Weekly Chromoscope

September 22-28:

The theme this week is expect a change.  Things are moving fast and furiously now, and all the old stuff that you thought was so predictable is no longer so.  Foundations are shifting and things are changing.  You will see a lot of it this week.  Fasten your seatbelt, and enjoy the ride.

Overall Color for the Week:    Rose Indigo

It can be hard to face a lot of things this week, but the energies are going to make you do just that.  You may be ready.  You may not be ready.  Either way it does not matter.  Things are going to be the way they are.  They are all part of the trajectory that moves ever closer to the climax of the year.  This is a week for getting ready for that.  You will need to become aware of that, to know that preparation will make everything so much easier when things comes to pass.  But the choice is always yours.  To believe that the old will always be or to choose unending novelty, to take each moment as it comes, and to rejoice in the newness that it brings.  This is your week for looking at things all over again and choosing what is important, what can be jettisoned, what you really, really are here to do, what you have taken on because of others and their cajoling and what is your truth.  Hey, no right, no wrong.  Choices.  But there are always choices.  It is a good week for taking the longer view, having the wider perspective, and using that for your compass.  Oh, and intuition, intuition, intuition.  Listen to that inner voice.   You can be very much aware of your body this week as it starts responding to foods, environments, people in new ways.  This is not a time for panic, but it is an opportunity to work with your physicality to discover the changes it is going through and the stresses it is dealing with.  Honor your body this week and heed its directives.  You will feel better.


On the larger scale, there are some major shake-ups that can happen this week.  The whereabouts will be unexpected, and the results can be either devastating or fulfilling for the areas in which they occur.  We are not speaking here of only the political issues, but also the financial, climatic, and media-touted. You might just find yourself rethinking a lot of the things that you have taken for granted.  There is a new kind of currency on the horizon, and it will be goods based.  This is a week for looking at your personal worth and how your skills translate into marketable items.  There will be some rather large figures out there who are going to try to convince the people in general that things are fine and under control and just to trust them.  Basically, they do not understand what is happening and are trying to ,move away from their own fears.  Interestingly, their egos have kept them from even considering that there might arise some kind of popular outcry on all levels and in all areas which could question, much less threaten, the plans that they have had set up for so long.  There is something stirring in the area of the Balkans that can bring some interesting things to light.  Some of it is related to ancient, ancient times and the original races of Gaia, and some of it is related tot trouble that is being fomented there due to interests that wish to remain hidden.  It should be interesting as time goes on.  It is a good time not to listen to what is being said in the mass media.  Anything that is sponsored, remember this, has an agenda.  Anything that comes forth from the heart is connected to the larger intelligence, and it is there that you can find your truth.  Things are spinning this week as the pattern emerges more and more.  You can see it if you take your focus off what is nearby and allow your perspective to widen.  Weather, there seems always to be a great deal of interest here.  Well, if nothing else, the weather can be capricious this week.  You will see it in many areas throughout the world.  In the high mountains of the Himalayas waters will wash to the surface some artifacts that have been hidden for millennia, but there time is now come to be seen, acknowledged, and utilized.  The Adepts will know the function.  These kinds of thing will be brought forward outside the mass media.