November 20-26

Overall Color for the Week:   Moss Green

This week there is much in the air that indicates the direction of things as the year winds down and the Holiday Season begins.  Take time to see what it is that you wish to have as your culmination for 2011.  Look around at things that are and are not working in your life, and know that in the crescendo of the energy at this time, there is the potential for great and quick change.  This is not a time for over-thinking things, that can just lead to some overlooking.  This is a time for truly being in the flow and in the know, the know being that you are taken care of and if you allow the best you deserve, it will happen.  Trust your intuition.  That cannot be stressed enough.  Intuition will get you through many tough situations.  Do not fall into judgment about yourself or others. You will see more and more odd behaviors from those whom you have known for quite some time.  As this month nears it close, more and more unions are being shaken up and more and more health situations are arising.  Again, if you go within to your heart, you will feel what this is all about.  Know that in all things you have both power and choice.  Use them wisely.  You will also be finding that more and more things are going bump, as odd noises and occurrences happen.  Your senses are changing.  You see things that cannot be there, but are.  The same with sounds, hearing odd things.  Taste preferences are changing.  Smells are affecting you differently.  And even the feel of things is shifting.
On a larger scale, Black Friday will be sending a message to all, near and far, the priorities are changing.  Shopping will happen, but there will be a different tone about it as people look to their communities, their artists, their friends for their abilities and gifts.   This is a time when old stuff becomes more important, and the glitz loses it shine.  Look for fluctuations n the markets back t the old products and old standbys.  In politics the slick ones will be shone for what they are as a new candidate begins to arise on the scene.  There is sorrow coming this way for many who have people involved in movements and battles both here and abroad.  Chances becomes stronger for more dissension n the Middle east.  Israel is hiding something that can no longer be hidden.  There is an anger below the surface, led by those who hold the reins, which will begin to show itself in weird reactions to situations.  The Earth is trembling, vibrating, and things will start to fall apart even more this week.  If you can feel the vibration and hook into it, this can be a truly revealing and life changing time.

Sunday, November 20:    Pale Apricot

Today there is much that will be understated, underdone, and ‘underwhelmed’.  This is a good vibration for seeing things in slow motion.  You will find that things are appearing and disappearing, seemingly almost from out of nowhere.  They may seem indistinct at first, however if you focus on them, they will become clearer.  This relates also to projects that you are working on, conversations you are having, and things you wish to get done.  There is a feeling of release in the air.  Listen carefully to what is being said.  There is a message for you that will assist in resolving an issue that has been outstanding for quite some time.  And take some time this evening to have a little fun.  Laughter can put  a new face on so many things.

Crystal Energy:    Blue Chrysocolla—-The energies of this stone assist in releasing stress and gaining perspective.  As part of this, it can bring a sense of security in situations in which you are feeling challenged. Resonates with the Heart and Throat Chakras.

Monday, November 21:    Lime Green

You may find that people are noticing you more today.  Even if you are wondering why, take advantage of this vibration to get some of your favorite ideas, creative works, and  important thoughts out there.  They will be seen and heard.  There is an opportunity in this energy that you should not allow to pass you by.  There are many things that you are desiring to manifest in your life, and in the current vibration the seeds can be planted that will yield great results as time continues on.  Do not allow yourself to fall into doubt or self-questioning.  This is a day for getting the kudos from outside.  They can tell you a lot about yourself that you might not otherwise accept.

Crystal energy:    Ocean Picture Stone—-The energy of this stone assists with getting rid of old stuff, crashing it upon the shore, as it were, hen pulling back, seeing what is necessary to do, and moving forth, especially with the sense of community.  Vibrates with the Root heart, Throat, Crown and Etheric Chakras.

