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Moving Into A New Reality
Moving Into A New Reality

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Get ready for a ‘touchy-feely’ summer, as the cosmos shines a spotlight on our deeper sensory Self. We have at this particular time the healing balm of compassion and strong ‘Water’ element to dissolve the past. Any remaining emotional attachment chords to the past hold us entangled in the dying 3D Matrix. This summer is the perfect opportunity to cut all emotional chords and entanglement with residual grief, sadness, loss and disappointment. Set yourself free!

In order to keep up with the new operating system, we need to ‘let go’ of all the rules and principles we learned as children…they no longer apply. We are moving into a new reality that functions completely different than the one we are used to. Time does not exist in the new operating system. Our solar system has migrated into the Galactic Photon Band of gamma frequency where time collapsed into the eternal Now!

Humanity has reached a choice-point…the transition from 3D into 5D will take place between 2013 and 2015. We can choose to do nothing, and wait on the sidelines…or we can jump in now and pave the way for the Souls behind us. We can be the Trailblazers and Wayshowers, or the rear guard. It all comes down to this simple choice…are you going to be actively involved or passively waiting for the transition to complete?

The longer you wait, the less you will have to work with. The old 3D Operating System is collapsing and breaking apart, falling by the wayside. It has become unsustainable and will not support humanity going forward. Do you want to hang onto a sinking ship? Or take the leap into the 5D quantum field that operates in unity consciousness?

Each global shift leading up to 2015 will become more and more difficult to assimilate if you choose to ‘do nothing’ and wait. Each global shift increases the planetary frequency and bumps up into a higher level of consciousness. If you passively wait, the world around you will elevate way beyond your capacity to comprehend the new operating system. Your recovery time could be overwhelming and drastic!

I started my transition into the 5D hologram in 2006…listening to Spiritual guidance step-by-step as I discovered how the new 5D Operating System works. Through trial and error, I’ve adapted to the different rhythms and principles that govern the 5D realm. This process requires balancing opposites and radically increasing our energy frequency. The 5D realm flows in a circular spiral, unlike the 3D system of straight line sequencing in time. This is just one of many adaptations we must shift into.

The next global shift is coming in September, so take this Summer to prepare and position yourself into the 5D realm. Spirit is calling you to take action now…to be the highest version of yourself with fearless integrity! Choose what is for your highest good, not what the ego desires. Take this time to strengthen your Spiritual Practice, start your morning with meditation and conscious intentions. Focus only on things that elevate you into 5D Quantum Living! Invest in your future…you are worth it!


Meg Benedicte
Birthing a New Earth Paradigm at www.newearthcentral.com

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