Katla Volcano in Iceland Getting Restless

Eruption fears grow as Iceland Katla Volcano becomes restless; Scientists

Published on October 13, 2011 10:45 am PT
– By TWS Staff Reporter
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Katla is a feared volcano because it is the largest in the region, which would put the eruption of Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokul Volcano to shame in size and impact.(TheWeatherSpace.com) – Just like the Canary Islands, scientists are monitoring the Iceland Katla Volcano for a potential future eruption, which could be nearing as quakes continue to rattle the region.

Katla has been putting out a lot of magnitude three quakes over the last few months, but a magnitude four was recorded this last week, marking the larger quakes taking over
$2 billion was lost with the Eyjafjallajokul Volcano euruption, halting air-traffic across the area.

“It is definitely showing signs of restlessness,” said Einarsson, a professor of geophysics at the University of Iceland.

So Katla is showing signs of a pending eruption and scientists continue to watch it

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