Tuesday, November 22:    Lemon Yellow

The day starts slowly, as you feel that you are behind schedule and that you have forgotten something.  As the day progresses, however, there is a sense of light and joy that comes into the general area.  This s the day that can be the start of a great adventure for you.  Take hold of that energy and go with it.  There are changes that you have been wanting and needing in your life and today’s energy helps you to accept this and to move forward n your own power.  Laugh a little today, but all the time be the observer.  This is not a day for involvement in the larger scene, rather it i a day for knowing how you fit into that scene and what it is that you are desiring as part of it and for yourself as WHO you are.  There is help out there.  It may come in unexpected ways, but in today’s energy it cannot help but be a bit fun, if not funny.

Crystal energy:    Chrysoberyl—-This stone emits a healing energy which focuses in on toxins that need to be removed and doing the job.  It resonates with the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Wednesday, November 23:    Pale Yellow Green

There is a kind of easy-going energy in the day today.  Put aside any angst about schedules, turkeys, what’s right, propriety and enjoy the company you keep.  There is much to talk about and you will find that people have a lot to say.  This is not day for analysis or deep meanings.  The energy favors togetherness and sharing. People are feeling just a bit better, a bit more optimistic today, regardless of what the headlines are saying. There are times when people just know that we are all one, and the current vibration is making that obvious to those who wish to hear and acknowledge.  For others, this can be a hard day for them as they will not be able to get anything right.  But then, we all have good days and bad days.

Crystal energy;    Blue Suglie—-This stone brings wisdom to those who choose it.  In their wisdom, they can see the larger picture and transcend dimensions.  Vibrates to the Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras.

Thursday, November 24:    Clearwater Blue

Thanksgiving Day:    Mercury goes Retrograde:   This is a day to make of it what you choose.  What level are you on.  What are you feeling? Who are you wanting to be.  Best to let go of expectations and let the energy flow.  Then there can be some big surprises for you.  There is much to learn in this, and you will be pleasantly surprised to find that, after all, others share your views.  Take time to enjoy what it means to be, and if that being involves being with others, enjoy that.  If that being involves private time, know what it s that you are looking for. Answers are out there as the energies grow and flow.  And perspectives are changing.  This is not a time for set in stone.  be open.  Be fresh.  Accept your intuition.  This is a time for accepting the energy of Mercury Retrograde and working with it.  Things can still happen, and you can make progress in terms of a particular project that still needs a bit of marinading.

Crystal energy:    Willemite—-This mineral resonates with personal vibrations, making them true to their nature and focused on fulfillment. Resonates with all Chakras.

Friday, November 25:      Tough White

Black Friday:   Partial Solar Eclipse:    If you go into the day with expectations, then this can turn out to be a difficult day.  On the other hand, if you face it with openness and acceptance of whatever comes, then this can be a great day.  It is all up to you.  there are energetic vibes out there that are working to skew things one way or the other.  This is an excellent opportunity for knowing WHO you are and for standing up for that WHo on whatever level is necessary.  Take time to feel today.  Center, and look out from your heart.  There are many messages in what is going on, and if you focus, you can find out what is most important for yourself.  This Partial eclipse period opens up various energy centers within and causes a general resonance with the communication between Gaia and the Sun.  Take some time to honor both today and listen for the messages they bring.

Crystal energy:    Biotite—-This mineral aids in finding one’s way, especially after observing the scene first.  Both need and objective are important here.  Resonates with all chakras.

Saturday, November 26:    Light Pink

This is a day for whatever.  So do whatever it is that you enjoy.  There is a kind of return to childhood in the air.  it is a good time for sharing with friends and companions, partners and family.  There are things that need to be said at this tie, and the energy is such that they can be.  These days tell you to get everything out.  You want no regrets. When you worry about those kinds of things, always think in terms of the worst thing that can happen.  the answer is usually pretty trivial.  You are changing with the times if you will allow it.  Emotions are closer all the tie, but as you allow yourself to feel and go with what is happening, you will grow and develop into an amazingly powerful and capable being.  Go for it!

Crystal energy:    Pearl—-The energy of this bead has to do with focus, growth, and perfection, despite obstacles and challenges.  Resonates with the Third Eye Chakra.