Colors for the week of November 9-15, 2008

The second week of November is shaping up to be full of surprises. There is something on the horizon that is completely new, while at the same time the old ways and old energies are making themselves felt more and more in reaction to the new. It will take clear viewing and straight thinking to understand and make out the new vibrations that are coming in. It is a good time to stay grounded in the heart and work with the urges of your heart. It is a good time for creating sanctuary within, both as a place of refuge and a space for growth. This is the way things will be going for some time now, dealing with where you are as the old and the new come together.

Sunday, November 9: Touch Spun White

This is a color firmly grounded in texture. You might feel that you are caught in a giant spider’s web. You do not really see it, yet it is there, closing in on who you are and what you want to be. You feel as though you are being held back. You feel out of touch. Things are happening around you, behind you and ahead of you. You are trying to move forward, but it is not the time to do so. You cannot. The most effective action is no action, what the Taoist refer to as Wuwei. It is a time for release, letting go of the need to control. Look around. See what there is to see. Take stock. Think of who you are and what you really want

Monday, November 10: Yellow

Ouch. Watch out. Things are too bright. There is no sense of where to go or what to do. You are right there in the midst of the storm. Doing too much will just add to the stress and could result in unpleasant physical symptoms. There is no center here. But do not worry. This is a place of transition, of observation. A time to be. Let tomorrow take care of itself. Try to take some time to be out in and observe the rhythms of nature.

Tuesday, November 11: Salmon

Light is changing, warmth without true heating Much of what you are seeing and feeling is only related to what seems to be, not what truly is. You cannot get your bearings. You feel you are going one way, but looking around, you see you are not moving at all. It is not a time for action. Do not get frustrated. Allow things, events, and even people to roll around you. Move when movement is necessary, and rest when rest is necessary. Go within and listen to the wisdom of your heart. The right ones will appear when you reach out for them.

Wednesday, November 12: Light Opal

Clarity, reflection, and response. Things are becoming much clearer, but there is a doubt as to whether or not what is seem is real or merely a reflection of the refracted hues of light. As color, dimension, and hue return, things open up. Beware the tendency towards illusion and self-delusion. At this time, you are working hard to realize your own self and your own potential. DO not allow small revelations and insights to bedazzle you so that you cannot see the greater reality of which they are all a part.

Thursday, November 13: Daffodil

Daffodils and yellow make you think of Springtime. You feel as though a corner has been turned, and that the frustrations, adjustments, and oversights of the past few days are coming to an end. As these things end, new revelations and the possibility for manifestation appear. It is time to see your own truth. You will find synchronicities occurring which will verify the truth of your personal vision.

Tonight is the night of the Full Beaver Moon. The beaver is a builder. It is time for you to build upon your dreams, working to make them a reality. It is a time also for working upon your innermost truth and desires. Take stock of the materials you have before you. “Measure twice, cut once.” The pattern will reveal itself.

Friday, November 14: Chroma Green

Listen now to the wind. There are lessons there. Your light is getting brighter. You are moving towards understanding, but it is still time for caution in dealing with other people. There are many people who seek to blame you because they are feeling insecure and lost. Stay centered in your own truth. Observe, but do not act. As the outside world more and more loses its center, know that you are on the path of finding yours. If you just change your focus, you will see that all is coming together.

Saturday, November 15: Cal Color Cyan

Blue. Quiet. The week ends with a sigh of relief. It is as though a lot of work has been done this week, but you cannot actually point to what those things are. You just know. It is time for quietude and rest, but do not be surprised if there is something wonderful there in the stillness.