August 28-September 3

Overall Color for the Week:    Lavender Pink

Take time this week to allow good things into your life.  You think you do that, but in so many cases what you are doing is trying to manipulate and cause things to be as you wish them to be.  That is too difficult.  Alowing involves letting go and letting in.  Try it.  There may be some interesting results.  Also, the energies of the Feminine will be particualrly strong this week as time and purpose comntinue to weave their new patterns. Meanings will begin to change, along with personal tastes and preferences.  These things are meant to delight you, to let you see the variety out there that you might have missed as you limited your focus and tended to concentrate on things at hand. At this time, you are opening to new things, new people, new ideas, etc. Communities are forming.  You can be pleasantly surprised as you recognize in strangers a kindred spirit and a feeling of comradeship. Little by little you are becoming aware of the growing importance of things, and mostly things spiritual or so-called woo-woo, that you knew were there but tended to see as sport and not serious.  Synchronicity is in the air, so that when something strikes you as odd, it can be followed by a sign, an event, a comment, that will make you realize its importance.  Be aware, but know that at this time and in this energy you will be reminded more than once if there  is something you are meant to see.

On the larger scale, the week will start out pretty much on an even keel,relatively uneventful, but all this will begin to shift as we move into September, with the first three days being particularly difficult. There will be unexpected and unprecedented Earth and climate events.  A lot of old preconceptions can be shaken up, leaving experts from different areas in conflict as to what this all means.  Politically there will be tosses and turns throughout the world.  There will be continued silliness as candidates here vie for something new to day.  Then there is a feeling of come kind of large event in the Middle East.  Egypt will again make the news.  There is some energy in the Atlantic area that will be making itself felt through all four of the elements.  Things globally can get quite touchy.  The Sun will be acting oddly, and again, back up your electronics and have a few flashlights, etc. on hand.  THere can be pwoer outages, some unexplained.  More information will be coming out about the tectonic structure of the Earth, and there can be some movement in the center of the country.  Something is stirring in Tibet.  There are energetic blips in Alaska and in Northern California.  Something is in the air, and this can lead to a general feeling of unease which will be seen in financial matters.  Word will be coming out about the flu season.  There is also activity in the skies.  Before discrediting anything, investigate.  People in the media, on the web, in charge, both mainstream and fringe, will be changing their opinions on a lot of things and you are going to need the background and information to make up your own mind.  At the same time, use your intuition.

Sunday, August 28:    Cloudy Red

What were you thinking?  There is so much going on right now, and it is not a good time in which to cause misunderstandings.  Clarification.  That is what is needed, but the energies of the day do not favor it.  Put off important conversations, phone calls, decisions.  You might just regret what you choose in this energy.  There are those out there who need help and they have been asking you, but they have not know how to approach you.  Let yourself sink into the craziness of today’s energy, and you will get a sense of the maelstrom that is brewing underneath everything.  If you can hold onto that, if you can conceptualize that, then things will begin to clear up. Paradoxical but true.  If you dive into the confusion and let yourself move through it, there is the clarity on the other side  This is a day when confusion reigns, so jump in, no judgments, no expectations.  Observe, and move through.  There is much to be learned.

Crystal Energy:    Psilomelane—-This mineral allows for grounding and centering.  It also assists in terms of root issues and the abdomen. Resonates with the Root and Navel Chakras.

Monday, August 29:    Clear

There is much that can be learned today.  Defenses will be down all around, and poeple will be feeling more open and more willing to share things.  There can be moments of Freudian slips and secrets let out.  It is important to be grounded in WHO you are and to be alert and sensitive to the situations and the people you encounter.  In this energy things can be revealed that are better kept to oneself or to a small group.  Consider carefully before speaking and listen well.  Because of the general shift of things all over much is being reshuffled and reworked. Take some time today to center, meditate, journal, create, anything that will allow you to get more in touch with your core.  It is important at this time to be in touch with the true knowing of your heart-mind.

Crystal energy:    Stichtite—-The energy of this mineral harmonizes with the Pleiadian vibration.  It works with the core for healing and understanding. Resonates with the Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras.

