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Chemtrails / GeoEngineering: the Greatest Crime of All Time…. and Here’s the Evidence

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23rd August 2013

By Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Photos: John Graf

This article is dedicated to the courageous people around our planet who have spoken out and written about these crimes. In the ultimate sacrifice, some have given their lives to report the TRUTH.

“There’s a war going on covertly; and I want to know how it relates to the spraying.”  ~ Catherine Austin Fitts.


Over the past more than 15 years (depending upon where you live), there has been a secret – and criminal – global program of spraying toxic chemicals overhead. It began in the US, then NATO countries were added; but now this lethal aerosol spraying covers the entire globe. Military, private, and commercial planes are used to dramatically change – geo engineer – our global weather. Without any public discussion or news reports, the US military began a highly toxic and on-going assault on us.

The popular term for these aerosols is Chemtrails. It is even the term that the military has used. In an interview last month, Clifford Carnicom (one of the world’s leading researchers on the aerosols) notes in using the word “Chemtrails” versus “Geoengineering” or aerosols, this shows how our perceptions change with the word. “Language is not accidental… and is used to manipulate and control awareness, as well as perception. It serves as a basis of curtailing, basically, serious progress on very real issues.” See:

This aerosol spraying is not the first time Americans have been used as un-informed experimental laboratory animals. Basically, plans to harm us have never stopped. In 2001, Clifford Carnicom posted an excerpt from the Neuremberg War Trials about biological consent of human “subjects.” This consent is essential, but is not part of these covert crimes. See:

Here are just two examples of what has been done to us, and what continues without any informed consent. For 25 years (between 1945 and 1970), a covert Manhattan Project spin-off called the “Manhattan-Rochester Coalition” conducted aerosol tests and researched “the health [?] effects of radioactive materials…on vulnerable populations without consent in St. Louis.” These military-sponsored [radioactive] “studies targeted a segregated, high density urban area, where low-income persons of color predominantly resided.”(1)

More recently, just last month in New York City, unsuspecting subway riders were sprayed with a toxic chemical gas. Signs were posted saying: “The NYPD [New York Police Dept.] will release small amounts of harmless colorless gas in 5 boroughs and 21 subway lines. The airborne non-toxic [sic] test is part of NYPD’s precaution against terror attacks. MTA [Metropolitan Transit Authority] Customers are advised to stay calm.” [NOTE: the word “Customers” –not citizens.] This was funded by a $3.4 million transit security grant from Homeland Security and conducted by US Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory (who developed this tracer gas in the 1980s) and the NYPD.(2) See:

The gas used, on probably millions of the unsuspecting riders, was not “harmless.” It was a man-made chemical called perfluorocarbon [PFCs] gas. It is linked “to early onset menopause,” birth defects, flu-like symptoms; endocrine disruption; and “excessive exposure may cause effects on the brain and heart.”(3) What is “excessive”? How much of this toxic gas was sprayed on NYC subway riders? This was yet another assault on unsuspecting citizens, based on false-flag scare tactics. See also:


The history of grave harm done to us (by those in government and the military) goes back centuries – not just decades. This article gathers much of what has been discovered by courageous independent researchers, reporters, and others who are concerned with this illegal, but horrific, assault on all of us.

Geoengineering: Global Weather Modification

Humans have been manipulating the weather for a very long time. Rain makers have a history going back to the ancients. What has happened, however, is that, this time, there has been a deliberate and secret agenda of massive global harm directly connected to covertly changing our natural weather and subjecting all of us to continuous and grave harm. This heinous alteration was created by the elites [their other names include: the cabal, illuminati, NWO, or the wealthy government insiders, ptb [powers that be] to maintain secret control of: global finances; food growing and production (including harm through toxic food additives, poisonous chemicals, pesticides and GMOs); health [actually a lack of it, due to this multi-pronged assault on us]; and a controlled educational system closely tied to government and media dis-information. This is well documented. It affects everyone and all aspects of our lives.

Since 1996, the US Air Force is on record with their public document: “Owning the Weather in 2025.”(4) That any organization can think that they can “own” Mother Nature’s forces, about which very little is actually known, is staggering in its hubris and sheer malevolence.

