November 4-10 Chromoscope


Some Light Action This Week in the Living RoomNovember 4-10

Overall Color for the Week:    Molasses Brown

The theme this week is AWARENESS.  In all you do, you encounter, you say, you experience, etc. be aware of the larger picture.  When you see something, KNOW that you see it.  When you hear something, KNOW that you hear it.  When you smell something, KNOW that you smell it.

So, this is a week in which nothing happens because everything is happening, and there are so, so many who do not want things to change.  And this, then, is the conflict, the push-me/pull-you energy which makes everything seem so confused, those holding on to the past, to how it has always been, versus those who are moving forward, who have realized that things will never ever be the same again.  Change is in the air.  There are so many shifts going on.  The various layers of existence are drifting apart.  People, places, things, which seemed to be right here, right now are holding onto their comfort levels, some with defiance, some with anger, and some with violence.  There is regret in the air this week.  There is sorrow.  There is understanding.  It is just how things are right now.  It is important to know that, to accept that as true, and to be kind to yourself.  This is not a week for judgment or guilt.  Things are moving forward as they must.  There will be some surprises and some shake-ups, but if you are in touch with the larger pattern, you will be able to see all of these things for what they are.  There is much learning going on this week.  Also, the time is right to look at all the stuff in your life, on all levels, and start clearing out.  Yu will need lots of room for the novelty that is arriving.

On the larger scale, the shake-ups continue on all levels.  There is sorrow here too.  Gaia has more to say to all, and it is important to be aware of where this is happening.  There are messages for those who live in those areas.  Again, there will be Earth movements and storms in out of the way places, which will not be noted in the media.  It is well to research these things for they are the beginnings of chain reactions that will come down and affect the globe.  Some of these things will be below the surface of the waters.  The oil spill will come back into the news as it is realized that is continues to this day.  The Gulf Stream is changing, and that will bring some anomalies.  The financial picture is blurred and becoming blurrier.  Things are falling apart on that level.  This is not a time for going into fear, rather be aware that the financial core is melting, and there will be some reverberations in that area as the month progresses.  This can lead to wild spending as well as the pulling in of money by the larger holders.  Travel will be a challenge this week, as Mercury goes retrograde on Tuesday.  This will also affect the election process.  The aftermath of Sandy continues to plague the east Coast which can lead to some unexpected maneuvers on the part of the people in charge and the police forces.  It is well to be aware of what is going on in regards to the whole idea of control, particularly by the militia.  There are people who are feeling that they are no longer pulling the strings as they did before, and this can lead to some odd events.  It is important to stay grounded and centered through all of this.  Know your power and approach everything, from this point forward, from your place of power.  Do not accept the opinions of others, for in so many cases they are mere categories that they are using to entrap you.  The Galaxy has surprises for us.  There can be some mention of this in the news.  That Galactic energy is making itself felt, even as the extra-terrestrial presence becomes more obvious.  Expect some sightings in areas of tension.  The Indian subcontinent can see some unusual events this year. There is also an individual who is coming forth who can startle with his charismatic pronouncements.  Expect also some startling news about this year’s harvest and the use of GMO’s.

Sunday, November 4:   Light Sage

Everything will be happening too late today.  If you had things you wanted to get done, you will, however they will be last minute completions.  Funny, though, this will not bother you, rather it can free you from a lot of the scheduling stuff that has kept you on a treadmill, running, running, running, and getting nowhere.  This is the first day in a long time in which you will end the day feeling that, in fact, you did get somewhere.  There are lessons here.

Monday, November 5:    Bright Sapphire

Things remembered and things forgotten.  It will all come together in the current energy.  All of tis can leave you feeling somewhat confused, and, at the same time, needing to seem to be in control of it all.  Let go of that.  It is not time to let the ego take hold.  It is time to let the deeper self see what is going on, which means to feel the situation and to show you what it means for you.  There is a whole lot of learning in the air today.  Some will be easy, some not quite so.  But it is all stuff you have known for so long.  You just needed to be reminded.  When a helping hand is offered, take it.  There is no agenda, just compassion.

Tuesday, November 6:     Asparagus Green

Reverberations.  That is what the day is all about.  Everything has been out  there before.  Some things for quite some time, others just recently but the reverberations are being felt today.  This can affect you in every area.  Look to your health and do not overtax yourself.  Look at the people around you.  You will be seeing what they truly are about.  This can give you a few moments of misgivings, but it is important to let it go.  The reverberations are only what was always there coming to the surface. If you can move into your inner knowing, you will know that you knew it all before.  This is a day for strength  When what you knew intuitively comes to the surface it can surprise, startle, shock and even hurt you if you are not open to what it is that you know.  Let things be as they are.  See what you see , know what you know, and move into the larger perspective.  It is all part of that pattern.  The jigsaw puzzle is taking form.  There are things that are important to you and things that are not.  But through it all is the universal pattern.  Regardless, there are some in-your-face moments coming out today.  Time for a mirror.  Send them back to the ones who do not want to see what THEY are.

Wednesday, November 7:      Khaki Yellow

It is time to let go.  It is time to know that so much you thought was important, even critical, was only illusion, and that illusion has been manipulated to make you feel that it was real.  This is a day for going within.  To honor, recognize, amaze at, the power that is within.  To know that any true power comes from within.  This is a day on which perspectives are being tested, wrung out, and replaced.  It is good.  We often do not trust what we know within the heart until we have no other choice.  Right now, there is no choices other than to act from what we know to be true based upon the deepest essence of WHO we are.  Trust your intuition.  It works on so many more levels than the poor limited human psyche.  There are lessons based on the wisdom of the heart that will be coming your way today.  They can intrigue you, but most of all, they will console you in knowing that if you trust your connection to the Universal  Consciousness, you can create miracles.  As with so many things, you have to do them in order to know that you CAN do them.  Fly.

Thursday, November 8:    Sage Green

The lessons continue in the current energy.  Interestingly, however, you are both student and teacher in much of this.  There is a new cooperation that is eddying around everyone, and if you allow yourself to be open to it, you will find that you move into the flow with more ease and confidences.  This can affect all parts of your physicality, and will, in time be reflected in how your body looks.  The lights inside the bio-photons, are being charged up by the increasing action of the Sun, regardless of what NASA may be telling you about the Sun’s effects at this time.  You are learning what it is to participate with Gaia as a true light being, and the energies of the day can bring you forward in this.  There is much learning to be done, and a large part of what you do is according to your own choices.  This is another shift day.  Take the time to go within and review your pacts with yourself and the Universe.  There is much work to be done, and you have many more resources than you knew  Time spent in contemplation, creation, meditation can bring to you the depths of your awareness while awakening you to your potential and your connectedness.