Albuquerque Flash Mob

If I Had the Chance, I’d Ask the World to Dance

by BURQUESTYLE on APRIL 11, 2012 ·

By Jdel. Photos by Jdel and Solve Maxwell.

Billy McCall watched a video on YouTube of a handful of middle-aged gentlemen jamming out in the woods to techno music blasting from the trunk of a car.  That was all it took for him to realize that a dance party can — and should — be started anywhere.

He created the Facebook group called the Duke City Dance Party and posted a couple of notices about a flash-mob style gathering at the Dunkin Donuts parking lot along Central and University. Word spread, the post was re posted, and thus sprung their first impromptu dance party.


Twist and Shout. Check out homie getting down with that crutch.

The poppers popped, and the breakers breaked.

Peeps from Critical Mass were jammin on their bikes.

Getting wild with the noise makers


Hair, the musical

McCall, in his finest dance wear.

Artis, from ABQ Nightvision, put down his camera for a minute and showed us his moves.

Even Burquestyle’s own Solve Maxwell got down with his bad self.


The party started promptly at 6:50 and ended roughly twenty minutes later. The idea behind the short spurts of dancing? “I know people have stuff to do,” McCall says. “If you want to dance for three hours straight, you go to a nightclub. If you want to dance for a few minutes, meet some cool people, you come here — to Dunkin Donuts,” he laughed.

Greg Beliveau, owner of said Dunkin Donuts, looked out the window and saw people dancing in his parking lot. “Of all the things I have seen on the streets of Albuquerque, this may be the strangest,” he said.

That doesn’t mean he is a naysayer. “No, I think it’s great. Had I known they were coming, I would have called Channel 4 and told them to come down and get some footage of the flash mob in my parking lot.”

McCall says he appreciates Beliveau’s support. He also knows there is a fine line between spreading the word and receiving too much media and being told to shut down.

“Hopefully there will be more impromptu parties in other spots in the future,” he said. “Anyone can plan them. If you feel like dancing, pick a place and let us know. Albuquerque needs to get weirder.”