Your Color Vibe for 6/26

Wednesday, June 26:    Pale Violet

Well, it is finally here.  The question now is what are you going to do with it.  That is a big one because you have been hiding your power and your true abilities from yourself.  Actually, you have always known they were there, you just preferred to ride the tide (different from go with the flow) and let others take the helm.  So, now that you need your power and ability, you can do it.  Once again, it is a matter of choice.  This day’s energy carries with it a number of bumps and turns.  That Trickster has dashed onto the scene with his bag of tricks full and at the ready.  There are things that he has to show you, however you need to be able to play a bit with him in order to get his information.  (The Trickster has your best interests at heart, he just likes to have some fun.  It is his nature.)  You can do it, and actually, you will enjoy it.  Do not let this opportunity pass.