On Meridians & Emotions

Meridians And Emotions

Find out how closely your health is related to your emotions

by: Evelyn Mulders

A meridian story relating the emotions to a situation that you may be able to relate to. If this is you, then look at the meridian attributes for reassurance. This confirmation offers you insight on knowing which meridian in your body needs the most attention.

Balancing choices for the meridians could be meridian tracing or vibrational remedies.

Meridians and Emotions

The approach to disease in Western allopathic medicine can be likened to the bug spray approach to garbage. You can spray the garbage with bug spray all week but as long as there is garbage, there will be bugs and flies and their eggs. The Eastern meridian approach to disease is to simply get rid of the garbage, the flies will disappear with the garbage.

Let’s consider the notion of disease or discomfort by comparing the philosophy between western allopathic medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. With the teachings of allopathic medicine, the belief is that we get sick because of germs. If this was true then we would be dead the minute we were born. Germs remain dormant rather than a threat to us as long as we have a healthy immune response.

Discovering the fundamentals of the immune response, three dimensionally by observing the eastern meridian approach is the key to body balance and your health.

The Eastern Five Element theory teaches us that we have two immune responses. One physical immune system with the endocrine and lymphatic system, same as the allopathic model but also an energy immune system; the meridians. By following the teachings of Allopathic medicine only the physical immune system can be strengthened to gain health, but by considering the effects of meridians from the Traditional Chinese medicine, a secondary resource is adopted to enhance our well being. The flow of the meridian is as critical as the flow of blood; your life and health depend upon it. If meridian energy is blocked or unregulated, the system it feeds is jeopardized.


that exist in our personal environment. The Eastern Meridian and Five Element approach to health theorizes that sickness is caused by “weather conditions” that exist in our personal environment. The weather conditions are described as “external weather”; physical exposure to the outside climate and “internal weather”; emotional vulnerability to your internal atmosphere.

External weather is simply being over exposed to the five elements. Heat, Damp, Dry Cold and Wind. As an example: Being form Canada and going to the equator in the middle of winter may be too much heat, often shown up as small intestine imbalance or loose stools or worse, diarrhea. What about sitting in a fishing boat on rainy day?? Too much damp creates the sniffles. Being over-exposed to dryness often creates breathing issues and being too cold can set off infections in your kidney and bladder and being exposed to constant wind takes toll on the liver.

Internal weather, is emotional stress from being caught up in our personal drama, causing us to fester about scenarios and propelling us into a state of emotional imbalance which eventually affects the physical body in the way of pain or discomfort. The five elements filter emotional themes: with fire it is joy.. too much or too little, if it is out of balance the fire element meridians have to fluctuate to bring resolve to the integrity of the meridian flow. For earth it is sympathy, for metal it is grief, for water it is fear and for liver it is irritation and anger.

Emotions are meant to stir us and move us into appropriate action, this is defined inside the word emotion: emote is to feel and motion is to take action. Emotions move through us every second of the day, it’ s what we do with them that guarantees balance. It’s when we get caught off guard with an incident or situation and we let it fester that the emotion gets stuck and adversely affects a meridian that ultimately affects our harmonious balance. This is what the traditional chinese medical practitioners coin “internal bad weather”.

“Bad weather” from emotional disturbance (internal environment) or overexposure to environmental elements (external environment) causes the body to become sick. The micro-organism balance in the body becomes upset, hence bacteria, fungus and viruses invade the body. This is the time we seek Western medicine but there are no longer the signs of “bad weather” just symptoms. The allopathic medical model then proceeds to treat the symptoms of bacteria, fungus and virus, but never explores the cause or “bad weather”. By understanding the importance of the meridians in regards to our immune system, we can explore the reasons for the bad weather and prevent the micro-organism imbalance in the body. This is like taking the garbage out.

In Energy Kinesiology we can easily explore the causes of bad weather by assessing the integrity of the meridians, offering physical balance and knowing the basic emotional theme of the elements. With further training in kinesiology the knowledge expands to understanding that each meridian portrays a kaleidoscope with shades of emotions, which brings the client closer to moving a stuck emotion.

Offering the body balance on all three dimensions is the new frontier of health. Balancing the physical body with kinesiology techniques (physical dimension) combined with discovering client awareness (emotional dimension) to the blocked emotion and assisting the emotion to take motion, eventually results in a new outlook spiritual dimension) on situations and with life.

This is ultimately a forecast of “good weather”, for both the “external environment” and the “internal environment”.

To follow are 14 meridian personalities representing the meridian emotional status. Pick the one you most resonate and support that meridian. Use the meridian tracing wheel or use vibrational remedies such as Meridian Sound Essence oils

This information is taken from “Western Herbs for Eastern Meridians and Five Element Theory” by Evelyn Mulders.

from:    http://www.naturalhealthcommunity.org/meridians-and-emotions/13630/