Record Warm November Temperatures

November 2011 a Top Ten Warmest for Some Cities

by Chris Dolce, Meteorologist
Updated: December 1, 2011 6:00 am ET
November: No Heavy Coat Needed

If you live from the Midwest to the Northeast and thought your jacket or heavy coat usage was less often than usual this November, you are right. The month will close out with a number of cities recording a top ten warmest November.

First up, check out the geeky looking map below. This graphic shows the departures from average temperatures throughout the first 28 days of the month. The darker orange and red shaded locations over the Midwest and Northeast had temperatures the farthest above average during the month. (Note: The figures for the month are computed by taking the high and low from each day and averaging them out over the course of the entire month.)

For some locations in the Northeast, this mild November comes on the heels of the historic, damaging late-October snowstorm dubbed “Snowtober”. After that storm, perhaps you thought bouts of snow and cold temperatures would be in full effect through February? That’s not the case so far.

In the next section below, we will highlight some of the cities that will end up with a top ten warmest November.

Departure from average temperatures: November 2011 (Credit:
November: A Top Ten Warmest

November 2011 will go down as a top ten warmest for all of the cities listed below. The rankings displayed for each location are through November 30th.

Boston, Mass. 

  • 2nd warmest November on record dating back to 1872.
  • Not only has November been warm, the period from Sept. 1 to November 29 is the warmest such period on record.

New York, N.Y. – 

Providence, R.I. – 

  • Tied as the 4th warmest November dating back to 1904.

Hartford, Conn. – 

  • 7th warmest November dating back to 1904.

Worcester, Mass. – 

  • Unofficially the warmest November dating back to 1892.

Detroit, Mich. – 

  • 5th warmest November dating back to 1874.

Cleveland, Ohio – 

  • 4th warmest November dating back to 1871.

Indianapolis, Ind. –