Take Another Look at Covid

PANDEMIC EPIC FAIL: Wrong Illness, Wrong Prevention, Wrong Response, Wrong Treatment

What are we not being told about the true nature of the Covid-19 coronavirus?

Jay Nielsen interviewed by Dunagun Kaiser on Reluctant Preppers

What we’re not being told about the true nature of the COVID-19 coronavirus, how it actually affects our bodies’ functions, and most importantly, how to use time-tested and proven nutritional and other therapies to dramatically reduce the seriousness of, and effectively treat this (and many other major virus illnesses,) without submitting to blanket immunizations or drastic loss of liberty.

Former FDA researcher and independent family practice doctor, Jay Nielsen MD, returns to Liberty and Finance / Healing Yourself to cut through the nonsense and share his views grounded in proven science, practical experience, and common-sense.

Interview: Dr. SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD Crushes Dr. Fauci

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