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Year of Destiny: 2012 Journey Through Time and the Cosmos! By Antot Masuka



The Mayans developed a simple yet comprehensive calendar system that allowed them to describe the internal processes of time or nature, often referred as an underworld, meaning that which goes on within that is often kept from plain sight.

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The Mayans used a Vegesimal system that rises by factors of twenty, with one exception.  A day is a Kin.  Twenty (20) Kins is a Uinal.  Eighteen (18) Uinals represents a Tun (360 days).  Twenty (20) Tuns is a Katun (7,200 days).  Twenty (20) Katuns is a Baktun (144,000 days).  A Pictun consists of 2,880,000 days, a Calabtun is 57,600,000 days and a Kinchilitun is 1,152,000,000 days or 3 million 154 thousand years, Alautun, which is 20 tuns raised to the sixth power or 63.1 million years and finally a Hablatun, 20 tuns raised to the 7th power or 1.26 billion years.  Each cycle is broken down into thirteen stages, evolutionary processes or heavens that evolve from seed to maturity.

The idea that December 21, 2012 may bring the end of the world is based on the Aztec Sun Disk (shown above) that shows 5 ages or Sun gods.  The first Sun god Tezcatlipoca took the form of a jaguar and destroyed the world.  The world was destroyed by a great wind when the reign of the second Sun god, Quetzalcoatl, came to an end.  Tlaloc was the third Sun god, but Questzalcoatl wasn’t happy and made fire rain down causing destruction and the end of that age.  The fourth Sun god was Chalchiuhtlicue (lady of the jade skirts), the goddess of water – lakes and streams.  The fighting gods caused a flood, which destroyed the Earth.  The fifth Sun were two gods, Tecciztecatl and Nanauatl.  The gods decided that the first to offer his life in a blazing fire would be Sun god. Both jumped in creating two Suns (bianry stars) that shun brightly.  The gods wouldn’t stand for this, so they threw a rabbit into the face of Tecciztecatl to dim his brightness.  And so he became the moon, doomed to chase the sun forever, but never to shine as bright.

Many authors believe that we are living in the fifth and final Mayan world age or cycle that started on August 11, 3114 BC.  Our present world age that started in 3114 BC consists of 5,125 years.  When you insert the Aztec creation story that describes five world ages of creation (four of which have passed) into the Mayan Long Count calendar the number of years is close to a precession year lasting 25,625 years (5,125 times 5).

Many authors believe that four world ages came immediately before the start of the Mayan calendar in 3114 BC, but the historical records do not support the existence of such earlier cycles or ages that we can easily fit into a neat package of 5,125 years periods going back into time or readily associate with the Aztec Sun Disk.  No author has offered dates for these four previous world ages that can be used as a guide to understanding the cycle that started 3114 BC.  Some claim that the prior world ages or cycles were longer than the fifth world age that started 3114 BC. Dr. Paul LaViolette believes that some earlier cycles lasted up to 820 million years for the Age of the Jaguar or Mammalian Age.

Scientist and author, Maurice Cotterrell, The Super Gods and The Mayan Prophecies, strongly insist that this period is not the completion of a cycle that can be attributed to the Mayan calendar.

In fact Cotterrell argues that the Mayan calendar goes beyond 2012 to include other cycles far into the future that exceed 1,872,000 days and that “at best it can only be considered to be 13/20ths of the Pictun, the next largest period” that began on August 11, 3114 BC.

Zacharia Sitchin, author of The Twelfth Planet believes that The Age of Man, a time when human beings were given dominion over the Earth, started around 3,100 BC.  The Mayan universe that started on August 11, 3114 BC corresponds to the start of ‘The Age of Man’ described by Sitchin.  This date also corresponds neatly with the starting dates of civilizations that seem to spring up from out of nowhere in Sumer, Egypt, India and further east in China.  Mênes was the first Egyptian Pharaoh to unite Upper and Lower Egypt starting the 1st Dynastic Period dated around 3,100 BC – 3,200 BC defining the apex of Egyptian civilization. On the Atlantic side of the globe, early Mayan and Mesoamerica civilizations took off as well with new monolith constructions at Palenque, Mexico.

Sitchin own viewpoint is that Mayan 2012 prophecies hold no particular significance, and does not mark the return date for Nibiru often referred to as Planet X.

