September 12-18

This is a good week for checking up on your sources and doing the background work to verify that what you are being told is, in fact, true.  There is an aura of deception in the air, and it is important to factor that into your considerations this week.

Overall Color for the Week:    Opal Frost

This week will bring things up that you have seen before.  There will be reflections of things past and hints of future events.  You will find yourself running into a number of deja vu occurrences that will leave you wondering just what is going on.  The energies of the week speak of challenges to be met and realizations to come to.  This is a good week for following your heart and the urges of your intuition.  There will be things in relationships and around appliances, cars, electronics, etc. that can leave you feeling frustrated.  Go beyond the frustration and you will find a quick solution.  This is a time when you will begin to see people in a new light.  You will find that you are ready to let go of some old stuff, and while you have been wanting to do that, it still will not be easy.  There will be some times of synchronicity which will leave you, at the end of the week, feeling that this was actually quite a worthwhile and rewarding time.  Oh, and as for all your plans, make sure you have a Plan B, just in case.

On the larger scale, there will be some rocking and rolling in all areas.  Interestingly, the financial situation will not be as affected as one might think.  There are surprises to come from all four elements and the earth continues to react to all the stressors that have been put upon her.  There are lessons and there is a kind of meaning or pattern in the shifts and changes that the Earth experiences this week.  Also, there is a possibility of more hints of extra-terrestrial life to come in the mainstream media.  Along with that, there are also some fanatics out there who are wanting to stir up the pot.  This can happen both locally and on a country-wide scale.  As mentioned before, check out what you are hearing in the media.  It is, in many cases, partially true.  There will be coming some reflective energies form the galaxy and the Sun, affecting grids, animals, birds, fish, and  weather patterns.  Look for unseasonal weather events. There is something coming out of Africa that will have a large effect on the Atlantic.  The Mid-Atlantic Ridge will be responding to pressures under the sea.  Expect an announcement from a woman in the news that is going to cause people to rethink their ideas of the situation in the Mid-East.  Time is going to seem strange this week, so allow for that.   This is a week also in which those who are no longer desriing to hang on to the uncertainties of the time will be checking out.  There will be a layer of fear in the air this week, but it is foggy and ephemeral.  You can choose to see it and make it true for you or you can move through it, and grasp a sense of the larger picture.  The choice is, as always, yours.

Sunday, September 12:    Light Grey

Mercury goes Direct 7:09 pm EDT:    There is quite a bit of static in the air today, so you will not be communicating well, nor will anyone else.  Check your facts and be sure to understand what is being said or done.  This is not a good time in which to overreact.  Tempers will be short and relationships can be strained.  There is however, a sense of play around and if you can hook into that energy, you can turn any potentially difficult situations into something, if not fun, at least acceptable.  Be aware also of your driving and traffic patterns.  There is a caution out today for travelers.

Monday, September 13:    Pale Grey

Listen to your intuition today because it will be alerting you to potentially difficult situations and personalities.   This is not a good day for making decisions.  You are not being given all the facts.  This is a processing kind of day.  Take a look around, and analyse what is happening.  It is best to be the observer today and hold off voicing opinions until you get sufficient information or the right feeling about things.  There is something going on with someone to whom you are close.  This is a day for you and for all to be cautious in your actions.  Go into your heart with your questions and trust the wisdom there.  You are connected on all levels, and if you will just open to the truth in that, you can discover many things today.

Tuesday, September 14:    Bright Red

Things will be out there and in every one’s faces today.  Moreover, you will get the sense that everything is happening just too quickly, even too easily.  There is something stirring beneath what appears on the surface, so take time to figure out just what that is.  If you  can connect with the real theme of the day, you will find that not only will you come to some very important realizations, but also that you will be successful in a project that you have been dealing with for some time now. There is help available for you when you need it, so be open to suggestions and helping hands.

Wednesday, September 15:    Bright Rose

You might be feeling this morning, as you awake, that you have a headache, and though you might try to analyze what you did yesterday, there is nothing there in your actions that can explain it.  rather, there is a new energy around, and if you are sensitive at all, and many have been finding themselves attuned to new vibrations and waves, you are actually reacting to an energetic shift that is going on at this time.  There will be much around today that will seem to be negative, so keep a sense of humor about you.  Stay grounded in what you know to be true, for along with everything else, there will be a lot of people out there who will be trying to influence your opinion and get you to agree to their agendas.  you have your own true way, and it is not to become part of what others want you to do.  Go within and listen to your intuition today.  Know what is right for you.  There are challenges in the air today, but they can ultimately show you just how great and powerful you are.  While roses have thorns, they are also incredibly beautiful.  This is  a good day to see the beauty that lies among the thorns.

Thursday, September 16:    Cloudy White

Today is a day when good intentions can go wrong.  This can happen on every level.  Be careful in your words, actions, and thought today.  You do not want people to take you at your word if they are not truly understanding what it is that you are saying.  And watch what it is that you do.  take care in handling things, for there is the possibility of breaking things and/or misuse.  Emotions will be close to the surface.  Know this and allow the tears to flow if they wish to do so, or the laughter to bubble forth.  The best way to clear out the cloudiness is to look for the light in all things and to bring light to what is around you.    Oh, and make sure you have the extra batteries or the patience for the electronic stuff that is in the air today.

Friday, September 17:    Frosty White

Things are coming into focus today, but those around you will not be wanting to be compassionate to faults.  There is a sense of not being connected to others that can make communications difficult,.  This is day on which lots of judgements will be made.  People are wanting to blame others for things not being right in their lives.  people are not wanting to take responsibility for their own actions.  Do not buy into other people;s stuff, regardless of how close you may be.  it is time to see what your own stuff is and put it in good order.  The frostiness of those around you will actually make it easier for you to determine what it is that is most important for you.

Saturday, September 18:    Banana Yellow

Yom Kippur:    There is a brightness and lightness in the air today.  Take some time to rejoice, to party,. to have a good time.  This has been a strange and crazy week, and it is time to move beyond all the intensities that marked this week and just relax.  Put away your cares, and do something you have always wanted to do.  This is also a good day for letting the creative juices flow, so  go for it.  You have something that you have been wanting to get started on or to move forward on, take the time today to let it happen.