Chromoscope – Saturday, 06/08

Saturday, June 8:     Hazy Green

So you have not gotten the message you expected.  So you have not heard from the one you thought was going to get in touch.  Perhaps the message is that they have other important issues to deal with.  SO it did not come through, and you were so, sop, so sure this time……  Where does that leave you?  Well, it gives you the opportunity to truly be WHO you are.  To let go of all the stuff around you that you needed to affirm you, to hold you up, to go over in you mind to let you know that it was something after all.  This is a day, this is an energy that tells you to go forth in your power, in your truth, in your beauty, and to know that all those other things are fine for what they are, but what is most important is what  and WHO you are.  There can be some tears.  There can be some revelations.  And it is all good.   You are, after all, becoming, and becoming involves letting go of some of some old stuff.    And, as Nighthawk reminded us, “Walk in steps of light.”  Then everything becomes so much clearer.

White Glow as Plasma Energy?

Here is a recent Photograph:

A characteristic of many photographs for about the last year has been a white glow or energy moving through the photographic field.  The movement can be seen in successive shots.  I have wondered what this energy field is, and feel that the explanation given by Dr. Levengood in the article cited below presents a plausible explanation:

“Dr. Levengood thinks low-energy plasmas could explain the mysterious lights photographed in and around crop formations, sacred stone circles and dolmens. He thinks the reason could be electric and magnetic field anomalies at sacred sites that enable low energy plasma creation.

Flash photograph shows mysterious arch with internal structure that
Biophysicist Levengood argues is a spiral plasma. Sitting in the center of the Roundway
wheat formation on August 1, 1999, was Gordan Stewart from Earls Barton, Northampton,
England. The white spiraling plasma was not visible to Gordan or the photographer.
Photograph © 1999 by Bob Nicholas.”



The light images appear only in photographs taken in the orchard.  While this is not a field per se, it is a place where there is elemental and organic growth.   Moreover, the Ancient Ones of New Mexico lived here. Artifacts have been found in the orchard.  And there is an Old One who still walks this land and communicates with me. His name is  Nighthawk.