Reflecting on Tomorrow

A moving and powerful statement from my daughter, Emilie Clasgens Wilson, in regard to standing up for WHO we are in the midst of uncertainty and fear:

I’m not one to post my personal feelings and opinions on Facebook. I appreciate and tend to guard my privacy. But I woke up this morning after a restless night of sleep to memories of Trump onstage, standing next to his young son who looked like a forgotten boy, unsupported by adults, and I remembered echoes of his hollow acceptance speech.

I jumped on my phone, on Facebook, to try to connect with people who might feel as I do, to commiserate as conscientious objectors in mourning.

I see sorrow, anger, and disbelief.

I see genuine hopefulness, too.

I’ll cling to that, because it’s all I’ve got right now.

I see people who are afraid that we’ll slide back into a time of outright racism, homophobia, sexism, a time when you and your loved ones can be physically, verbally, emotionally assaulted for practicing a particular religion or identifying as a particular gender or being born on the other side of invisible lines for just being anything other than a white man born in America.

I made myself a promise this morning:

I will not take my position in this country, or in this world, for granted.
I will NOT participate in subtle or overt racism, sexism, homophobia, or in anything that implies or states the inherent “betterness” of one group of people.
I will stand up for my rights and for the rights of my fellow Americans to be exactly who we are, and to fight the fear that we may be entering a time when we could once again be penalized for this.

Because I have to do something: I promise I won’t do nothing.

You can contact Emilie Clasgens Wilson @

370 Redirection Protest Against Malaysian Homophobia?

Posted FYI — Do the research.  Make up your own minds


Bombshell: Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 likely redirected in protest of oppressive government that imprisons people for being gay: analysis

bu: Mike Adams, THe Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) Read this story in full before leaping to conclusions. Here at Natural News, I have a proven knack for being days ahead of the mainstream media on critical analysis of fast-moving events. For example, on Friday, March 14, Natural News was the first media outlet to declare that Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 passengers may still be alive. At first, my story was widely ridiculed, but in the days since, the theory that the aircraft was deliberately flown to a different destination is now “conclusive.” Since then, even more evidence has emerged to support this optimistic working theory.

That story, found at this link, was also the first in the world to publish a map of a possible flight radius that showed the missing jetliner could have reached Pakistan, Afghanistan or even Iran.

Over the following two days, other media outlets such as the New York Times and Daily Mail subsequently published their maps showing essentially the same thing: Flight 370 flew on for anywhere from 4 to 7 hours after vanishing from radar, and it did not crash off the coast of Malaysia as was initially feared.

It is now “conclusive” that Flight 370 was hijacked, reports the Daily Mail.

Here’s the initial flight range map posted by Natural News on Friday:

And here’s the map posted by Daily Mail about 36 hours later, which added the satellite data released late Friday:

A protest for gay rights and government reform?

The investigation of what happened to Flight 370 has now turned to captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, a “fervent supporter” of Malaysian government opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim who was thrown in jail for the “crime” of homosexuality just hours before Flight 370 disappeared.

Yes, being gay is a crime in Malaysia. The mainstream media has largely glossed over this issue, preferring to describe the captain as an “anti-government” person, but it increasingly appears that he might actually be a supporter of strong government reforms in a country where sexual orientation discrimination is the law of the land.

Regardless of where you stand on the issue of gay marriage in the USA, I hope that all Natural News fans and readers can agree that being gay is NOT a crime punishable by prison time, and any government that throws people in prison for being gay is an oppressive police state regime that no doubt deserves to be reformed or overthrown. To call a person demanding reforms of oppressive government an “anti-government political fanatic” is wholly dishonest and deceptive.

Being “anti government” is actually a good thing when the government is evil, of course. For example, no one calls Oskar Schindler (of “Schindler’s List” fame) an “anti-government fanatic” even though he was actively working against the government of Adolf Hitler during World War II to save the lives of innocent people. As history has repeatedly shown, when government becomes evil, good people work to oppose it, reform it, or overthrow it. In my opinion, a government that condemns people to prison for their speech, their religion, their sexual orientation or their race is an illegitimate government that must be opposed by all good people.

Flight 370 evidence covered up by Malaysian government

The Mirror now reports that “the pilot’s wife and three children moved out of the family’s home the day before the plane’s disappearance.”

This is strong evidence that the family had planned an action which they knew would result in intense government scrutiny.

The Malaysian government hid evidence of all this for eight days, further proving that the nation’s leadership is not being transparent with the public about what really happened. “Malaysian authorities have been criticised for keeping the possibility of a hijack secret for eight days. Mr Learmount said their ‘total incompetence is unforgivable’, and created more agony for families desperate for news,” reports the Mirror.

Adding to the cover-up evidence, the BBC is also now reporting:

It has also revived questions about why the Malaysian military did not immediately notice what was happening, and what gaps there might be more generally in military air defences in a region where the defence and security temperature is high at the moment. It has now emerged that Malaysian primary military radar tracked an unidentified contact that flew right across the country’s air space, now confirmed to be MH370. But no action, it seems, was taken.

What’s increasingly emerging in all this is that the government of Malaysia is clearly an oppressive, anti-civil-rights police state that sends gay people to prison for the “crime” of being gay while suppressing crucial evidence involving the lives of hundreds of innocent travelers. Again, regardless of where you stand on the issue of recognizing gay marriage, the state of BEING gay cannot be called a crime except by the most oppressive of regimes.

It now appears Malaysia was intentionally deceiving the international community on all this in the hopes that these issues would not come out. That’s why the initial search focused on the planned flight path while Malaysian officials intentionally kept other evidence secret. They know their regime is oppressive, and they don’t want the internet talking about the real reasons why the captain of an aircraft might have redirected the entire flight as an act of international protest against oppressive government.

Odds keep improving that Flight 370 passengers may still be alive

If this new theory pans out — and the evidence increasingly points in this direction — this means it is increasingly likely that Flight 370 passengers are still alive for the following reason:

A captain who believes in fundamental human rights and civil rights — and is willing to put his own life at risk to protest oppressive government — would be very unlikely to kill innocent people. These developments put the act of air piracy in the category of “protest against oppressive government” rather than an act of terrorism or planned kidnap and ransom scenario.

Because of these developments, I now put the odds of the passengers being found alive at 1 in 2, up from the 1 in 3 that I previously estimated on Friday.

My prayers go out to the passengers, their families, and all the citizens of Malaysia who suffer under oppressive government where non-conformity is a crime against the state. May all people live as free citizens, regardless of their personal preferences.