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Quantum souls. Part one

Quantum souls. Part one

The following article is the first in a three-part series dealing with scientific evidence supporting the existence of souls and an afterlife. There may be excerpts from A Quantum Soul in a Newtonian World (Outskirts Press, 2016) and The Quantum Afterlife (due out Fall of 2016).

  1. Science is not the word of … umm … god.
  2. Debunking the debunkers – there can be no proof, but there is scientific evidence, get over it.
  3. TBA

1: Science is not the word of …umm… god.

Ever since the death of my son on September 2, 2014, I have been struggling with the concept of the soul, and by extension the existence of an afterlife. I wish I could believe in it. I want to believe in it. But, as a scientist, I am the type that needs rational arguments to convince me, and it seemed that the soul was too abstract for my mind. I am not one to resort to blind faith to believe in the soul. I needed evidence.  I needed proof.

I was navigating the web one night, lost in despair, wanting nothing more than to be done with the pain, looking for this evidence – this proof – and I came upon a response from a Rabbi whose name I never did get. The Rabbi was responding to a young man who had lost his brother seven years earlier, who was looking for the same answers that I was.  The Rabbi stated that even if our deceased loved ones were cloned to perfect identical duplication, down to the precise memories of your life together, something would still be missing. That even though that replicate might have your loved one’s expressions and thoughts, voice and mannerisms, s/he would be missing the spark that is unique to your loved one. And, that, he said, is what soul is.

I read his response over and over again. I realized that the soul – our soul – is the who of a person, rather than the what of a person. That my son had really only left his physical existence, but that he was still there (here?), somewhere, and that we will at some point, in some form, be together again. That we still were. Then I became aware of my own soul, and the souls of others who had passed, and I began to feel a universal tug; and my entire outlook on life, death, and the universe changed forever.  I have walked between the worlds since, one foot in this physical, or Newtonian world, and one in the spirit realm, where quantum properties and characteristics are the norm.

I started to really pay attention to what other people were saying and doing, I began to thoroughly observe, with full sensory acceptance, how animals and plants interacted.  I had been a biologist for decades, but only now was I really seeing what life and death were.  And I was not alone.

With very few exceptions, the people I passively observed and actively interviewed said that they knew that there was something. The phrase life force was used quite a bit.  But when I asked them if they thought this was their soul, they would hesitate. Some answered yes outright but others did not want to get hung up on religious semantics. They didn’t want to associate this spiritual ideal with stringent religious dogma. Very few defined soul using scientific definitions.

Why, I wondered, are so few people doing research into this, our only truth? We are all born to die. Dying and death are the only absolutes and yet we would rather sweep the concept under the rug and belittle the idea that there is something that enters the body upon birth and leaves upon dying. I decided right then and there to devote the rest of my life to investigating and researching the existence of the soul and all that that entails. Because I am a scientist, I will use scientific methods.  It’s what I know and what I am comfortable with. But I also acknowledge that science is limited and limiting and as such is not the only way to investigate something.

Those of us who are conducting research into the realm of the beyond, other dimensions, soul’s journey, are blackballed from the rest of the scientific world. People would rather believe that I have lost my mind due to the trauma of losing my child then that I have been enlightened to what really happens upon dying.  The fact of the matter is that the reality lies between the two.  What is most interesting to me is that these same people who like to judge others, who place their own self-righteousness in place as some marker of truth and sanity, claim to believe, absolutely, in other theories and hypotheses which have not been proven, so why this particular bias? For them, it’s ok to know that atoms exist or that DNA is an absolute truth, when much of the science behind both shows only evidence of the existence, but never proof. Nothing in the universe is certain. Nothing.

It is highly probable that atoms and DNA exist. The evidence backs that up. But it is also highly probable that souls exist. The evidence is abundant on this theory as well.  My book, A Quantum Soul in a Newtonian World, goes into detail on this, as does its sequel, A Quantum Afterlife.

The nay-sayers will say that our thoughts and life energy are simply extensions of the mind, but they can’t define exactly what the mind is.  They say that it is all about impulses and sparks within the neurological network that makes up the brain, but they have no idea what that means either. No one does. Not fully. Not yet.

