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Bitcoin: The Technology That Could Phase Out the Fiat Central Banking System and Free Humanity From Debt Slavery

| January 8, 2014


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Every decade or so, a group of like-minded people will invent something so revolutionary that it will change our life and how the world operates. The last time something that incredible happened was during the invention of the internet. Fast forward to 2014 and we are living in a time when incredible changes are occurring so fast that they are happening right in front of our eyes. Whether we are aware of these great changes or not, they will alter how we view our financial, religious, educational and political systems. One of them is known as the Bitcoin Revolution

In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto published a research paper on cryptography that sparked the movement of Bitcoin. He stated that he found a way to create a decentralized network that can achieve consensus or agreement without the use of central authority systems, such as a central bank. Before he published his work, no one has been able to solve the byzantine generals problem, which was the obstacle that was preventing a decentralized network to achieve consensus.

I first heard of Bitcoin in early 2013, but I decided not to investigate it and brush it aside. Big mistake! Why? Because Bitcoin is one of the signs that I have been waiting for many years. Bitcoin isn’t just a digital currency. More importantly, it’s a cryptography technology that has amazing potential. If used correctly, it could phase out the central fiat banking system and free us from debt slavery! Bitcoin can do this because it’s an open source technology that isn’t controlled by anyone, just like the internet. However, certain greedy and controlling wealthy elites will try to control it, but the chance of them succeeding is slim.

Who controls the current central banking system?

The people who control most of the central banking systems of the world are part of a secret organization known as the New World Order (NWO). This organization is made of many different groups of secret societies. Fortunately, not everyone who is a part of the NWO supports its dark agendas. The controlling groups of the NWO need a highly controlled system to survive, which is why they love the fiat central banking system. This banking system is the main entity that allows them to steal our wealth through inflation and enslave us through debt. It also gives them the power to bribe politicians into supporting their phony wars and dark agendas.

Since the current centralized financial and political systems are heavily controlled by controlling factions of secret societies, if we want to achieve success or accomplish our goals, we have to overcome many of the obstacles set in place by them. For example, to make it big in the entertainment industry in the current state of our society, you need to sign a contract with major media companies. The problem is that they are mostly owned by secret societies; therefore, if you want to succeed, you will have to become their puppet. This is why most famous celebrities are tools of the NWO. If you want strong evidence of this, read this empowering article.

The dark forces or NWO can’t thrive in a society that uses peer to peer cryptography technologies in a responsible way. As more of these systems emerge, the dark forces will lose more of their controlling power, because these systems don’t rely on a centralized system to operate. These decentralized system will also motivate us to become more responsible. As we become more responsible, the NWO will have a harder time controlling us. It’s hard to control a responsible society that doesn’t rely heavily on controlling systems, such as a centralized government that answers to corporations and banking elites. Once the controlling systems of the NWO phase out, it will become a lot easier for us to achieve success and accomplish our goals.

The cons of Bitcoin

The cryptography technology that Bitcoin is based on is so revolutionary that if used correctly, it could help establish world peace and stop poverty. However, in the wrong hands, it could do the opposite. Fortunately, it’s hard to control a technology that is powered by the people, which is why the dark forces will have a hard time winning this battle.

Like the internet, some people will use Bitcoin for negative purposes, but it’s only a small percentage so they shouldn’t be able to disrupt the Bitcoin Revolution. A lot of people who hack computers to steal personal information are employed by certain controlling factions of governments; therefore, without large centralized entities to support them, a lot of these people won’t have the funds to support them to continue their work. In addition, cryptography technology is nearly impossible to decode.

Cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin still has a lot of evolving to do, just like how the internet had to go through a lot of tweaking before it became reliable and useful. Even though it is still in its early stage, cryptocurrency is already more secure and has more potential than credit cards or any other digital currency. Remember, Bitcoin is a technology that utilizes the awesome power of cryptography to create pretty much any digital system, including but not limited to digital currency and stock programs.

As Bitcoin evolves, it will become harder and harder for corporations and centralized governments to control it, just like the internet. If we, the people, can unite and support cryptocurrency, we can help create a world where we can compete with big corporations and the elites, because it levels the playing field by shifting financial power back to the people.

Benefits of Bitcoin

  • No third party
  • Decentralized (no bank and government control)
  • Super secure (more secure than credit cards)
  • Central banks can’t manipulate or destroy its value through printing fiat money
  • Very little fees

For more information on Bitcoin, visit Bitcoin.org.

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