When a country controls the weather, it then can be manipulated to cause extreme droughts [as are now going on these past few months throughout southern California], hurricanes, floods, tornadoes [HAARP-induced in Oklahoma], and other kinds of chaotic and extreme weather conditions that most people do not realize was not a natural event. Here are two recent mainstream TV reports about our dramatically changing weather:


Dr. R. Michael Castle’s “The Methodic Demise of Natural Earth” is essential reading of what has been going on with the destruction of our web of life –due to weather modification.(5) The updated verson was written in 2009. See:

There also has been extensive research on weather modification patents. has posted a large list from the US Patent and Trademark Office:

Over the past decade, research and documentation have not been exclusive to North America. Wayne Hall has been Greece’s vital key to getting this information out to the European Union. Here is an update from Aegina, Greece, between the journalist and former Euro parliamentarian Giulietto Chiesa and the deputy mayor of Aegina, Nektarios Koukoulis, on the subject of aerosol spraying from aircraft and the political system of the European Union:

In Belgium, former mayor Peter Vereecke, was tireless in organizing the 2010 first ever international conference on Chemtrails in Ghent, Belgium.  See:

Amy Worthington has also written an important research paper, “Chemtrails and Terror in the Age of Nuclear War.” It explains to those uninformed that Chemtrails are part of a larger agenda of harm that includes HAARP [High Active Auroral Research Program], a series of 26 arrays around the planet that can punch holes in our ionosphere.(6)

1 Johns HAARP clouds

Worthington calls these programs “death technologies.” This is vital information that is withheld from us by the corporate-controlled mainstream media. See:

and also see Dr. Nick Begich’s recent and important interview:

In addition, several meteorologists have been courageous and reported about Chemtrails. Kevin Martin was one of the first who had a website devoted exclusively to documenting the aerosols. It tracked Chemtrails aerosols all over the world and was updated daily. His website was taken down and his present whereabouts are not known.

Although not a meteorologist, “Dutch Since” is very knowledgeable and well informed. He has an extensive background, and has been tracking weather anomalies that no one else was. His exceptional reporting has been quite accurate. For a time, his website, too, was shut down. His new website is:

Meteorologist Scott Stevens had been reporting weather for ABC, but was fired because he had mentioned Chemtrails. Last year, he lectured at the first US Chemtrails Conference in Los Angeles. Here is his documented evidence (August 2012) of how our weather is being deliberately manipulated via this stealth technology.(7):

Here is another one of his reports on weather warfare with the Oklahoma tornado, and how Chemtrails aerosols were a part of it:

In an undated weather report, a meteorologist (no name) amazingly reports that the US government is spraying poisons in the air. See:

Finally, these clandestine weather warfare programs also now include new aerial aerosol explosions. This is a new system dispersal level of hidden but massive harm known as “Chembombs.” These were reported last year by Bruce Douglas at our Los Angeles Chemtrails Conference. As he then said: “The game plan has changed.” Douglas reported that military ships were stationed in the oceans and sent these lethal bomb explosions into our air. See:

chemtrails pics

Illness Increases

With this enormous and constant exposure to aerosol chemicals, heavy metals, and various biological agents, it is not surprising that we also have dramatic global increases in illnesses. Mycoplasma, now bio-engineered to create more health dangers –and linked to asthma, autoimmune illnesses, and AIDS– have also been found in Chemtrails aerosols:

This chronic assault also includes the toxicity of hormone disrupting chemicals (such as soft plastics, known as phthalates), pesticides, food additives, vaccines, drugs, and, for the first time in human history, a 24/7/365 exposure to the serious dangers of EMFs [the Electromagnetic Spectrum – cell phones and cell towers, Wi-Fi, microwave ovens, and so-called “Smart” Meters]. See:


Prof. Olle Johansson is one of the world’s leading authorities on the dangers of chronic EMF exposure. He has been writing and lecturing about these dangers for 40 years.


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The synergistic effect of all these poisons on the immune system (both for humans and all other living animals –as well as the entire plant kingdom) is incalculable! What we do know is the we are under a constant and deliberate highly toxic seige.