They say that we can prove thoughts and emotions as simple brain functions because we can record the changes in brainwaves as they occur. But when near death experiences occur, and complete cessation of brainwaves are recorded, and yet thoughts are still processed, they would rather believe that a dead brain can have hallucinations than that intelligent energy is somehow being transferred, as in a soul, from one dimension to another dimension.

They will not or cannot accept that there must be an energy, one that we cannot fully measure yet, that makes cells function and communicate, and that drives biological and chemical processes.  There is nothing supernatural about our souls. There is nothing religious about the existence of our true selves. There is really nothing scientific about our souls other than that science is an acceptable means for providing evidence of the possibility of the thing.

When the quantum sciences came along and challenged the cogs and wheels mentality of Newtonian thinkers, they once again were selective in placing limitations. But until the advent of the internet and social media, it was a very hush-hush thing shared only within the science world and only within closed circles. Now it’s not so easy to hide facts and evidence; and it is much easier to share information and experiences.

Through the quantum sciences, in particular quantum biology, evidence of the existence of the very small and non-linear – those things that surround us but are invisible and behave in seemingly magical ways – can be gleaned.

The idea that we are quantum beings having materialistic experiences is a challenging paradigm for us because we were born into a three dimensional linearly aligned physicality. And for too long, that physicality has been defined within the limitations of Newtonian Laws, or rather by the followers of those laws, often times  with their own interpretations – laws that place us as cogs and wheels in an enormous superficial machine with little room for forces beyond simple matter.

But we are not superficial machines that run on cogs and wheels. We are complex organisms made up of matter that is in turn made up of energy. Our physical bodies may fit neatly into Newton’s very limited world, but the force that drives these bodies, the intelligent energy that is behind thought and emotion, life and death, can only, for now, be explained through quantum science; and through the technologies we have not yet discovered or mastered.

Because of the nature of energy, we are very limited in our understanding of it, and so it becomes this magical thing that we either believe in or not… for now. But remember magic is simply science that has not yet been defined. Thus, anything that is too nebulous to understand, at the time, is labeled magic or philosophy.

We need to remember that at some point in history, in fact several points in history, everything we consider science now was considered magic then. By extension, everything that we consider magical now will be considered scientific in the future as technology evolves and understanding is gleaned. Even what we thought we understood, through scientific methodology, has changed. How many theories and hypotheses have been blown out of the water as we gain better insights?

We must remember that science is merely a human construct in and of itself. We fall under the excuse that magic is of gods, but science is of men. Not everyone believes in gods. Not everyone trusts the wisdoms of men.

We made science. We decided that magic and faith weren’t enough to go by so we created a system that would be more succinct and consistent, an attempt to even the playing field. But that succinctness and consistency is defined by us. We decide what succinct means.  We decide what consistent means. Humans created language. Then we fit our scientific ideals within those constructs. We are making this up as we go along.

Always, the various disciplines of science, regardless of type, focus or methodology, were developed through the minds, hands and hearts of humans using the tools available to us at the time- tools that we either discovered or created, like fire, hammers, and computers.

And, because science is a human construct, it is at the mercy of its creators. Just like magic. Like small gods giving birth to worlds, the creator and the created fused; and the philosophies grew with their followers. And so too did the limitations.

And yet everyone wants scientific proof of anything being espoused. Until they are given that proof, they label the entity as metaphysical, paranormal, or supernatural. But science is not about proof. It is about evidence. Science cannot prove anything because proof is subjective. The only person who can prove anything to me is me. Only I can decide if something is true or not. The evidence of the thing is objective. Evidence cannot buckle under opinion. It’s just data. Personal bias cannot sway evidence. It doesn’t matter what you think, the facts are just the facts.

Selective wiles and cyclical arguments are the hallmarks of close-minded, biased, judgmental people. Why do we care what fanatics from either extreme believe or do not believe? They are ignorant bullies who think that by using words bigger than the ones you use makes them superior and therefore they must be right. They may not be right.

We have been taught to think in terms of human experiences and not soul experiences. This is a necessity since we are in a physical form in a dimension that is based on time and space. Unfortunately, we get tangled up in this physicality and forget how to communicate that which is most important to our existence. Perhaps that’s part of the experience. We simply need to break through the static.

We are quantum souls living in a Newtonian world. Science is not the end all to be all, but it’s what we have so let’s use it responsibly recognizing the limitations.

from:   http://thewatchers.adorraeli.com/2016/07/03/quantum-souls-part-one/