Nor’easter on the Way

Nor’easter takes aim at the Eastern United States this week

Published on October 16, 2011 11:05 am PT
– By TWS Senior Meteorologist
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( – The weather pattern is changing for the Eastern United States as a strong surface low should ride the area, providing gusty winds and pounding rainfall.

On the backside of the system, say in Minnesota and Wisconsin, we probably will see those areas get light snowfall, but the ground is still warm so accumulations or sustained accumulations will not be expected.

This is not a blizzard producing Nor’easter so areas in the Northeast due not have to worry about being buried in feet of snow like with deep-winter style Nor’easters.

Areas in the Southern Gulf States (including Florida) will need to be monitored for severe weather as tropical moisture from a developing system near the Yucatan streams northward to meet the surface low and frontal zone by Tuesday through Thursday of this week.