Some Thoughts from William Henry

Never let a good virus crisis go to waste.

The dramatic, discouraging and dehumanizing, cessation of person to person, face to face, contact we are now experiencing, and the — zoomy, zoomy — simultaneous opening of the portal to the virtual world, should come as a surprise to no one. Well, to no one who has attended any of my A.I. or Transhumanism lectures in the past few years or who watched my riotous presentation on Gaia (which you can watch for free here).

This dehumanization was planned. So was the opening of the portal.

The gods behind Silicon Valley (the generic term for the shills of A.I. and Transhumanism) have long been moving the herd in this direction. It just took two months of house arrest and in your face totalitarianism for the rest of us to catch up with them and to realize these people don’t think much of us as at all. In fact, most of us are “unessential.”

For decades now we have been brainwashed by materialist-minded scientists and A.I. cultists that we, and our biological bodies, are ‘just’ information and data.

That’s right.

Forget about that mushy human you think you are. All those life-transforming concepts like “I’m not soul having a human experience” are nonsense to the gods behind Silicon Valley.

Here is the Great Awakening they wish for you to have.

You, darling one, are just data. From your DNA to your Facebook page you are one data generating machine that they can make/take money from.

Now, they have discovered that a virtual you, called an avatar, can generate just as much data (and cash) as the ‘real’ you.  They seek to coax you in to creating a cartoon ‘avatar’ that will be ‘you’ in the online world, only better. Once you get comfortable with the idea of identifying with your ‘data self’ you won’t mind so much what happens to your old and ragged biological self. The reason is because, long after you drop your mortal coil, your avatar will live forever in the virtual universe…or so long as it is still plugged in anyway.

Wait a minute. This sounds nuts. I thought an avatar was a spiritual term for a divine being who incarnates on Earth?

It is. I will get to this on the sunny side of this article. Silicon Valley has co-opted this spiritual term.

Now, they can’t just come right out and tell you that their long term plan is to coax you out of your physical body into their black boxes to permanently exist in the simulated reality they wish to superimpose over this one. But, this is what they want.

“By the 2030s, virtual reality will be totally realistic and compelling and we will spend most of our time in virtual environments … We will all become virtual humans.”


Ever since atheist, futurist and Google’s big brain, Dr. Ray Kurzweil, said this in 2003, these data vampires have been aiming for us to drop this physical piece of you know what, develop our cartoon ‘avatar’ or a digital self, and go live in a virtual or simulated reality in a black box.

Millions of people are on their way to sinking into this black box.

The next step is the deepest.


Facebook, led by Marck Zuckerberg, who may have a little more than an obsession with Augustus Casear (which explains a lot about his hair cut and the behavior of the human surveillance company he founded), has been dying to shove us off into its virtual world.

As you watch the clips below, keep in mind the present VR world is primitive compared to where we are going (which I will show you momentarily). It is where Hollywood was in the 1920s compared to where we are today.

Whole new impossible worlds await!

Here is  2017 promo clip for Facebook Spaces. Notice how the main character transforms into a ‘light being’ after he puts on his VR goggles and does a primitive upload. Facebook scrapped this in 2017.

Facebook wants us to spend time with friends and family like you’re really together. How about… perhaps… actually spending time with them?

In 2019 Facebook trashed Spaces and brought us Horizons. Its still creepy, but the graphics getting better. And, you still don’t have to worry about legs or sex organs in this digital utopia.

What we are witnessing is the The Matrix manifesting before our eyes.

What is happening with VR will transform every aspect of our society, and every aspect of your life. It is the basis for the ‘new, puking, normal’.

Like all tools it can be used to bring light or dark. I see a lot more dark than light. Sure, it would be amazing to converse with loved ones long after they have slipped into the afterlife.

To make it work for the living all we have to do is get past how it can greatly amplify escapism, depression, porn addiction, gaming addiction and begin to see it as the light at the end of the tunnel to salvation from our ‘miserable’ human existence.


Until February 2020, I still thought we had a few years before the portal to VR opened. The reason is because no one was buying the VR crap. The whole goggles thing? The brain ache isn’t worth it. So, forget it, said the mall rats checking it out at the Microsoft store.