John Van Auken of the Association of Research and Enlightenment, Virginia Beach, Virginia identifies the world ages as 1) Age of the Jaguar, 2) Age of Water or the Fish, 3) Age of Fire, 4) Age of Turkeys, 5) Age of Movement, 6) Age of Spirit of All Living Things, and 7) Age of Melting Into Oneness Again!  He believes that we are ending the Age of Movement on December 21, 2012, the image in the center of the Aztec Sun Disk surrounded by four diagonal squares, entering the Fifth Sun or Age of Spirit of All Living Things after which we will enter the last and final Age of Melting into Oneness Again.  He does not offer dates for when the sixth or seventh world age will end, but notes that Nostradamus saw into the future well up to 3797 AD.

The idea that December 21, 2012 may bring the end of the world is based on the Aztec Sun Disk that shows 5 ages or sun gods.  The first Sun god Tezcatlipoca took the form of a jaguar and destroyed the world.  The world was destroyed by a great wind when the reign of the second Sun god, Quetzalcoatl, came to an end.  Tlaloc was the third Sun god, but Questzalcoatl wasn’t happy and made fire rain down causing destruction and the end of the age.  The fourth Sun god was Chalchiuhtlicue (lady of the jade skirts), the goddess of water – lakes and streams.  The fighting gods caused a flood to destroy the Earth.  The fifth Sun were two gods, Tecciztecatl and Nanauatl.  The gods decided that the first to offer his life in a blazing fire would be Sun god. Both jumped in creating two Suns (bianry stars) that shun brightly.  The gods wouldn’t stand for this, so they threw a rabbit into the face of Tecciztecatl to dim his brightness.  And so he became the moon, doomed to chase the sun forever, but never to shine as bright.

The date of origin of the Mayan Long Count calendar is August 11, 3114 BC, representing a cycle of 13 Baktuns which ends on December 21, 2012.  But the real meaning of the ending of this cycle is open to debate since most of the records and inscriptions which were written by the Mayans in the Classical period (250 BC – 900 AD) that would have given us an unequivocal understanding of what the closing of this stage or heaven truly means were destroyed by Europeans who conquered the Americas during 15th and 16th centuries.

Contemporary Mayans living in the Yucatan, Mexico and the greater part of northern Peru and Central America believe that when this world ends, possibly through annihilation or destruction around December 21, 2012, another world shall begin!  Will this renewal come from Super Gods as Cotterrell maintains is unknown.

Contemporary Mayans also believe that each world age was part of an evolutionary cycle designed to perfect life in the world. They believed that man’s perfection will be achieved at the end of this world age.  In their view, the world will not end suddenly in 2012.  Man will be recreated anew!  There will be a new beginning after the end of this world age to allow life to continue, only that the new world will be very different from the one in which we live.  These views are very much in line with the spirit, myths and cosmology mastered by Mayans living on the Classical period, but they are not rooted in any specific Stela or inscription found at Mayan archaeological sites that can be quoted authoritatively.  Part of the reason for this is that Mayan prophecies and cosmology is still part of a secret order of Mayan elders who use the oral tradition of passing knowledge and wisdom from one generation to another.

Maurice Cotterrell argues against ideas proposed by John Major Jenkins that the winter equinox of 2012 shall come into direct alignment with the Galactic Center.  Cotterrell believes that this is not accurate nor is it scientifically valid.  If any such alignment were to take place it would not occur at a single moment in time because of the vast area that the center of the galaxy represents, which is still under debate by scientists.  The Sun’s crossing of the galactic center would most likely take a greater period of time exceeding the proposed 36 years advocated by proponents of this theory.

In Cotterrell’s viewpoint, it is impossible to accurately calculate the line for the galactic elliptic. To do so would require knowing the mass of the galaxy, a task which science has not yet undertaken.  Proponents of this argument claim that the Sun will cross an imaginary galactic elliptic, that is only a guess, between 1980 and 2016, which includes December 21, 2012 as one of those dates robbing it of its mystical Mayan Long Count calendar meaning and significance.

For the Mayans, the dark rift near the center of the Milky Way galaxy marks the black road to the underworld.  This is visualized as a celestial mouth akin to the vagina from which new life emerges.  The emergence of Lord Xibalba is synonymous with birth.  The appearance of the Sun from the dark rift would be a natural point in Mayan cosmology indicative of a new beginning from some ending point.  December 21, 2012 seems to suggest that some ending of the current world order will take place around this date triggering a renewal of life on Earth shortly thereafter.

