Movement of North American Craton

6/04/2014 — North American Craton shows MAJOR movement — Fracking earthquakes + Yellowstone swarming

The pressure on the craton edge is showing at multiple weak points along its perimeter,  Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, and Yellowstone as well….. earthquake swarms occurring at the fracking operations, and dormant volcanic magma chambers.

craton quakes june 4 2014

In the midwest, at the fracking operation in Arkansas, there has been a period of relative “silence” across the whole of the state.

This “silence” came on the heels of a state government MORATORIUM on hydraulic fracturing (fracking) issued after thousands of separate earthquake events which occurred at several Arkansas fracking operations in 2011, 2012, and 2013.

moratorium fracking arkansas


Today , June 4 2014, the silence was broken by a borderline 4.0M earthquake at a newer Arkansas fracking operation.  Also at the location, a possible old dormant volcanic core (sugarloaf mountain).

arkansas fracking earthquake june 4 2014


Overall, the plate is in a state of flux due to greater Pacific movement.  The Pacific plate is causing unrest to “spill over” normal subduction zones (like the West Coast US) , causing pressure to be placed on the relatively stable unsubducted craton (plate).  The edge of the plate is being moved by the pressure coming from the NW.

Here are the past 7 days of 4.0M+ earthquakes in the West Pacific, clearly heavy unrest taking place , spilling across the edges of the Pacific plate in all adjacent areas.

7 days 3.0m earthquakes june 4 2014