The mainstream was not having it. VR and its sisters, Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) have been five years away since Al Gore invented the internet. It looked to remain this way.

Still, 2019 was a really big year for VR. The industry was growing. The money was flowing. The portal was sucking in cash.

All the VR gods needed was some Really Big Event to shove open the portal wide and shove everyone in.

In America, the key moneychangers are Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and Google.The usual suspects. The customer is the same, too.

In November 2018 Microsoft won a two-year contract worth $480m with the US government to bring AR headsets to US soldiers, using HoloLens for training and on the battlefield with the addition of thermal imaging. Early versions allow troops to see other soldiers or satellite maps of terrain inside the headset. This contract could result in the US Army buying around 100,000 mixed-reality headsets from Microsoft — potentially making the US Army the biggest users of headsets, and the biggest producers of VR-induced headaches, over time.

“Soldier lethality will be vastly improved through cognitive training and advanced sensors, enabling squads to be first to detect, decide, and engage. Accelerated development of these capabilities is necessary to recover and maintain overmatch,” the US Army said in a tender document. A number of Microsoft employees grew a conscious and protested the company’s involvement in building better killing machines.

Tony Stark must be hearing footsteps at this moment.



So, here was the dilemma. The military is one thing, but we consumers don’t like being tricked into thinking the fake virtual world is our salvation when it is a pain in the neck to operate (with heavy, clunky backpacks), the resolution is crappy and it makes us dizzy.

Plus, going through the mouth of the AR/VR dragon or portal is fun the first time, but there’s not enough to do once in side the Beast as their is little content.

One reason is these apps require a ton of data. Without 5G it is not practical to offer it. This is why Hollywood and Silicon Valley need 5G everywhere, in everyone, as soon as possible. 5G is  simultaneously the lifeblood not just of the new, Transhuman, but also of the VR prison, sorry, portal.

How can the VR developers make the trillions of dollars they hope to make if no one wants what they are peddling?

How can we stop people from flying in our planes, asked ANA Airlines, and buy their “Newme”  telespresence technology instead, without 5G and everyone demanding VR?

How can we stop people from going to concerts and conferences and watch them virtually instead?



March 2020.

The global Covid 19 virus house arrest begins and the Coronavirus Industry is launched.

Overnight, trillions of dollars are at stake for those who can ‘save’ the humans with vaccines and VR technology.

Overnight, everything goes virtual: conferences, concerts, family gatherings. Everything.

Face to face contact is harmful or so we are told over and over again by the media brainwashers. Humans are dangerous to one another. Yada. Yada. Yada.

Now, people are accepting it as a foregone future. We may never be closer than six feet from one another again.

They are clamoring to make ‘contact’ through the screen.

Big pharma, VR and AI cultists who are cashing in on human suffering are loving it.

Dehumanization complete.

More is to come.


We have one foot and half our body in VR land or whatever it is going to be called.

Oh, that’s right. It’s the new, puking, normal.

Just as in a Hollywood story, the whole thing seems scripted, because it was. Just who the writer and director is we do not know…yet. We have a pretty good idea.

Enter mad scientist software engineer and leader of one of the biggest VR developers, who also happens to dream of gouging needles in people’s arms filled with Satan knows what kind of vaccine and nanoparticles and you have a perfect sinister character.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not opposed to VR. I can envision a couple of killer apps myself. Facebook’s Portal can keep families together, even under pressure.

What is troubling is the way in which he have been dragged into VR insanity and the way in which its promoters are dehumanizing users.

What is our response?


We only have one response. We have to become a real life, biological avatar. Or, call in Avatars who can help us attain the higher consciousness of the actual, spiritual avatars, not the fake Silicon Valley ones.

As I have previously discussed, just as the gods behind Silicon Valley intend to prove that we live in a simulated reality (and that you don’t have an existence outside of this reality), we must counter with proof that the spiritual world is real and that we do have an actual existence outside of this matrix.

When the world is in the grip of pain, misery, suffering and chaos, an Avatar manifests who will push the world in a spiritual direction.

