Send a Little Love to Gaia

by Elizabeth Meacham

What is action for the Earth? What is within our power to change during this time of great pain and peril for our world? I’ve spent 30 years struggling with this question: through great throes of pain, fear, activism, study, contemplation, prayer, hope, visioning, writing, teaching, and more and more often lying face down on the Earth begging for guidance.

What I’ve learned from this long and ongoing struggle—what the Earth teaches me—is that the power of love in community is greater than we can possibly imagine in the context of the global techno-industrial mindset. Though it can seem ridiculous to the “rational” mind, our usual guidance system in Western culture, one person sending love to all things in the world ripples and grows beyond what seems possible to us in “this” reality. How can we love the pain, the horror, the “bad actors” – in my longest and most quiet times of listening, my heart tells me that this is what the Earth asks of us now.

Many people sending love to all things in the world with commitment and shared intention is a re-evolution of consciousness. In these moments we connect with others across time and space, pulsing the thrumming rhythm from the center of the Earth across the plane of the human world. With each new dream that echoes from within our Earth-grounded heart-minds, we become the Healers of the Earth.

I invite you now to join with me: to commit each day to consciously give love and gratitude to the Earth. And, to give love to all things in the world if you can, or to whatever you can.

We take so much, consciously and unconsciously, from the planet. We are so often pulling from the Earth in ways that are completely out of our awareness. We want, we need, we crave, we draw from Earth sources with every breath. Shifting this orientation by actively focusing love and gratitude to the Earth, whenever and wherever we are able, shifts who we are, what we think and feel, how we know.

Our dominant human paradigm on the planet at this time may laugh at the simplicity of such acts; we may ourselves question the power of something so seemingly ephemeral in the face of so much destruction and madness. Yet love is a true and powerful path to finding our way back to our home within the Earth community.

As we take actions of love for the Earth, together in concentric circles of care for one another and all of life, we open channels to speak with Earth. As we enter into this communication that is always available to us, we can bring the questions that are aching within our hearts. Give the gift of your feelings, your questions, your dreams to the Earth, so that together we may grow our collective wisdom as dreamers of a healing dream.