Colors for the Week of November 16-22, 2008

This third week of November feels like an uphill climb. You keep going and going, and yet you feel as though you are not getting very far, even not moving at all. You have the sense that the things that you desire are actually moving away from you. You are perplexed. You look down the side of the path you are on, and there is beauty. But your path is the climb, and you are walking away from the beauty that appears to be there below you, you walk up towards something hazy, a growing cloud on the horizon. You have the sense that a storm just might be coming in, but rather than running for cover, you walk towards it. Down deep inside the depths of your soul, you hear the inner voice that whispers to you to keep on, keep on. All things will work out. At this time, the line between illusion and reality is very vague. It is a good time to hold on to what is true for you.

Sunday, November 16: Pale Gold

Twilight. You are not sure whether it is truly there or whether you feel the need to rest because you are just so tired. You want to sit down and wait it out for a time. You wish to rest, but there is a restlessness inside of you that will not allow you to fall into deep sleep or centered meditation. You sense the conflicting energies at work. It is not time to fall into that distraction, rather you need to see for yourself how you are. Take some time to write or draw the feelings that you are encountering.

Monday, November 17: Tough Silk White

This is a day when what should be soft and comforting turns out to be dissettling and rough. You feel that things should have eased up by now, yet it seems they have become harder and harder. It is time to go within. You will see that deep inside you have the feeling of being wrapped up, even cocooned. It is a good time to give in to that feeling of being within a cocoon, of germinating. Do not fight it. Let it encompass you and see what messages for yourself you may find there.

Tuesday, November 18: Rose Gold

Once again, the light is shifting, but shifting within its own monochromatic spectrum. You take on the tasks of this day with abandon. You have decided that you will not allow anything to keep you back from what it is you wish to do. You are feeling that you can control the situation if you would just make some positive moves. Do so. Do something positive for yourself. Do something that makes you feel good. Leave behind the sense of consequences for they do not matter at this time.

Wednesday, November 19: Exotic Sangria Red

This day opens with a mystery. It is a day for roles and role playing., Watch what people say to you and what you are saying to them. You have the sense that much of what is happening is scripted and somehow you are just playing a part. Stay away from deep truths, from confidences and soul outpouring. There is too much in the air that suggests the drama and not the true substance. People met today may promise things, but it is best not to expect any action.

Thursday, November 20: Teal Green

Green, the color of that which grows. It is time now to begin to come outside of the protective coating you have forged. Take a look around, while staying firmly grounded in the core of yourself. Things are beginning to take a new shape. There is a sense of the rose poking through the snow. You are beginning to feel that there is a new confidence growing inside you, a new strength coming forth. Keep an eye out for true friends who wish to lend a hand or give a message. This is a good time for sharing.

Friday, November 21: Tough Spun Creamy White

You are feeling new resilience. You are seeing yourself in a new light. You are feeling that you can dance. Take time to allow yourself to feel good about yourself. Wear a favorite outfit, one that makes you feel beautiful. Eat some favorite foods. Listen to a favorite CD. Watch a favorite movie. You can relax now. It is time for a breather. Take off the rose colored glasses and see that much is as it seemed with the glasses on. But listen and be watchful, for there is much yet to come.

Saturday, November 22: Urban Blue

Walking and Strutting. It is time. The night time yields wisdom and surprises. Communities are forming. You can feel it in the air. You are encountering people with similar thoughts and ideas. There are synchronicities abounding. You know that all is forming as it should.