Yogananda said that an avatar “is born not to show us how great he was, but to give us hope that the state of consciousness he had attained, we too can attain.” (2)

The Bhagavad Gita declared thousands of years ago:

When goodness grows weak,

When evil increases,

I make myself a body.

In every age I come back

To deliver the holy,

To destroy the sin of the sinner,

To establish righteousness.

The Avatar awakens humanity to its true potential, not the one promised by technology (that evaporates with the flick of the off switch).

Truth and love absolute are the essence of the divine teachings of the true Avatars.

Silicon Valley cannot be naive enough not to know this. It seems more likely they are using the term ‘avatar’ in a mocking sense, just like everything else they do with Transhumanism.

“Avatar” is a Sanskrit word that means “descent”. It is the material appearance of a divine being or a deity from heaven on earth. Think Krishna, Zoroaster, Christ, Buddha, and Mohammed. Often, the Avatars descend in order to fight a demon on Earth.

This is exactly what is happening with VR. Humans are descending into a black box world under the control of psychopaths and totalitarian dictators.

A Sufi saying goes: “The fall of an angel is the birth of a man.”

Is the fall of a human into the digital prison the birth of a new man?

Are we to somehow suppose that we are supposed to choose to “fall” into the black box as some kind of spiritual heroes? In their fake online worlds they promise that you can be anything and anyone you want, hence, the term avatar.

No way.

A ‘real’ avatar is one who is freed from illusion or delusion and is here to help others wake up.

This is why Silicon Valley’s use of the term is a ruse. The lure of fake power in a fake world is devlish.

Is a mass human sacrifice is coming vis a vis translation into digital beings? Not if we can wake them up first.

Still, we are being prepared for this by movies, such as Steven Spielberg’s ReadyPlayer One, that stark bit of brainwashing in which young people enter a VR world and stay there…to save the planet. In 2045 the planet is on the brink of chaos and collapse, but people find salvation in the OASIS: an expansive virtual reality universe.

Then there is Upload, the sci-fi comedy series.  Its premise is that, in 2033, humans are able to “upload” themselves into a virtual utopian afterlife of their choosing.

I know. It sounds bizarre that we have opened a portal to another world, but it is occurring right before our eyes.

Get ready for it. We are being primed. Will millions soon choose to flick off their body and escape to digital heaven?

Not if we wake them up first.

Will they permanently choose to live in these digital cities and worlds? Or, will they be able to “bounce back” into a flesh and blood body?

This could never happen in the real world, right? People would never, under any circumstances, suddenly, willingly, blindly give up all their rights and submit to house arrest. Right?

Humans would never elect to drop their bodies and go live, permanently, as an elf in Elvenar  or Forge of Empires. Right?

This is the same as Christianity promising ascension to a cube-shaped celestial city. Right?


In Christianity’s promise you get to keep your soul.

In Silicon Valley’s promise you don’t even have a soul. But, if you do, they will take it as payment for entry into their digital afterlife.

But, not if we can wake them up first.


If you don’t think Facebook is trying to coax us into a black box utopia, think again.

Have you seen Facebook’s stupid Avatar app?

While all the world is under house arrest and looking for a way to stay healthy and alive, Facebook took it upon itself to dictatorially censor any health informaton they wished. Not because it was wrong, but because they did not agree with it.  

You mean Facebook acted like a dictator and profited from human suffering?

The company took further advantage of the Coronavirus crisis to launch their Avatar app.

The feature allows Facebook users to create a cartoon look alike avatar of themselves. You can use the avatar in comments, Facebook stories and messenger. Now, everyone can have their own digital Avatar.

While you may think this is cute and fun, it serves Facebook’s larger agenda: to make insane amounts of money of your data self. Soon, your Avatar will be making them money, too. Facebook aims to monetize Avatars directly. You’ll soon be dressing your fake data self in expensive digital clothing, buy it jewelry. You know, more of the same crap we want in the ‘real’ world. And, to shift you into the black box of no return.

With Avatar Mark Zuckerberg has the foundation of a digital identity that could travel with us alongside our data, personalizing every online interaction. You, your Avatar, will be an embodied version of you online. As noted, it will live so long as the black box is plugged in.

This is only the beginning of the new life you will lead online.

In fact, you will wonder why ever consented to be born in a physical body again.