How many people do you know who are ill in your own family? Your friends or co-workers? How many small children do you know who are critically ill or have died? How many of you have chronic problems, and cannot find a doctor who has any training in environmental medicine? How many of you have been told “there is nothing wrong” when you have serious symptoms, but they do not fit what doctors have been taught? How many of you know young people who often have multiple chronic illnesses? Pharmaceuticals and vaccines cannot fix Chemtrails and other weather modification poisonings.(8) This is corporate media and medical brainwashing. Dr. Ghislaine Lanctot’s book title says it best: “The Medical Mafia.”(9) These illnesses are now at epidemic rates, but neither covered by any mainstream media nor recognized by allopathic medicine. In Los Angeles, rates of upper respiratory and cardiac illnesses continue to climb dramatically.(10) It is no surprise that Los Angelinos are so ill. Look what they are breathing daily!

5 Johns LA photos

Barium and aluminum, both found in enormous quantities in our geoengineered air are part of the Chemtrails brew. Left undiagnosed, barium poisoning can and does cause enormous damage to the heart and nervous system. Aluminum is known to cause cognitive damage and brain death. Both are silent killers. Neither one of these should be found in air samples or in human hair. In a recent web interview, Dane Wigington (of noted that “there is a mountain of metal raining down on us…. In the last 10 years, we’ve seen rain tests escalate from 7 ppb [parts per billion] to… 3400 ppb. That’s nearly a 50,000 percent increase of aluminum in the rain. It’s a staggering level.”


7 Johns HAARPClouds-Dying trees-1Another ingredient in Chemtrails is Ethylene dibromide, a highly toxic desiccant (that causes drying out of mucosal tissues, dry and itchy eyes and parched skin, hastens ageing) is one of the causes of the deaths of millions of trees and plants.

There is also the unreported crisis of brain damage that is now a major global issue. The use of more than 6-billion cell phones around our planet and the attendant epidemic of what was once a rare form of brain cancer, known as glioma, is rarely addressed in any public forum. This is a well-documented and unsafe technology; and EMFs also have a Chemtrails link. See:

Corporate profits always take precedence over our well being and safety. Combine this with other brain damaging heavy metals and chemicals: Mercury (as thimerosol) in vaccines and in dental amalgam fillings; nano-coated fiber aluminum in Chemtrails, deodorants, cookware and food products (such as baking soda). The list is enormous; and thus chronic daily exposure to a myriad of brain poisons assures that our global population is already in early stages of cognitive damage. Board-certified neurosurgeon, Dr. Russell Blaylock, author of the ground-breaking book “Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills” is now speaking publicly about the brain damage resulting in Chemtrails. I urge everyone to listen to this March 28, 2013, interview with Dr. Blaylock:

How much longer can we remain silent, while so many we care about are ill? Remember, none of the “illnesses” are the standard ones. The synergistic implications of all these different illnesses are staggering! The criminals in charge have been manipulating our environments for off-the-scale harm.


In the long list of covert activities that comprise these aerosol crimes, the dispersal of Morgellons may be the worst. Morgellons can rightly be called a human-induced condition. It is not a disease, nor an illness. Rather, from extensive investigation, it is likely that this weaponized condition was developed in some secret bio-weapons lab to be unleashed to create more planetary havoc. It affects millions of people. NASA’s logo letters have been found on a Morgellon’s sufferer. See:

For more than a decade, the brilliant independent researcher Clifford Carnicom has been documenting the poisons in our air and the link with Morgellons found in human and animal blood samples. Please see his extensive research at: This is essential reading for everyone.

In typical governmental-military-medical Orwellian fashion, people who suffer from Morgellons are called “delusional.” This is the heinous way that real suffering is addressed publicly in a police state. There is a wide range of symptoms, and these disrupt the thyroid, liver, amino acids, and oxygen.(11)

Due to the dramatic alteration of our weather and air, Clifford Carnicom has stated in many of his public lectures that we are now breathing “plasma.” He has written that:

“The fundamental principles of the HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) have once again come to the forefront of this research.  The role of aerosols, ionization, electromagnetic radiation and the creation of an artificial ‘plasma’ state in a now artificially modified atmosphere has already been discussed. These building blocks, along with present observations and the stated premise of the HAARP project bring us to a new threshold of understanding of the immediate and direct effects of the HAARP project upon this planet.