Tuesday, August 30:    Light Amber

There is an air of unreality about the day.  This can lead to day dreams, lapses of attention, and loss of focus.  Put the internal critic to rest.  You are responding to the energies around you.  It is time to see things from a new and different perspective.  This is something that, perhaps, you have never given yourself permission to do before.  Today not only is there permission, there is also a really good reason,  Things are shifting and changing, and so are you.  You need to let go of some of your old ideas and determinations about what you should do and who you should be .  Most of that comes from conditioning and the expectations of others.  Take time to work with what your expectations are for yourself.  Take some time to be with your core the true WHO of you.  There is much to be learned in such an exercise.  It will assist you in seeing things in a new light and in being able to make some tough decisions that you have been putting off for some time.

Crystal Energy:    Crazy Lace Agate—-There is a gentle energy to this stone which assist with healing, particularly emotional healing.  It resonates with all chakras, depending upon the color, and is good for time of emotional stress.

Wednesday, August 31:    Light Lime Green

You might be feeling that you finally got it….  Whatever IT might be, but look more closely.  What you are thinking you are seeing might just be, upon closer inspection, something else all together.  There is much duplicity in the air today, along with seeming but not being.  Nothing decided upon today will come to fruition. So, if there are things you do not want to do but people are pressuring you to get involved in, you can say yes toady and know that you will not be held to it.  This is a day when things done and said will be lost and forgotten as time goes by.  That means that if there is something really, really important that you are wanting to communicate, this is not the day for it.  This is a good day just to veg and let the world go by.  No judgment, no opinion, no reaction.  Take it for what it is and let it go.

Crystal Energy:    Phacolite—-This is a good mineral to have around when you are feeling under stress.  It helps to center and brings a sense of the larger picture.  Resonates with the Navel Chakra.

Thursday, September 1:    Bluebonnet Blue

Today is all about what is going on around you.  This can lead to confusion and lack of focus.  Everything will seem to be calling for notice at once, and it will be hard to gather your thoughts together and give some sort of coherent sense to everything.  Do not let yourself get sucked into everyone else’s reality.  You need to take time to center, focus, prioritize.  You are not good for anyone or anything else if you are not good for yourself.  Today comes in with craziness and confusion.  But it is ultimately an opportunity for you to clear out all the background noise and begin to know what it is that is most important for you.

Crystal Energy:    Kammererite—-This mineral  resonates strongly with the female energy, bringing a sense of calm, belonging, and comfort.  It is good for ceremony honoring the Goddess.  Resonates with the Root and Crown Chakras.

Friday, August 2:   Lavender Blue

There is a lot going on in your head these days, and you can find that today you will be experiencing some real battles between the logical/intellectual and the intuitive/feeling.  This can lead to some confusion along with shortness of temper.  In these kinds of energy fields, vibrations are crashing against one another.  You are working in more than one reality at a time and you must make choices as to which one is the right one for this time.  This is also an excellent opportunity for learning what is involved with each one of those particular fields.  By spending time with what is going on and how you are feeling today, you can learn what you resonate with.  It is a time when you are learning of the shift that is happening, how you fit into it, and what it mean to be part of more than one dimension.

Crystal Energy:    Blue Aragonite (Laurium)—-This mineral allows for a leadership perspective and knowing of one’s power, while at the same time being receptive to the needs of others. It is helpful in bringing the bigger picture into view, especially at times of questioning.  Vibrates to the Throat Chakra.

Saturday, September 3:    Cloudy White

This week started with clouds and ends also on a cloudy note. There is a kind of nostalgia and longing in the air. There is also a sense of disconnect, of not being quite there with yourself, with others, with things that are happening around you.  Focus is off and things that seemed so important no longer seem to be that way.  This affects even your usual style.  You can find yourself doing uncharacteristic things, wearing clothing that is different from what you tend to choose, saying things that in other times you might have kept to yourself.  This will surprise you, but there will be other surprises in how people out there are acting and reacting.  This is, therefore, a good day for regrouping, taking time to yourself, attending to your feelings, and just relaxing.  Sometimes the best things to do is to stay home.

Crystal Energy:    Cuprian Aragonite—-The energy of this mineral works particularly well below the surface, affecting core and root issues, and allowng you to understand true motivations. Vibrates to the Throat Chakra.