Many cultures celebrate winter solstice as the death, burial and resurrection of the Sun.
On the 20th of December the Sun is mythical killed (stops in the sky), buried on the 21st (stationary on the elliptic), and resurrected on the 22nd (increase in declination moving towards the summer solstice).

There is no shortage of ideas, opinions and speculations of what will happen when the Mayan Long Count calendar ends on December 21, 2012, which has fed a frenzy of news stories, articles and media publications!

Nevertheless, when you closely examine the Mayan Calendar system, some interesting facts emerge that tie into cycles found in nature.  For example, the 400-year Baktun cycle is equivalent to the amount of time it takes the Earth’s core to rotate around a fixed point on the surface.  The twenty-year Katun cycle corresponds to the time it takes the Earth’s magnetic field to rotate around a fixed point on the surface.

The Mayan Calendar allowed them to accurately record the cycles of other planets.  Venus was particularly important to the Mayans.  Its dual rising in the east and the west forms a Vesica Piscis representing the incarnation of spirit into matter, which is the basis of all life on planet Earth.  Being the brightest celestial object in the night sky, Venus is associated with the star of Bethlehem.

Mayan 2012 prophecies that relate to the Mayan Long Count calendar come from The Book of Chilam Balam of Tizimin.  These prophecies state that:

  1. “In the final days of misfortunes, in the final days of tying up the bundle of the thirteen (baktuns) … then the end of the world shall come and the baktun of our fathers will ascend on high.”
  2. “Presently the Baktuns thirteen shall come sailing… Then the god will come to visit his little ones. Perhaps ‘after death’ will be the subject of his discourse.
  3. “These little valleys of the earth shall come to an end. For those katuns (7,200 days) there shall be no priests, and no one believes in his government without having doubts”.

Don Alejandro Cirillo is the elected leader of the National Mayan Council of Elders of Guatemala and a thirteenth generation Quiche priest.  He believes that 2012 shall be characterized by major earth changes, probably earthquakes and floods, but most significantly by a darkening of the Sun that will last many days where electricity will fail, crops will fail and we will not be able to buy clean water, fresh food or fresh air.  When the Sun returns, this will signal the start of a new world age.

2012 is expected to bring about the fifth world of creation, marked by the return of ether, the fifth element allowing for the fusion of polarities changing forever the nature of material things and the start of the fifth root race according to Edgar Cayce.

Some researchers believe that when the boundary of the galactic plane is reached, you get a kind of Coriolis Effect, changing or reversing the resonance we experience coming from the galactic center.

The Mayans calculated the orbit of Venus with amazing accuracy and detail.  Venus transits the Sun in pairs of transit 8 years apart.  On June 6, 2012 Venus will transit the Sun.  Venus last transited the Sun on June 8, 2004.  In 2004, Ronald Reagan died three days before the Venus transit took place on June 8th.  And two days after the transit, the beloved Ray Charles passed away as well.

The Mayans considered the first appearance of Venus as an evil omen and considered it to be a good day for warfare.  They viewed the transit as the warrior twin of Venus.  The first sighting of the morning star that was frequently represented by bloody situations.  The Mayans glyph for the Venus transit shows the Chief holding the severed heads of his enemy with blood trailing from the victim’s neck.

Prior to June 2004 transit, the last transit occurred in 1761 and 1769.  Future Venus-Sun transits will occur in December 2117 and December 2125.

Major Earthquake coming for North America at about 8.0 magnitude.  Once this earthquake strikes the west coast of California, they shall not stop.  The eastern side of the Pacific Ring of Fire shall become activated forcing people to move from California to Arizona and adjoining states.  Watch the San Joaquin Valley! This earthquake is likely to send oil and food prices soaring, triggering massive inflation and collapse of the dollar.

A major earthquake shall also strike Northwest, USA in the Montana/Wyoming/Colorado area east of the Rockies!

6.1 – 6.6 million people shall be overtaken by earthquakes.

Florida shall come under heavy flooding around June 2012.

USGS world earthquake activity map on the Internet shall show lots of earthquakes striking all over the world, all at the same time, throughout Asia, Middle East, and Europe in an almost even-spaced distribution!  These earthquakes shall range from 5.0 to 7.0 magnitude.

