YOUR color VIbe for 8/24

Saturday, August 24:    Light Lady Blue (make of it what you will)

Doldrums.  Here we are stuck in the middle of all this cloudy stuff.  We can hear things going on out there, but it is hard to discern what is out there and what is not.  So, what to do?  Close your eyes.  The path to many things lies within, and with your eyes closed, well, you can see it so much better.  Second.  Take time to laugh.  If there is an old movie, book, routine, a friend who is always funny, go there.  Take time to know what it means to have funniness in your life.  It is a way of removing you from what is right here, right now.  Humor takes the world and turns it into an exclamation point.  Now, that is fun.  There is nothing so serious that it cannot be funny.  Two sides of the same coin.  SO, today’s energy says that stuff might not be clear, but (or nonetheless, three syllables are so much better than one) that in this uncertainty there lies a message, a direction, and that there is some laughter in the midst of it all.