September 5-11

Overall Color for the Week:    Cloudy White

A lot of intrigues will be coming to the light this week.  You will find this in your personal life, with revelations about things in the past, friends, and family members.  These kind of things can lead to you to re-evaluate not only your relationships but potentially also your core beliefs.  This is a week in which you may find that the foundation of your world is being rocked.  It is a week for knowing who are your friends and what is your community.  This is a week for moving forward on what it is you want in your life.  Know that you are the center of your world, and as such it is important always to be SELF-ish.  Know that you come first in your world, and if you do not honor that, then you are giving your power away.  This is a good week for listening to your body, taking care of your health, and making some lifestyle changes.

On the larger scene, intrigues in politics, finance, war, and peace, all will be coming to the surface.  There will be revelations made about items that have occurred that were originally chalked up to natural causes being somehow manipulated by covert technologies.  There is a growing sense among people that things are not as stable as they have been led to believe.  There will be unexpected reactions to governmental policies and strictures.  Some politicians will be changing their loyalties.  Also, there is a new kind of illness that will be making itself known.  It is not quite a flu, but rather a kind of condition that has both emotional and physical bases and symptoms.  The Sun is pulsating this week in a new and unusual way.  There will be events again in the waters, which can be felt on land as well as in the sea.  The northern Pacific will be experiencing some new turmoil.  There is also the possibility of a new land mass coming up out of the waters.  The hurricane season is becoming more  active, as the storms follow new tracks.  Expect more volcanic activity.  The transportation industry, including air and sea, can experience some disruption.  And it is time to look for signs in the skies.  There is also a new kind of hero that is beginning to appear on the scene.   The news will be coming out with hints that things are not as they seem, especially in terms of the structure of the Earth.  More and more there will be a disconnect between cause and effect, so it is important to be aware of various possibilities coming out of any initial cause.  Again, the electronics will be affected, with signals being crossed.  It is as though the wave patterns are no longer what they used to be.

Sunday, September 5:    Rose Tint

Things are going to go along fine today on the surface, but there is the possibility for misunderstandings and confusion stirring below the waters.  Listen carefully to what people are saying because this is a day when truths can come out, albeit somewhat in disguise.  People will be more willing to state what it is that  they are truly desiring, and while it is clear to them, to others it will not make sense.  Notice that also in yourself.  If you are trying to figure out how you are feeling about something, be ready to dig down to the bottom for a clear picture of what is going on. There is much to be learned today, but it involves work.  There can also be some memorable shared moments as a bit of serendipity sneaks in.

Monday, September 6:    Dark Red

Labor Day:    There is a lot of confusion in the air today.  Things will not be seen clearly.  Discussion will be confused.  There is the potential for things to reach critical mass.  A lot of this is in response to the new energies that are swirling about. People are feeling disconnected and without a center.  They are trying to find reasons for why they are feeling this way, and it is always easier to look outside oneself than within.  Step back from all that is going on around you today.  Be the observer, and if you are called upon to participate, know well the rules of the game.  There can be news about someone you know that you are not wanting to hear.  There is a lot of emotion around, so stay grounded in your own center.  Think clearly and react thoughtfully when you are called upon for opinion or assistance.  This is a good day for taking a look at what it is that you are trying to bring about in your life.  Take some time to meditate and journal, paint, create, whatever — some kind of representation that you can use as an inspiration for moving ahead as the week progresses.

Tuesday, September 7:    Light Blue-Green

This is a good day for getting things done, for being out with friends, for laughter. You will find yourself wanting to look and be your best today, and as everyone has a sense of things being better, this is a good day for discussions about things you have put off.  It is also a good day for starting new projects and/or picking up old ones that you had tired of.  You have a new perspective.  You can see things in  different light.  Take time today to think about old issues that you have left hanging.  You may find that a lot of the fear you have been dealing with is illusory.  It is time to move ahead with what you really want.  So know what that is.  Take time to appreciate WHO yo are.  Indulge yourself a little.  Let go of old thoughts and images.  You are strong in WHO you are.  Know that and be centered.

Wednesday, September 8:    Blue Green

New Moon:    It is time to set up what it is that you are wanting to accomplish for the remainder of this year.  This involves taking a long look at what it is that you have done so far.  The year has literally flown by, and it is September already.  Everyone has been feeling the ups and downs of what is going on in the larger world.  This can take you away from your center, but now is the time to get a clear and accurate focus in terms of what is important for you.  Take a long, hard look at things, and determine what you want to create.  Today brings the opportunity for a new perspective which brings into relief both past and future.  There are many possibilities open to you.  Today is the time to determine how you want to create your your present reality.  This is a day also for enjoying and rejoicing in your life.  Spend time with those you love, cook a favorite dish, go to that special restaurant, do something that brings you pleasure.  All these activities, combined with your new perspective can bring some unexpected revelations.  There is a surprise in the works.

Thursday, September 9:    Light Yellow

This is a day for relaxation.   A day for going with the flow.  Let things pass you by. Do not give into emotions.  You have the option to choose what it is that you want to do today, so do not allow the pressures around you to make up your mind for you. You will be feeling more concerned about things in the future than you are about the present.  When that happens, you can become a little careless about what is around you, so take care in traffic and watch what you say.  As you navigate the flow today, do not give in to other people’s stuff.  You are finding that there is enough on your plate right now.

Friday, September 10:    Royal Blue

There is a surprise in the air today.  You are going to feel it from the moment you wake up, and by the end of the day, you will not be disappointed.  This is day on which synchronicity will abound.  It will be so much a part of what is going on today that it will not seem odd or uncanny, although you can find yourself wondering just what is going on.  You might even feel as though you have stepped into a different world.  There is the possibility for strange encounters with people, places, and things.  You might even find that you are realizing some of your wildest dreams. Anything can happen today, so be open and ready.  Know what you want, and let your intuition rule.  If you follow your heart today and the signs along the way, it will turn out to be a most rewarding and memorable time.

Saturday, September 11:    Moss Green

Tiredness is part of the mood today.  Thing are going to take longer than usual, and not a lot of progress will be made in projects that you undertake.  This is a day to slow down and take things one at a time.  There is a sense of unreality about things. Stuff that once seemed so important will not seem that important.  You might be a bit perplexed about that at first, but you will get over it quickly.  The best thing for today is to take time to relax.  Get some perspective.  Watch what is going on.  Listen to what people are saying.  By doing that, you will get hints of the direction in which things are going.