October 16-22

Overall Color for the Week:    Light Lavender

Once again, this is an hold-onto-your-hats kind of week as the energies shift, change, and collide.  The old and the new will become more and more incompatible.  You will see this on all levels and in all areas of your life, as well as in the world at large.  There is sorrow attached to much of this.  Honor your feelings and know that they are at this time an important type of catharsis.  By allowing them their process, you can move through many issues and turmoils in your life. This is not a week for holding tightly or strongly to things around you, rather it is a time for being firmly grounded in WHO you are and centered in your Core Self.  Go to the heart for counsel when you are unsure.  Listen to your intuition.  And know that your connection to the Universal Consciousness is clear, strong, direct, and  infallible.  Do not give in to uncertainties.  Go to your heart center when you are unsure, and listen the advice that comes forth from there.  Also, you are probably aware that there is a kind of shift going on with your senses.  It seems that you are seeing things differently.  Food preferences are changing.  There might be a ringing in your ears.  And the smells, where are they coming from.  Even your fingers pick up different vibrations when touching something.  This is all an indication that you are reacting to the settling of these new energies as they move into your field.  Do not feel concerned or upset, changes are happening even within your physicality.  This is part of the Shift.  Be calm with it.

On the larger scene, things that were hidden can come to the surface, only to be denied and hidden again.  THe current energy does not allow for that, however, and facts keeping presenting themselves, many uncomfortable facts for people and institutions that have been working to delude, confuse, and control.  The earth continues in her erratic movements.  But do not be fooled, behind everything Gaia does there is a plan.  It is well to stay alert and connected.  There will be out of season storms and unusual earth movements, topped off by volcanic eruptions.  Disruptions to travel and communications are keynotes that will become more noticeable as we move towards the end of the year.  And for those who are interested in the election circus, be alert, pay attention, read the subliminals.  Much can be discovered if you do.

Sunday, October 16:    Dark Cadet Blue

New stuff and old stuff are in the air today, and there can be some clashes between the two, especially in dealing with others.  This is a good day to stand back and observe.  There will be many layers of meaning in what is going on, and it is wise to learn from what you are seeing and err on the side of caution.  This is not a day for action, rather it is a day for gathering information.  There is a lot of stuff going on out there, and you can discover new courses of action in this crazy energy.  Be true to yourself today.  Take time to go within and know what it is that is truly important for you.  Set your priorities, goals, and objectives.  Once you are satisfied with your overall plan, then will be the time to move forward.

Crystal Energy:    Megalodon Tooth—-This fossil comes from the ancient shark megalodon, which could be as long as 80 feet.  The energy of this fossil assists one when things seem to come almost to a standstill, and you feel you cannot move forward.  Resonates with the Root Chakra.

Monday, October 17:    Light Green

There are things in the works today, but it will take some time for them to mature.  Because of that, it is important to be aware of things that are going on around you.  Look for themes and coincidences.  It is important for you to get the message in terms of how things are shifting on all levels in your life, jobs, relationships, health, preferences, etc.  If you miss the first or second indication of what these things are, there will be more.  This is not a time for letting go of what it is that is most important for you.  Take time today to know what it is that you will put up with and what those things are that you will no longer accept.  This is all part of stepping into your own power.

Crystal Energy:    Rhodonite—-The energy of this stone brings one the strength and energy to move through tight situations and confront difficult individuals.  It resonates with the Root Chakra.  :

Tuesday, October 18:    Rose Purple

Today will begin like just another day, but there are surprises in store.  Take time before you start your projects to center and ground.  It is a good time to get to know what it is that you want to accomplish at this time.  There will be all sorts of distractions and aggravations coming your way.  Things will drop.  Your drink will spill. Somebody will bump into you.  Take care in traffic as there is an uneasy current about in the larger arena.  This is a pervasive undercurrent that is going to be affecting how things play out for the rest of the week.  Be prepared for anything.  Have alternate plans, be patient, be compassionate, and be forgiving, not just for others, but for yourself as well.

Crystal Energy:    Willemite—-The energy of this rock assists one in getting in touch with one’s own individual vibratory signature.  It resonates with all Chakras, both the lower and upper.

Wednesday, October 19:    Frosty White

This is a good time to step back from a lot of the things that are going on around you and just observe them for what they are.  This involves taking a new perspective on people, places, and things.  Also a lot of the old preconceptions and priorities that you thought were so important have ro be reevaluated in the light of the new energy.  This energy can be disruptive if you choose to hold on tightly to things that have always been one way. If, on the other hand, you are open to novelty and play, you can find that a lot of the things that you thought were so important have lost some of their glamour.  There is comfort in all of this if you are willing to open yourself to the true nature of your Core Self and the true longings of your heart.  And then, look around, there are others who are working with these same issues.  Communities are forming.  It is a good time to find yours.

Crystal Energy:    Bowenite Jade—-The energy of this mineral helps in letting go of old programming and a feeling of comfort as one moves into a new energetic level and community.  Resonates with the Heart Chakra.

Thursday, October 20:    Reddish Pink

If you are not feeling quite yourself this morning, just know that you are not coming down with something, unless you are thinking more in terms of an energy surge.  This will leave you both revved and tired at the same time. You can find yourself just heading straight into your work with lots of energy, and a few minutes later wanting a nap.  IT is time to go with the flow.  When you are moving into the sens of listlessness, take a moment to engage your heart center.  Go within and find the peace that is always there.  The interesting part of this exercise is that when you come out of it, you will find that your outlook on things has slightly shifted.  This can be a great assist if you are wanting to do some creative work, writing, thinking, painting, meditating, etc.  Connection with the Field can make all the difference.

Crystal Energy:    Morganite—-This stone brings assistance and knowledge as one opens to the truths of one’s heart knowing.  It allows for the integration of the soul into the One.  Resonates with the Heart and Upper Chakras.

Friday, October 21:    Alizarin Crimson

Be aware of your emotions today, but before you act, go into the feeling and see just exactly where it is coming from.  In the current disconnect of cause and effect, you need to be aware of the source of many of the things around you before you choose to act.  There is a lot of confusion in all that is happening at this time, and various threads of events become tangled and unclear.  It is time to renew your perspective.  It is a good time to distance from things around you while at the same time, getting closer to the essence ogf WHO you are.  Again, you need to be aware of what it is that you would wish to have with you at all times, and the things that you can do without.  It is hard sometimes to let things go … for many reasons, perception of value, sentimentality, habit, etc.  It is time, however, to take a second look.

Crystal Energy:    Orange/Peach Alabaster—-The energy of this mineral calms the lower abdominal area and issues related to that.  Resonates with the Root, Navel, and Solar Plexus Chakras.

Saturday, October 22:    Light Periwinkle Blue

The good news is that things are not going to be as bad as you had expected.  This does not mean that there is not something waiting in the wings.  As this time, focus and intention are very, very important.  Focus on what it is that you are wishing to create in your life and how you want things to be.  Then use your intention to create an atmosphere where, at all times and under all circumstances, you have the best possible outcome.  A combination of will and feeling properly directed truly can create miracles.

Crystal Energy:    Augite—-This is a powerful grounding stone, which can assist in bringing clarity out of confusion.  Resonates with the Root Chakra.