Chips in Your Head

This is what Elon Musk believes

As he implants chips in brains

Musk thinks this technology will eventually allow full data-streaming to the brain.

Meaning: loads and tons and mega-tons of information will enter brains. Sent from the outside. From outside people who decide what to insert. In brains.

There is only one response to Musk’s claim. When he’s ready to deploy full data-streaming, HE’S the first volunteer.

Because I have news. Not only is this program a crime, not only is it a medical assault…

It doesn’t work.

Musk and other high IQ idiots fail to understand a simple thing. The brain is not the mind.

The brain isn’t consciousness.

The INDIVIDUAL isn’t the brain.

Sending 500 tons of data into brain cells doesn’t make that info usable.

It will, however, cause massive confusion, chaos, and psychosis.

Musk will find that out when he’s the first volunteer.

Musk is one of those high-IQ people who were educated during the first flush of the Age of Information—and bought into the myths. They believe, wrongly, there is something intrinsically alive about data. They like that idea because they have a facility with data.

Whereas, actually, data are dead.

You could put a trillion pieces about flying planes into the brain of an inventory manager at a warehouse, and then sit him in the cockpit of a Cessna, and if he could somehow get the plane off the ground, he’d crash it. Right away.

He’d have all the data, but he wouldn’t KNOW anything. He wouldn’t have piloting skills.

A shop steward at an auto plant wouldn’t suddenly start playing Bach harpsicord fugues.

A doctor wouldn’t throw a no-hitter at Yankee Stadium.

Chances are good that, after the “full data-streaming,” they’d all be on Thorazine. Permanently.

And we’re not even getting into the mind control1 aspect of all this insertion insanity: