Who Is Manipulating Your Mind?

Addressing Mind Control in the Covid Era

Discover how mind control techniques have been used on society and how this contributed to people falling prey to the Covid narrative with Max Lowen, David Charalambous, and Jason Christoff.

Please be aware that this recording may stimulate uncomfortable emotions and/or memories and is not recommended for children under the age of 16.

Part 2: Addressing Mind Control in the Covid Era

On Tuesday 24 April 2024, World Council for Health (WCH) Steering Committee Members Dr Tess Lawrie and Dr Mark Trozzi hosted a special feature on trauma-based mind control and Organized Ritual Abuse (ORA). Part 1 of this two-part article covered disturbing stories from survivors of MK Ultra mind control and Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA).

In Part 2, we discover how mind control techniques have been used on society as a whole for many years, and how this contributed to people falling prey to the Covid narrative. Panel members – Max Lowen1, a survivor of satanic ritual abuse, torture, and trafficking; David Charalambous2, a behavior and communications expert; and mind control researcher Jason Christoff3 – share insights into how we can strengthen our minds and our resolve so that we are no longer vulnerable to these insidious techniques.

Commenting on the stories shared by fellow survivors, Max Lowen calls on humanity to recognize how powerful we really are. Those who perpetrate these hideous forms of abuse have severed their connection to the light and prey on our energy to create hell on earth. But Max believes “we have the option to create something completely better and different.”

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Controlling the mind of society

According to Jason Christoff, just as the MK Ultra program has used drugs and trauma to control the minds of victims of Organised Ritual Abuse (ORA), the same mechanisms are being used to control society as a whole. We are witnessing the widespread legalization and sale of psychoactive drugs, as well as the traumatizing effects of modern entertainment, such as violent movies on Netflix. Both of these increase our susceptibility to mind control. The TV is known to be a hypnotic military device, through which messages can be laid down in our subconscious. And even coffee shops play a role, with caffeine having a profound effect on the area of the brain responsible for creating memories! Mind control methods such as these contributed to many people uncritically falling prey to the Covid narrative.

David Charalambous calls this state ‘manufactured apathy’. People think they cannot challenge the authorities, but this is not our true nature; it is a conditioned response that makes us easier to control. From infancy we are subjected to traumatic images, beginning with ‘Bambi’. Movies, music videos, and ceremonies (such as opening ceremonies of the Olympics and the Gothard Tunnel) normalize horrific acts, poisoning the mind, and causing people to detach from their feelings and become numb. And when something is portrayed as the norm, people simply accept it.

The destruction of attachment

Mind control starts early in our society. From the moment of birth, the attachment between mother and baby that used to be normal is deliberately broken. Babies born in hospitals are removed from their mothers and isolated in bassinets in a nursery, deprived of the bonding that creates a sense of safety. Increasing economic scarcity, and the need for both parents to join the workforce, have resulted in children being put in the care of the State at earlier ages. In some countries, Child Protection Services are empowered to remove children from their parents and some are even involved in child trafficking operations.

Schools are designed to resemble prisons. Children are trained to submit to authority and rewarded for regurgitating information rather thinking critically. It is hardly surprising that such a system generates apathy.

Societal violence and wars add to the experience of trauma, fragmenting the psyche and leading to dissociation. Living in a state of fear causes the prefrontal cortex of the brain to shut down, undermining rational thought and enabling the programming of the mind. Fear, ignorance, and compliance make for a population that is easily manipulated.

The Covid response as a satanic ritual

We all know that we are stronger together. So, it is much more effective to conduct psychological warfare on the public if people are isolated. This was the role of lockdowns – to isolate us, devastate us economically, and render us powerless. In this state we were more susceptible to being traumatized by TV-mediated messages hypnotically repeating fear-based propaganda, death counts, and hyperbolic (often staged or fake) imagery.

As in a satanic ritual, the power differential was exaggerated during Covid, with all-powerful decision-makers controlling powerless victims; and masks (which served no medical purpose) obscuring people’s identities and deepening the sense of isolation.

Satanic rituals are death rituals. The Covid event, the ensuing countermeasures, and the bizarre societal changes that have unfolded since, have all been death focused. The daily covid death tallies; the fake photos of mass graves; the midazolam murders in ‘care’ homes; the increased rates of death from the shots; the incentives to accept medically assisted suicide; and even the delayed deaths due to transgender confusion causing children to destroy their reproductive capacity – all these aberrations are about death, and they are all being normalized.

