Colors for the week of November 2-8, 2008

This first full week of November brings surprises and changes, beginning with muted tones and hues, there is a movement towards a new growth and self understanding.  Be aware that things that were expected may not turn out quite the way they were thought to be, but that is in the nature of the new energy.  Old ways have broken down and what was seen as inevitable in the old ways of looking at history, no longer is so.

Sunday, November 2 – Blue Green:  This is they day when there are new meanings to old words and ways.  Old meanings do not make sense any more.  They are merely confusing.  Everywhere you look things seem different.  There is a sense that somehow the world has changed.  It is as though you are looking at the world with your glasses off.  There is a certain sense of familiarity, but a lack of feeling grounded and a sense of not getting things quite right.

Monday, November 3:  Pale Grey:  The light is going out; the sun is going down.  Colors are losing their definition.  It seems as though you are walking in a fog.  You have no real sense of where you are going, but you know that under any circumstances, you must keep going, one foot after the other.  The very act of walking gives a sense of control and keeps fear at bay.  You are not lost.  You are on the right path, the correct way.  It is time to trust, and to close your eyes and know that things will work out.  You will get there.

Tuesday, November 4:  Clear:   Things are coming to the light.  It has been for sometime that nothing could stay hidden, and that has become completely obvious.  It is seen that, in fact, the Emperor has NO clothes on.  While the initial reaction can be panic, it is necessary to stay within the clarity of the moment and see that panic is reactionary and ultimately does not allow for forward movement.  Stay centered in yourself, be willing to face all your fears and uncertainties, knowing always that the good will prevail, you are taken care of, and there are no accidents.  The light is now on, and the shadows hold no more surprises.  Stay strong, stay loving, stay compassionate.

Wednesday, November 5:  Lavender:  The sky has not fallen, Chicken Little, but you feel as though it may have.  There is a sense that the old is no longer holding sway, but the new has not yet arrived.  It is a feeling of in-between.  There is a sense of relief and a feeling of no longer needing to be on guard, but it is wellto remain wary.  There are those who would use this time of rest for generating fear.  But fear and anger no longer can motivate people as they did before.  Scar tissue has  built up and we move on in our lives with a sense of purpose.

Thursday, November 6:  Dark Yellow Green:  Underneath the surface, things are growing.  The soul is expanding, and there is a sense of newness on the rise.  Much of the confusion of before has been forgotten and seen for what it was.  There is a new sense of community and companionship .  Old friends may return, new friends may be met.  But things that would stop growth in any area of one’s life will be fading away.  You may wonder why or what happened to this, that or the other thing, but that will only be a temporary thought.  You will be too busy with the wonder of what is coming in.

Friday, November 7:  Blue:  The heart is opening.  Things are becoming known, and it is time to speak your truth.  You reach deep inside yourself and see the connectedness of your true self to all that is around you.  You wonder at the way you have brought things into your life over the years that only had a purpose now.  You see things with new eyes and new appreciation, and you burst forth in a litany of what is truly important to you now.

Saturday, November 8:  Straw Yellow:  It is time to build upon all that has gone before in this most invigorating, tumultuous, and exhausting week.  Take time to decide what it is that you wish to create.  Focus on what is most important for you, and take the necessary measures to manifest all that you truly desire.  It is no longer helpful to attempt to close your eyes to what is most important to WHO you are.  There is no more time to waste, to put things off.  It is time to write down your mission statement and act upon it.