In the next five years, concurrent with the widening of the portal, we will see the rise of digital humanoids or avatars who will take the place of flesh and blood humans.

Corporations are already vying for supremacy in creating “the most human A.I.” workers.

Meet Amelia, your “digital colleague”. She can do the job of thousands. Meet your competition.

It won’t be long before when you call customer service you will be greeting by a virtual being, instead of just a voice..

Same thing at the grocery store check out, the retail store, the restaurant, etc.

By the way, you won’t actually visit a bricks and mortar store either. Through VR or AR you will shop from home in a virtual version of these stores.

Meet Baby X. The Baby X project, led by special-effects artist Mark Sagar, aims to teach a digital infant via a virtual brain powered by neural networks.

This is a new type of being. Created in a lab she has a patented digital brain. She even has the face or image of Sagar’s own daughter.

Now, say hi to Sam and Roman. Creators Soul Machines call them Digital People. While human to human contact is being discouraged, okay outlawed, the A.I. wizards are improving human to machine contact.

Meet Wendy. She’s another A.I. digital human who is capable of recognizing and responding to customer’s emotions as they chat onscreen.

Then, there is Samsung’s Neon.

Samsung “the artificial human company,” envisions a world filled with AI assistants, but not the sort of chatbot-powered assistants we’ve become accustomed to. The Seoul-based company that we used think just made crazy phones and great TVs unveiled Neon, a project developed by subsidiary STAR Labs that ambitiously aims to deliver “immersive … services” that “[make] science fiction a reality.”

Promising a “new kind of life”, Neon’s avatars look more like videos than computer-generated characters, and that’s by design  — beyond media, they’re intended to become “companions and friends” and stand in for concierges and receptionists in hotels, stores, restaurants, and more. These realistic chatbots aren’t meant to replace humans but “to make us more human,” says Samsung.

These avatars look like real humans. “Neon is like a new kind of life,” says STAR Labs CEO Pranav Mistry in the release. “There are millions of species on our planet and we hope to add one more.” (Because nothing says “I have a god complex” like a tech executive comparing his work to the creation of life.)

The key is that the caped corporate gods want us to think these beings are just like us. They’re just doing their job. They have emotions. The are “just humans” made digitally perfect.


It must be amazing to play God.


As I wrote in my 2017 article, “Creepy Valley : The Soul In The Land of Transhumanism”, Facebook’s avatars, like all the others, are spiritually troubling. I don’t know if Mark Zuckerberg is a practicing Jew or not (he seems to lean toward atheism), however, his rabbi would warn him that what he is creating is a digital golem. In Jewish folklore, a golem is an animated anthropomorphic being, an artificial / fake man, that is created entirely from inanimate matter. The word means “my light form”.

Light form? Wait. Isn’t that what Facebook is trying to get you to create with its stupid app.

Yes, darling, it is.

Facebook is in the golem business.

Mark Zuckerberg is the new god in the garden. Or is he the serpent in the garden?

The roots of the legend are ancient: the Talmud claims that Adam, the first human, himself — and thus, theologically speaking, all of humanity —was a golem until God breathed a soul into his nostrils.

In Jewish lore, the most famous other golem was one created in Prague in the 16th century as an avenger and protector. This golem was supposed to have been made of clay by Rabbi Loew or Leib, a Talmudic scholar, a renowned Cabbalist and also a worldly man for one in his time. Brought to life by Cabbalistic magic (he wrote the letters aleph, mem, tav, which is emet and means “truth,” on the golem’s forehead and the golem would come alive), its purpose was to defend a synagogue.

While he zealously promotes golem-making to an unsuspecting audience, Zuckerberg may wish to review this story as it did not turn out well.

Playing God never does.

In the story, the golem turned on its maker.

In short, Zuckerberg better watch out for the consequences of what he is unleashing.

Then again, he may see himself as above and beyond karma.

The bottom line here is that TIME IS UP.

AUTHENTIC AVATARS MUST AWAKEN if we wish to see the ‘real’ human race survive much longer. If we don’t wake up the next step will be for the “Digital” humans to revolt against their creators, step over the glass, and take on biological bodies. Then, the real fun will begin.