“Although it has been stated within the literature of HAARP, it can now be directly understood by this researcher that the magnetic field of the earth is a primary medium by which we, as subjects, are being affected. The artificial patterns of ELF energy, characterized by unusual pulsations of frequency, can now be most logically assumed to originate from the HAARP facility or technology.  Such energy forms have a myriad of applications in the military arena.  Unfortunately, a parallel set of effects upon biological systems, health and mental functioning must also be accepted as a price to be paid. [My italics.]

:The issue involved here is no less than that of the control of the planet.  Control of the planet with the methods that are used to manifest power -control of your environment, and by affecting your life and health.”(12)

Our atmosphere has been dramatically changed; and “this supports the claim that the fundamental electrical nature of the atmosphere has been altered as a result of the aerosol operations that continue to be conducted without informed consent.”(13)

Carnicom has heroically documented the synthetic clouds overhead contain the same synthetic Morgellons fibers that are found in people who have Morgellons. He has done a “Systems Perspective” Chart that show the extent of these crimes.



Click to Enlarge

Planetary Destruction

As our health and air are being destroyed every day, this also includes planetary-wide degradation and destruction. This has been going on since the mid-nineteenth century. However, it has now accelerated with unregulated and dangerous nano-technology, micro-chipping, Chemtrails, HAARP, and other unregulated technologies.

The web of life on Gaia [the ancient Greek name for our Mother Earth] is not just under constant siege, it is being deliberately destroyed by these dark agendas. Weather modification has intensified droughts. This, in turn, has decimated millions of forests. From the Pacific northwest, to the Grand Canyon and South American tropical rain forests, the trees are dying at unprecedented numbers. Called the “Sixth Extinction” this is human caused. The toxic synthetic cloud cover has also decreased our sunlight by 20 percent! Doctors are prescribing Vitamin D supplements to help with this deficiency. See also Ultra Violet research at:

When whales or dolphins tragically beach themselves in unprecedented numbers, this has been linked to the heinous use of military sonar. When the bees die by the millions, this has been linked to the toxicity of pesticides. When thousands of birds “fall out of the sky” –this, too, is human caused. With more dis-information, the media claims scientists are puzzled by these mass deaths. When the public is poorly educated and is then mis-informed, the elite can control people through fear. This has been going on for centuries. How much more do you want to be deceived?

Retired USDA biologist and organic gardener Francis Mangels has been testing the soil and has found high levels of aluminum, barium, and strontium. None of these should be in our soil. Mangels notes that “the normal concentration in our rains should be zero.” In further testing, he notes that these levels are now 10,000 parts per billions [ppb].” See his interview on the dangers of geoengineering at:

On the West Coast, earlier this Spring, there were some very unusual fogs. They came in rapidly and remained in heavy concentrations (but did not move much until early morning the next day). In my own organic garden, within less that 12 hours, this dense and toxic fog destroyed almost all my blooming lilacs. The large green leaves on my hydrangeas turned white overnight! All the plant’s chlorophyll was gone. Here is another photo of dying plants taken August 15 in Los Angeles:

8 JohnGs photo. 8_16_13 dying plants

Even the snow in Winter (but now found in Summer, too) has been dramatically altered over the past six or seven years. Mother Nature is askew –done at the hands of individuals working on stealth programs. Our beautiful one-of-a-kind snow flakes have disappeared. In their place is what I spell “sno” –tiny white pellets that don’t melt rapidly. When they come down, the air smells full of chemicals. Everything is geoengineered for maximum harm and maximum profits. Nature is just an inconvenience for corporate greed and malevolent tactics.


Despite the real dumbing-down of Western societies, and the massive fear-mongering that permeates our lives, in what are now police-states throughout Western countries, there still are brave individuals who have come forth publicly to inform us of the extent of these covert environmental geoengineering aerosol crimes. This is an incomplete list, but gives the reader a clearer understanding of some of the scope of these operations, from those who worked for the military, and what they are doing without our knowledge.

