are being “warp-speeded” into production. President Trump has assured the nation that he will authorize the military to distribute the vaccine across the land quickly once it becomes available.

Constitutional Lawyer and Jeffrey Epstein guest (who assures us he kept his underwear on during massages on Lolita Island,) Alan Dershowitz, says that the state has full authority to vaccinate any person it deems necessary. This comes from a video interview by Jason Goodman released May 16th on Youtube.

Our inalienable rights of freedom and liberty are under assault by a totalitarian state like never before. The words of Thomas Jefferson come to mind.

When Government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.

Mr. Jefferson also said:

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.

The political class has a choice to make. Either honor the oath they all took to uphold the Constitutional rights of the people or face the consequences. I pray they make the right choice for all our sakes.

*  *  *


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