Delores Cannon on transformation

Transformation: Choosing Consciousness

July 9, 2013

Multiple-shots-of-Earth feature

When I have lectured about Earth and the people who inhabit it attaining transformation and moving to a higher dimension, there is one thing that bothered me: the people who were “left behind” on the Old Earth, and those who evolved and moved to the New Earth.

Multiple-shots-of-EarthI have talked and written about transformation and the theory of parallel universes and lives that are created by our thoughts and decisions. One theory I have raised is any time an individual has to make a decision, they usually have more than once choice or option. They have to decide one way or another. This is what I call “coming to a crossroad.”

Each time we make a decision another universe or dimension is instantly created, so the other choice can also become a reality, and another “you” can come into existence. We are not aware of these other parts of “us,” but nonetheless, transformation is taking place. These newly created selves are all just as real as the present lives we are focused (16)

It is up to the people of Earth, both the Old Earth that is driven by karma, and the New Earth, which is free of attachments, to make a choice. One Earth will go in one direction, and the other Earth in another. Choosing higher consciousness empowers a single individual’s transformation and has the power to change entire worlds for the better.

Transformation A star is bornThe energy to inspire transformation is growing stronger. It is physically affecting our bodies. Our frequency and vibration is being altered. I believe it is ultimately up to us what we choose and decide, and which Earth we gravitate toward by using our free will.

The choice for transformation is ours, and all possible worlds are waiting to be explored.

Dolores Cannon