Some researchers believe that we may experience a reversal of the Sun’s polarity that may trigger the possible reversal of the Earth’s magnetic field, which all could be triggered by a celestial phenomenon coming from out of the dark region of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Neptune ingress of the astrological sign of Pisces on February 4th, 2012 promises to fulfill the meaning of the word ‘Maya,’ which means illusion.  Illusion is a veil of consciousness.  Being the ruler of the mutable signs, Neptune sits on the rim of the known versus the unknown.  It promises that we shall have new thoughts and ideas of things that we have never thought of before.  The mysteries of Mayan prophecies and 2012 predictions shall be revealed to us as time marches on, but few if any will have their expectations met on what Mayan 2012 prophecy and cosmology is all about.  One thing is almost certain, as we move through 2012 to meet 2013 and 2014, the Mayan Long Count calendar shall give birth and impetus to a new string of research and understanding that shall transform our understanding of astrology, astronomy and cosmology forever!

Much of the current world order is crumbling; the environment is under attack.
In almost every sphere of life things seems to be falling apart.  It is self evident that we are reaching an ending of some sort, a point of crisis if you wish – terminal saturation according to Riley Martin!

At a minimum, Mayan 2012 prophecy assurance us that a new world is coming, that there shall be a new beginning, a new dawning and new recreation of the current world order. Our role and place in that world is unknown.  We saw what happened to the Mayans, how they were brutally treated by their conquerors. We also saw what happened to just about every other civilization since the dawn of creation.  Case in point, the Library of Alexandria; how those precious, irreplaceable books were burned three times over the course of history just to extinguish their light.  The people of enlightenment throughout the ages and the history of the world since the start of the Mayan Long Count calendar in 3114 BC have all been under attack and most have been destroyed.  No period was more destructive than the Age of Pisces (55 BC to 1781 AD) that brought us into total darkness and complete utter ignorance.  Conquerors hate light, they hate to assimilate or learn from those whom they conquer.  There is no reason to believe that we will be spared similar fate, catastrophes, annihilation or destruction.  Nothing under the Sun gives us that divine right and privilege.  It seems to be the path of nature to destroy and recreate.

At best, we can look around and observe what is dying and what is on the rise in our personal life and in society. We have lost faith in government.  Pastors and priests no longer serve us anymore.  Money is abundant but not evenly distributed.  In the abundance of great wealth, people and animals are dying and suffering.  Technology is on the rise.  How will the blessings and seed of technology become our worst nightmare in the future?  Already this is expressing itself in the unemployment lines.  There needs to be a realignment of values.  But how will this come about?  Who will start it?  What will trigger a realignment of the global society?  These are the unanswered questions that Mayan 2012 prophecies beg us to ponder.

We have reached a point in time where oil, money and technology can no longer sustain us.  Venus transit of the Sun shall demand that we seek the natural order questioning intensively the road upon which we have traveled since the fall in 9,500 B.C.  We have moved out of the Golden Age, the Garden of Eden of prehistory and have developed a profound understanding and control of natural forces and have uniquely developed the capacity to dominate and extinguish all life forms on planet Earth.  On the verge of committing ecocide, we have become the agent of death for the world’s ecological system.  Who or what shall become our agent of death other than ourselves?  Within the twinkling of an eye we have become space travelers embarking on a planetary and cosmic journey of inter-galactic dimensions.

Mayan Long Count calendar and predictions ask us to question our role in the universe and on the planet in particular.  We can no longer hide from the enormous burdens and responsibilities that the new age demands of us as individuals or as a society.  Mayan 2012 prophecies demand that we pay close attention to detail least we delude ourselves into believing that we are in any way, shape or form different from our brothers and sisters that walk this Earth or any of the creatures of the land, air and seas that live in the flesh.

We are on the cusp of our own evolutionary path that shall lead to a higher human form that is now in the process of being changed or re-birthed!  Since our creation, but more accurately, since the event of the Flood, we have been in the midst of two different evolutionary paths: one of the masters of space and time and the other of the extinct hominids that preceded us.  As time marches on, we are slowly and slowly being disconnected from the path of the sky gods and native hominids, and more and more we are coming into our own being of who we are and were intended to be.  Hence, the development of man is not complete, and for this we must press on and be prepared to endure a lot!

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