In May, Kristen Meghan Edwards, a former industrial hygienist for the US Air Force, came forth publicly to report what she knew personally about Chemtrails aerosols. Here is her interview:

Pilots have also reported their insider knowledge about Chemtrails. See:


An opn letter to Clifford Carnricom from a Chemtrail aircraft mechanic also has been posted online:

Evergreen Aviation has also admitted that they have a Chemtrails contract with USAF:

NASA admits Chemtrails:

Various warnings and threats abound for anyone who speaks out against these crimes. People have disappeared. Fear is instilled, as a way of societal control for these dark agendas. However, this totally corrupt system is not fixable. Ted L. Gunderson, former Chief FBI Agent in Charge of Los Angeles, Dallas, and Memphis was interviewed in 2011:

Gunderson died of rapidly spreading cancer in 2011.

Allan Buckmann, a trained USAF weather observer (worked from 1961-1964) has posted his thoughts on weather modification online. See this:

and also this:

However, the tide is changing. Just this past week, the former premier of British Columbia, Bill Vander Zalm, put Canadian politicians on notice with his open letter regarding Chemtrails. See:

Finally, a new documentary is in the works, “Who in the World Are They Spraying?” See the trailer:


The most important issue relating to geoengineering is for the public to become informed. As a society, we are dumbed down and treated to trivia – we get baby pablum for news. As consumers, we are expendable. We are treated as consumers – NOT as citizens. It is now imperative that we become well-educated about this vast issue. We cannot make any informed decisions, that are absolutely critical to our lives, if we do not know what is really happening.

1. Get tested for heavy metals poisoning! This is something I have been urging for the past 4 years. How many of you have ever had a hair analysis done for heavy metals toxicity? This is an accepted way to determine what the human (or animal) body has accumulated in toxins. [Blood tests show short-term results done on the day of the test. A hair analysis shows a more overall, long-term impact of toxic exposure in the body.] It is a simple and non-invasive procedure; and it can be a practical way to test your body’s mineral balance. It can detect accumulations of poisons from external sources and how they can impact and damage all your biological functions. It is an easy test to do: cut a small amount of your hair from the base of your neck (about a small teaspoonful, 1 1/2 inches of new growth), fill out a form (provided by a licensed lab), enclose a check (unless you pay your health care provider directly), and mail this to a reputable lab. Results are usually sent back to your health care provider within two weeks.

Everyone I know who has had it done, finds these metals levels to be very high. This does not show up in regular CBC [Complete Blood Count] tests. For the body (human or animal), there are no safe levels of arsenic, barium, strontium, nano-coated fiber aluminum, or mercury. It takes decades for high levels of these metals to wreck one’s immune system. I urge everyone: GET TESTED! It is in your own best interest to do so. It may save your life, as heavy metals poisoning does kill. I write from personal experience, as my mother died from mercury poisoning.

2. Learn my  3 P’s. Put them into daily use:

(1) PRECAUTION– If you are not sure about anything, don’t do it.(14)

a) When we have reasonable suspicion of harm; or

b) When there is scientific uncertainty; then

c) We have a duty to take action to prevent harm. This is what REAL precaution is all about.

(2) PREVENTION– Before we engage in any task, or plan anything: if it involves any kind of harm, then STOP! Don’t do it.

(3) POWER OF THE PURSE– The buck really DOES stops at the cash register! Don’t support any company that profits by harming us. We would save millions; and their profits would go down the drain.

4. Remember Karen T’s philosophy: “Don’t buy. Don’t comply. Ask why.”

Both individually and collectively, we have the internal capabilities to NO LONGER be experimental lab rats. The cabal is now in its death throes. NO LONGER can they instill global fear as their way of controling us. Control means no freedom, and no creativity. CONTROL equals HARM. The stealth chaos they have created for centuries, with financial deception and enormous historical deceit, is almost over – and there will be accountability. So, we can, and we must! take back our own power from this dark agenda. We are creative and loving humans – if we choose to remember to stay centered in our hearts. This then is the highest conscious life focus we can have. It just was deliberately hidden from us.

A recent post says it best:

“You are all needed in active participation in [healing] our planet; and above all it is about the retaining of your freedom, as individuals and as a collective, it’s about retaining your personal power, your truth, and the restoration of Gaia to her most pristine condition. It is a monumental task”…

But with our own internal fortitude and deep wells of courage, we are all up to doing it. Please join me in helping heal Gaia. It will help heal us all. It will create PEACE for all of us. We can create a new dawn filled with love and compassion, kindness and the harmony of the spheres.

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