The pursuit of justice

You have my vow personally to … hunt these perpetrators down, and to keep pursuing justice for everybody involved. – Jason Christoff

Dr Mark Trozzi observed that, for people who live according to the ‘golden rule’ of treating others as they would like to be treated, it is hard to imagine the levels of depravity experienced by the survivors of ORA. The ‘global parasites’ who have infiltrated our governments and institutions have exited the human contract and their relationship with God. They have become energy vampires, parasitizing children.

But we do not have to continue accepting the subversion of our civilization by this satanic cult. The darkness has become so overwhelming that we must now face and address this wickedness. The challenge is to find ways to bring the perpetrators to justice in lawful and spiritually enlightened ways. To this end, WCH Steering Committee Member, Shabnam Palesa-Mohamed, encouraged viewers to consult the WCH policy brief on human trafficking titled Ending Modern-Day Slavery, and to become critically aware of legal efforts to tackle the ritual abuse of children in various jurisdictions.

The time to act is now!

“What can I do?” asked seven billion people. The answer came: “Pretty much anything. All the major changes in the world are made by individuals.”

The last four years have undermined our long-held view of the world, and this has been a very uncomfortable experience. Arriving at this crossroads we have two choices: We can stick with the trauma and continue to suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or, as we seek out the support of other people, we can experience Post-Traumatic Growth (PTG). So let us reach out to one another, build supportive communities, and start healing. And then let us take action to make the world a better place!

The panel shared their thoughts on how we can do just that:

  • Never give in to the ancient strategy of ‘divide and conquer’. Our only enemy is the global cult. Let us unite as humanity, and not allow constructs like race, gender, or religion divide us. When we come together, we are unstoppable and together we can create a completely new reality.
  • Recognize that we have been programmed for decades to prepare us to accept the current policies. Narratives are controlled and slurs were prepared in advance (e.g. right-wing conspiracy theorist) to stop people asking questions and shut down debate.
  • David Charalambous shared how to communicate more effectively under these unnatural conditions. To get through to someone, avoid arguing but instead try to really connect with them. Remember that people come to their conclusions based on the information they have been exposed to. However, as many of us have found, we are very unlikely to get through to someone by giving them lots of facts. It is more effective to expose people to an experience that resonates at a deeper level in the mind. Experiences that jar with people’s previous assumptions – such as listening to the survivors’ testimonies – have the power to change minds.
  • Jason Christoff explained that one of the reasons why it is difficult to talk about the issue of trauma-based mind control and ORA is that our society is in a ‘comfort coma’ and is desperate to avoid pain. “Pain is a goblin that needs to be avoided at all costs,” he says, but refusing to face the pain of ritual abuse will not solve the problem. Instead, facing pain develops courage and the will to become a better human being.

    May Jason’s words inspire us all to step into our courage:

If we want to address it, we’ll have to walk right into it and look this devilish content in the eye and put on the armor of God and protect these children. … I never back away from the dragon’s fire. I will stand in the middle of that fire no matter how painful. I will not sedate to it. I will not tranquilise to it. Even though this group is well-organised and well-funded, they are controlled by evil, and evil is too low IQ to ever win a battle this big!

  • The perpetrators of these atrocities operate by intimidating others. But they fear independent, strong, healthy, empowered adults. A healthy body equals a healthy mind – and a healthy mind can resist mind control. So, if we want to take our power back and face down this group, we must be the strongest versions of ourselves. Jason Christoff recommends first attending to our physical health: reject sources of poison and address the addictions that contribute to mind control – alcohol, coffee, junk food, and the poisoning of the mind through TV and Netflix. Once we are physically strong, we can focus on building mental, intellectual, spiritual, financial, and emotional strength.

Dr Mark Trozzi reminded us that it is our responsibility as adults to protect children and young people and to expose them to the best of their cultural heritage – to that which is godly, righteous, conscious, and useful. Let us share stories that reinforce the golden rule and encourage young people respect wisdom and speak with kindness. Let us also empower young people to recognize mind control techniques, particularly in the music industry, so that they can step away from these influences and avoid being manipulated and controlled.

In Conclusion

Referring to the I Ching, Dr Tess Lawrie concluded:

The family has been under attack and a lot of healing needs to take place. A healthy family is incredibly powerful. When the house is set in order, the world is established on a firm course. We need to heal the human family so that our house can be set in order and a better world can be established. 

Thank you for bringing your brave hearts to this meeting. 

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